10 Steps to Get The Best Manicure with Nail Art

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1. Do not trim your nails prior to getting a manicure as this may cause unsightly ridges in the nail bed.

2. Use cuticle oil daily and exfoliate the skin with a pumice stone or foot file.

3. The spa should provide you with a pair of slippers and ask you to wash your hands.

4. A good manicure will last seven to ten days.

5. Each nail must be buffed and shaped to avoid hangnails, which can lead to infection if left unattended.

6. The cuticles are pushed back gently to reveal healthy new skin and then moisturized with lotion or oil.

7. A base coat of polish is applied followed by two coats of color, then a final top coat for shine and protection from chipping.

8. Nail art is a fun way of expressing yourself through color and design, but be sure the nail artist is licensed before getting your nails done at any salon.

9. Once polish has been applied, you will place your hands under an ultraviolet light for three minutes to seal your color and help it dry faster so you won’t smudge it accidentally on anything else!

10. Once you have finished drying off your

1. Professional manicure

2. Options of nail art

3. Nail Art Techniques

4. Prepping your nails

5. Polish and paint

6. Get the look!

7. Decorating your nails with stickers or gems

8. Choosing a salon/manicurist

9. Pedicure too?

10. Take care of your nails!

1.Hydrate Your Hands: Once you have decided on the color of your nails, the first step is to hydrate your hands and cuticles with lotion. A small amount of lotion can be applied to the back of your hand, and you can use this to rub in to your fingertips as well as your cuticles.

2.Prepare Your Nails: It is time to remove any polish that may be on your nails. You can do this by soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover and then wiping it across each nail.

3.Get Your Nails Trimmed: Using a nail clipper, trim each nail down to the length that you want them to be. You can then file them into the desired shape. If you prefer round nails, you can file straight across at the tips to get this shape; for oval nails, a side-to-side motion will create a smoother curve at the tips; or for square nails, filing straight across at a slant will create square edges.

4.Shape The Edges: You can then use a buffing block or file on the edges of each nail to refine their shape and remove any sharp edges that might exist on them after trimming them down with a nail

Nail art and manicures are trendy, fun ways to keep your nails healthy and looking great. In the salon, a manicure typically begins with a warm soak to relax your hands and soften the cuticles. The cuticles are pushed back or trimmed before your nail technician shapes your nails with a file or buffer. A lotion is applied to hydrate your hands and nails. Nail polish is usually applied after the nail technician has finished cleaning and shaping your nails.

You can request special types of manicures that include paraffin treatments for dry skin, acrylic nails for longer fingernails, French tips, or nail art with designs painted on your nails. If you want to paint your own nails at home, you should start by removing old polish from the surface of your fingernails before applying a base coat. After the base coat dries, apply two coats of color polish and then finish with a protective shine coat.

The nail technician may also have a wide variety of tools and accessories that can be used to give your nails a glamorous look. These include brushes, pens, stamps, glitter and even gems which are applied with special glues or by embedding into the acrylic or gel nails themselves.

Nail art has been around for centuries and there are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from. This is why it is important to find out what types of nail art you want before you head to the salon. A professional will know how to use these tools effectively, as well as how to make sure that they are appropriate for your skin tone and type.

If you want nails that look like they were done by an expert, then you should consider visiting a salon that specializes in this type of nail art. The best way to determine if a salon does this type of service is by asking other people who have had their nails done there. If you know someone who has had their nails done at the same salon, ask them about the experience and whether or not it was worth it.

If you are looking for nail art services in your area but don’t have time to go out and get them yourself, then there are many online retailers that offer free delivery on manicure kits and other

Cindy is the owner of the salon. She has been in the business for over 25 years and she prides herself in being one of the best nail technicians around. Cindy has extensive training in manicures and pedicures as well as a variety of nail art. She is an expert in gel nails and acrylic nails. Cindy will always make sure to give you the best service for your money.

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