10 Ways to Use Nail Polish in Your Diy Projects

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If you’re a regular Nona Gaya reader, you’ve probably noticed that nail polish is one of my favorite crafting materials (along with glitter!). I’m always looking for new ways to use nail polish in my DIY projects. Here are a few unexpected ways to use nail polish.

1. Make custom-colored polka dots on paper for gift wrap and greeting cards. For extra-big polka dots, use the cap of your nail polish bottle as the dot template.

2. Add color to the edges of book pages. For a subtle effect, use a light shade of lacquer; for a more dramatic result, try a dark hue.

3. Create decoupage designs: Paint onto paper and cut out shapes (like flowers or animals) to glue onto other surfaces.

4. Color resin or polymer clay jewelry pieces before baking them in the oven (follow package directions). Or paint onto finished pieces after they’ve cooled.

5. Give potted plants a colorful makeover by painting pots in coordinating shades and patterns.

6. Customize plain wooden or plastic bangles with an array of colors and designs—one for every day of the week!

7. Use colored nail polish as watercolor paint on paper, fabric, or

Nail polish is one of those things that I never really get tired of buying. Even if I don’t want to paint my nails, the promise of new colors and new glittery nail polishes draw me in.

But there are other uses for these little bottles of lacquer besides adorning your nails! This week I was inspired to find a variety of projects that showcase the wide range of colors, textures and finishes that nail polish can provide.

Here are ten great projects from around the web that make use of nail polish in creative ways:

1. Make a marbled mug with nail polish and water!

2. Make some colorful beaded magnets using clear glass beads and nail polish…

3. …or make some awesome color-blocked wooden beads in similar fashion!

4. Paint some botanical illustrations using nail polish and water…

5. …and then use them to make some pretty cards!

6. Try something more abstract with this fun tutorial for painting on glass…

7. …or try your hand at painting on plastic!

Now that you’ve mastered the art of painting your nails, it’s time to take your skills to the next level by using nail polish in your DIY projects. Not only is nail polish easy to work with, but it comes in a ton of different colors and finishes so you can use it for everything from dry erase boards to jewelry. Here are some of our favorite ways to use nail polish!

1. Dry Erase Board

2. Colorful Pencils

3. Sharpie Markers

4. Clock Face

5. Glass Vases

6. Jewelry Dish

7. Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

8. Nail Polish Stained Glass Artwork

9. Nail Polish Spirographs

10. Nail Polish Water Marbling

Nail polish can be used for more than just your nails! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Protect jewelry and other metal items from tarnishing.

Keep buttons on clothes from falling off.

Use as a sealant for things like glitter and craft foam.

Make stained glass art with nail polish and clear packaging tape.

Make your own scratch-off lottery tickets.

Make stickers by putting a design onto clear contact paper, cutting it out, and covering with a coat of clear nail polish.

Remove permanent marker from dishes and non-porous surfaces by rubbing with clear nail polish. (Test in an inconspicuous spot first.)

Seal dried flowers in place by putting a coat or two of clear nail polish over them. You could also use this technique to create your own pressed flower greeting cards!

Make your own mosaic art by gluing small pieces of tiles or broken dishes onto a backing and then covering with clear nail polish to seal in place.

Nail polish can be used in a variety of ways besides painting on your nails. You can use it to decorate your phone, add color to your clothes and even fix broken things around the house. In this article I have listed ten creative uses for nail polish.

1. Apply a layer of clear nail polish over your eye shadow to make the color last longer.

2. Use nail polish to give your phone some character by painting on the back of it.

3. Paint nail polish on a small chip in a plate or cup, and place it in the oven at 250 degrees until dry, then place it in cold water to set it and you will have restored a precious family heirloom.

4. Give an old pair of glasses some new life by painting them with colorful nail polish!

5. Give that baby doll you played with when you were little a makeover by painting her nails!

6. Use nail polish as glue for rhinestones on phone cases, clothes, or any other item that needs some added sparkle!

7. Use nail polish to seal envelopes instead of licking them! It doesn’t taste bad like glue does and it works just as well if not better!

8. To fix a run in

Nail polish can be used for a variety of DIY projects. It’s inexpensive, colorful, and creates unique effects on many surfaces. The projects below use normal nail polish to make homemade jewelry, decorate clothes and accessories, create cool designs on glass and plastic, and more!

1. Make color-changing nail polish

Place two drops of clear nail polish in a small cup of room temperature water. Add several drops of food coloring to the water (the more you add, the darker your color will be). Dip a finger or toe in the nail polish to create a thin layer on your skin. Then dip it into the colored water. The polish on your finger/toe will disappear before reappearing again when it dries. You can then paint another layer on top if you want a darker color effect.

2. Create swirls & patterns with nail polish

Use nail polish to create beautiful swirls and patterns in room temperature water. This technique works best with darker colors such as reds, blues, purples, greens, and blacks. However, lighter colors can

1) Make a pretty keychain. Dip the tips of your keys in nail polish to color code them.

2) Give your buttons some color.

Dab a little bit of nail polish on one side to make them pop.

3) Reseal an envelope without licking it. Apply a dab of clear nail polish to the flap to reseal the envelope so you won’t have to lick it!

4) Fix a broken flip-flop. If your summer staple is falling apart, use clear nail polish as glue to keep it together.

5) Make a temporary tattoo last longer. After applying the tattoo and before removing the paper part, brush on a layer of clear nail polish for added protection and durability.

6) Color code your cords with nail polish. Use different colors for different devices and you’ll never get confused again!

7) Seal an envelope with glitter…or any other kind of paper that needs sealing but shouldn’t be licked (like a wedding invitation!). Brush on clear nail polish where you want to seal the envelope, then sprinkle glitter over top while still wet. When dry, shake off excess glitter. So pretty!

8) Prevent rusting door hinges by painting them with clear nail polish every few months

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