A Guide To Gel Nails Gone Wrong

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A Guide To Gel Nails Gone Wrong: A blog around various ways your gel nails can go wrong.

Gel nails are an amazing invention. They are durable, long-lasting, and they make your nails look beautiful! They also take a lot of work to maintain. So I am going to give you the low down on how to care for your gel nails at home, what may happen with gel nails gone wrong and how you can get your hands back to looking fabulous again!

I will do this in a question and answer format, so that I can answer each question as simply as possible. That way if you don’t want to read my entire article you can just skip straight to the answer that interests you!

Gel nails are a great way to add strength and length to your nails. They are also a great way to make your nails look more glamorous than ever.

Unfortunately though, gel nails can also go wrong. This is why it’s so important for you to always go to a reputable nail technician, so that your gel nails stay looking their best at all times.

The following article will look at some of the ways in which your gel nails can go wrong and what you can do about them.

Peeling Gel Nails

If you have been having a bit of trouble with peeling gel nails, then this is probably because the gel hasn’t been able to stick to your nail properly. This could be due to the following:

Sweaty Hands – If you get sweaty hands, then this could cause your gel polish not to stick properly, which means that it will start coming off sooner rather than later. If this is something you suffer from, then you should apply some talcum powder before you get your gel nails done and also when they start feeling slippery or sweaty.

Dirty Hands – If your hands are dirty or oily when you get your gel nails applied, then the polish won’t be able to stick properly either

6 Reasons Why Your Gel Nails Are Lifting And How To Fix Them

What’s the first thing the beauty world went crazy for? Gel nails. They are shiny, durable, and last much longer than regular polishes. You don’t have to worry about your nails chipping or cracking like you would with a traditional manicure and they look good all the time.

So what happens when things go wrong?

When it comes to gel nails, there are a few reasons as to why your manicure might start lifting. Here are the most common causes and how to prevent them.

Gel nail polish has become a popular alternative to the traditional manicure. The polish dries instantly and can last up to 3 weeks without chipping. Gel nails have many benefits such as their durability, strength and glossy finish. However, there are some problems that may arise when it comes to gel nails and the removal process, especially if the product is not applied or removed properly.

The first commitment you will have to make when opting for a gel manicure is a commitment of time. A UV lamp is used during the drying process which takes about a minute for each coat of polish, so it will take much more time than a traditional manicure. This factor may not be a big deal if you have an hour to spare every couple of weeks, but if you are short on time it could be a hindrance.

Another thing to consider is that gel nails must be professionally applied and removed by a trained nail technician. There are no at-home kits available where you can do it yourself, so it will cost more than having your nails done at home or in your favorite salon.

If you decide to use gel nails, make sure you choose an experienced nail technician who is familiar with this process. Otherwise you may end up with uneven, lumpy nails which

Whether you like a classic French manicure or a more modern look with glitter, gel nails are the perfect way to make any nail design last. You no longer have to worry about your polish chipping off after just one day of wear.

But what happens when your nail technician makes a mistake? What if they use the wrong color, or they accidentally smudge the polish while it’s curing? In this guide, we’re going to show you what can go wrong with gel nails and how to remedy these common problems.

Gel nails are a type of artificial nails that most closely resembles the natural nail. Unlike acrylics, which are applied over the entire nail, gels are painted on as polish and cured under a UV or LED lamp.

Gels are more flexible than acrylics, so they won’t chip as easily. They also tend to look more natural than other types of artificial nails because they’re not as thick. While this means your gel manicure won’t last quite as long as an acrylic set, it does have its advantages: There’s less risk damage to your natural nails underneath and less filing is needed when you take them off.

Gel manicures can last up to two weeks with proper application and home care. A salon pro will paint on the gel color and put each hand under a UV lamp for about 30 seconds to “bake” the polish onto your nails. This helps your manicure stay chip-free longer than traditional nail polish.


Gel nails that are shiny and transparent show the natural nail colour underneath, so if you have a pink tinge to your nails, you will see this through your gel polish. This is not a problem for most people and can be covered with a base coat, or by choosing a coloured gel instead of clear. If you have yellow staining from smoke, coffee or other factors, it can be harder to cover up.

People with darker nail beds may find the gel dulls the natural colour of their nails. You can try different colours to see what suits you best or use coloured gel polish over a clear base to see if this works better for you. Some people have had success with having their nails buffed before applying the gel polish.

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