Bump On Your Nail? Here’s What It Could Be And How To Fix It

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Bump On Your Nail? Here’s What It Could Be And How To Fix It

February 22, 2018 by Gel II

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to the health of your nails. But, when a bump shows up on one of your nails, it can be a cause for concern. What is it? Is it unhealthy? Is it treatable? We’ll walk you through the likely causes of the bumps and how to treat them so that you know what to do when you spot one on your nail.

What Causes Bumps on Nails?

Bumps on nails are not always cause for concern. In fact, they are often harmless and easily treatable. But it can help to understand what causes them in order to determine whether or not they need medical attention. The most common causes of bumps on nails include:

1. Ingrown Nails

2. Infections (such as paronychia or fungal infections)

3. Bruising or Trauma (such as dropping something heavy on your toe or hitting your finger)

4. Skin Conditions (such as warts)

A bump on your nail can be a mild annoyance or a serious problem. Though there are many different causes for this condition, some are more common than others. And although not all of them may require medical attention, it is important to know the difference between a bump that should be examined by a doctor and one that can be treated with an over-the-counter medication or at home remedy.

If you have a bump on your nail, here’s what it could be and how to fix it:

That’s never a good feeling. You go to file down your nails, and you feel a bump on your nail that just won’t go away! It’s probably a case of…

Nail Psoriasis

It can be difficult to tell exactly whether the bump is coming from your nail plate or the skin around it, but if the bump looks red, patchy and flaky, then it could very well be a case of psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes cells to build up on the surface of the skin (and in this case, your nails!) which leads to irritation, redness and flaking.

What You Can Do About It?

While there is no permanent cure for psoriasis (as it is an autoimmune disease), there are ways to treat and minimize its symptoms. Luckily, most cases of nail psoriasis aren’t serious enough to require medical treatment and can be managed with a few simple at home remedies. Common at home

Chances are you’ve experienced some type of nail trauma, whether it’s a split nail or a broken tip. But if you begin to notice a bump on your nail, it can be concerning and potentially scary.

Of course, in the back of our minds we all know that could mean skin cancer. But before you jump to conclusions, there are other more common causes for bumps on nails. Let’s take a look at them now.

We know, we know. You’re as tired of reading about our work-from-home nail care routines as we are of writing them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t devote some time to the important stuff, like what the heck those annoying nail bumps are and how to fix them.

You may have noticed a bump on your nail, often appearing as a little white or yellow dot on your cuticle. This is called an onycholysis, and it most commonly happens when your nails are exposed to water for too long (i.e., when you take a bath or shower). When water gets trapped under the nail plate, it causes the nail plate to detach from the skin underneath, which eventually dries up and becomes crumbly and white. In addition to the bump itself, you might also see a yellowish discolouration of your nail plate at the spot where it’s detached.

To get rid of onycholysis, you need to remove any build-up from under your nails and then reattach the nail plate to its underlying skin. Start by filing around and under the affected area with a fine grit buffer until you remove all of the loose debris. Next, soak

We’ve all been there. One day you glance down at your nails and there it is: a bump! Immediately, you wonder what it could be. How did it get there? What do I do now? Rest assure, we’ve got the answers to your questions below.

The most common causes of nail bumps are trauma to the nail bed, fungal infections and ingrown hairs. Although these are pretty easy to remedy, if left untreated they can lead to more serious issues like skin infections or even loss of the nail bed. If you are experiencing a swollen red bump that leaks fluid or pus, stop reading this article immediately and go see a doctor!

For those with less serious issues like a simple painful bump under your nail, here are some tips on how to fix them:

Nails are something many people do not think twice about. That is, until something goes wrong. Just like any part of our bodies, nails can be affected by injury, infection, disease and even some medications. But unlike other body parts, it can be difficult to treat nail ailments such as bumps on nails because of their proximity to sensitive skin. In the case of a bump on your nail, it is best to practice caution rather than try to treat yourself.

There are several different causes of bumps on nails that can range in severity from mild and benign to severe and life-threatening. Some bumps will eventually go away with time while others will have to be treated by a doctor. This is why it is important for you to understand what your bump could mean and when you need to see a healthcare professional.

What Causes Bumps On Nails?

Bumps on nails could be caused by an array of conditions or injuries sustained that affect the nail itself or the skin surrounding the nail. A few common causes of these types of bumps include:

Moles – Although rare, moles can grow beneath your nails if you have them elsewhere on your body. The only symptom a person may experience if they have moles beneath their nails is a dark spot under the nail

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