Last Minute Halloween Nail Designs

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Last Minute Halloween Nail Designs: a blog around Halloween nail art designs.

Happy Halloween!

I’m sure most of you are out partying or preparing for all the trick-or-treaters, so I want to share some easy nail art ideas for those of you who still want to get your nails done for the holiday, but don’t want to spend the time and effort it takes to do a complicated design.

There aren’t too many steps involved in any of these designs, and they would make great accent nails as well, if you just want to do one or two. Enjoy!

Jack O’ Lanterns

This idea is an easy way to add a bit of festive flare to your nails without going too crazy. All you need is a white base coat and orange polish and a black striper. Paint your base coat on and then use your black striper to create triangles (nose) and lines (mouth) on each nail. Fill in with orange polish and let dry. It’s simple but makes a statement!


These are another easy design that would be great as accent nails as well. After painting your base coat, use a black striper to draw bat shapes onto

Last Minute Halloween Nail Designs

If you are a last minute person and looking for some quick halloween nail designs, check out these easy nail art designs that you can do in minutes.

1. Spider Web Nails

2. Jack Skellington Nails

3. Polka Dots Black and Orange Nails

4. Candy Corn Nails

Last Minute Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween is just around the corner. You must be busy preparing for your Halloween parties and if you are like me, you will be making a last minute trip to the store to pick up some Halloween treats. But before you go out, here is a quick Halloween nail art idea that you could try in a few minutes. This design is definitely not scary but it has a festive feel to it with the orange and black color combination.

Materials needed:

Base coat and Top coat

Orange nail polish (I used Revlon Colorstay

Last Minute Halloween Nail Designs, Halloween is an exciting time for children and adults alike. The anticipation of dressing up, getting candy, and decorations can be overwhelming! Many people spend months preparing their costumes and home decorations, but what about your nails?

Below are some easy Halloween nail designs that you can do yourself at home. Enjoy!

Halloween Nail Design

Last minute Halloween nail designs don’t have to look like an afterthought, either. You can still create gorgeous nails that look like you put a lot of time into them.

After all, it’s not the amount of time you spend on nails, but what you do with that time that counts. With these last minute Halloween nail designs, you can create gorgeous nails in no time at all.

Are you trying to get some cute designs for your nails? You want something special, unique and unusual? If you want to make your fingers look fabulous and special, you can try some last minute Halloween nail art designs.

Here are some great ideas of Halloween nail art, which will bring your fingers a scary and stunning look.

Halloween Nail Art Designs: Vampires, Mummies and Bloody Fingers

If you have chosen for yourself the role of a vampire, mummy or zombie for the coming holiday, it is not only the outfit that should be perfect. Your makeup should also be in the spirit of the occasion, as well as your nails!

If you want to paint your nails in this way, you need bright red lacquer and black acrylic paint. Apply two layers of varnish on your nails; then wait until it dries thoroughly. After that draw with black acrylic paint bloody lines on each finger. This design is very easy to make; it will not take much time.

You can also use orange lacquer and black acrylic paint to create other Halloween nail design. For example, if you have long nails, you can paint all of them in orange color except one (for example, the thumb). Paint this nail in black but leave

We all know the gorgeous nail art design trends: the white tips, the half-moons and polka dots, the caviar beads and water marbles, the crackle glaze. But what about Halloween? For those who wish to celebrate Halloween in style, nail art is a must!

For those who have had their nails done by professionals and are looking for some inspiration to create their own Halloween masterpieces at home, or if you just want to see how others celebrate their favorite holiday of the year with nail art, here are some great ideas.

To start, you can get a full set of acrylic nails that have been pre-buffed into the shapes of spiders and pumpkins. The acrylics have been painted orange with black lines for a pumpkin effect, or black with orange lines for a spider effect.

You can also find stickers that can be applied to your fingernails that look like spiders as well. These stickers are great because they are thin enough to go over your existing nail polish. To apply them, just take off their backing and press them onto your nails!

If you want to get creative and make your own designs, you can make 3-D spiders out of hair gel by using two plastic spiders for each fingernail

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