Shellac Manicure Pros and Cons…Some Questions Answered

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Shellac manicures have gained a lot of popularity in recent months, but there are many questions surrounding them. By now, we’ve all heard the pros of having a Shellac manicure: your nails are chip-free for up to two weeks; it’s a breeze removing the polish; and you won’t have to worry about damaging your nails. But what about the cons? Are they really worth it?

We’ll try to answer some of those questions here.

First off, there is no such thing as a nail polish that doesn’t cause damage to your nails. Acetone also damages your nails by drying them out. However, Shellac Manicures do not require acetone to remove them.

Shellac Manicures are done with UV light, which can potentially increase the risk of skin cancer on the back of your hands if you are getting manicures regularly (at least once a month). There is no conclusive evidence yet that this is true, but it is something to keep in mind.

Shellac Manicures are expensive! They can cost anywhere from $25-$40 depending on where you go. You will also probably want to get them redone every two weeks or so, which can add up quickly. The best way to

What are the pros and cons of shellac manicures? Well, we did some research and have listed a few of the positive and negative things we discovered.


– No chips, smudges or cracks

– Lasts 2 weeks to 3 weeks

– Can be removed with non toxic nail polish remover

– For many people their nails are stronger after having a shellac manicure

– No chipping

– Can last up to 14 days (if you take care of them)

– Very durable and strong, so your nail won’t break easily


– Shellac is not recommended for people with nail fungus or weak nails because they do not breathe well. This can cause an infection. If you have weak nails, I would recommend getting acrylics that let your nails breathe better. Shellac is also not recommended for people who bite their nails because this can wear down the polish very quickly.

Have you heard of the new Shellac manicure that is all the rage right now? This new nail service is supposed to last up to two weeks without chipping, peeling or wearing. Sounds great, but is it really? Here are some of the pros and cons of getting a Shellac manicure:


Gelish manicures offer a more durable coating than standard nail polish. While regular nail polish can chip within hours after application, Gelish coats nails with a protective layer that can last for weeks without chipping.

Shellac manicures are fast drying. Because the Gelish dries in UV light, there is no need to wait for the nails to air dry as with normal nail polish. You can leave the salon quickly after your Shellac manicure and immediately go about your day without having to worry about smudging your nails.

Shellac nail polish can be removed easily. If you decide after two weeks that you are tired of your color, Shellac nail polish can be removed rather easily at any salon without damaging the natural nails underneath.


Shellac nails have a high price tag. Depending on where you live, expect to pay anywhere from $25-$40 dollars for a full set of Gelish nails at

Shellac manicures are a hard wearing nail polish that can last up to two weeks without chipping. There are many advantages to this treatment. It has the advantages of a standard manicure as it is applied as a polish, but it lasts so much longer.

In fact it can last up to two weeks chip free, and after that its removal is just like any other gel or acrylic nails, so there is no damage done to your natural nails. The application process is also very quick, in fact it only takes around ten minutes per hand, making it ideal for those busy bees on the go!

It’s also virtually odourless and dries instantly once applied so you leave the salon with beautiful nails that are ready for anything!

The shellac manicure is a newer service in nail salons. It promises to provide you with longer lasting, more durable, and better looking nails for about 2 weeks!

I have heard so many people who love the shellac manicure and others who hate it. I want to help answer some of your questions regarding this new service.

One thing you need to know is that the shellac manicure is not acrylic or gel. It is a product that is painted on like regular nail polish, but it comes off like gel.

Shellac Pros:

• Dries immediately under UV light so there is no smudging or denting after leaving the salon and there is no waiting around to dry once your manicure has been completed.

• Lasts up to 14 days chip free, after that the nails can start to chip around the edges and at the tips of the nails.

• Allows you to grow your own nails because it does not damage them since it does not require filing or buffing of the natural nail plate.

• Less odorous than gel and acrylic nails since it does not use monomer liquid or polymer powder. The only odor comes from the polish itself which is similar to regular nail polish except

Shellac manicure is an innovative technique, which combines the durability and long-lasting color of traditional nail polish with the high gloss finish of a professional UV gel. It is also known as UV Gel Polish, or Gel Manicure. Shellac Nail Polish is applied like regular nail polish but it dries with a high intensity UV light.

The result is a brilliant and durable nail polish that lasts for two weeks without chipping, scratching or smudging. This revolutionary new treatment is going to be offered by salons nationwide this July. However you can always go to your local salon for one or get the kit for home use!

* What’s the difference between a Shellac Manicure and a Gel Manicure?

Gel manicures are hard gel nails that are applied over your natural nails and require filing to remove them when they chip or grow out too far. Shellac is a hybrid between polish and gel; it looks like regular polish but its made from super strong polymer resin so it lasts up to two weeks.

* Is there any down time after my shellac manicure?

You can do everything you normally would do after having your nails done (i.e., typing, texting, cooking) with no problem.

This is a very popular topic right now and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. So I am going to try and answer them all here as best as possible.

First off, what is shellac? This is a gel polish that cures under UV light. It is made by Creative Nail Design (CND) and they have exclusive rights to it. There are some other companies out there that came out with their own gel polishes (Gelish) but the problem is that they aren’t the same formula so you can’t use the gel polish with any other brand of LED lights. And for those of you that have LED lights already, you need CND’s UV light to cure their gel polish.

Second, how long does it last? Reports are anywhere from a week or two up to 3 weeks. You can take your manicure in for a fill every 2 weeks or so if you want the long lasting effect but if you fill it too much it can weaken your nails.

Third, does it damage your nails? Here is where there seems to be some disagreement depending on who you ask. Some say yes and some say no. There are some clients that have tried it and had problems with their nails lifting after removing it and

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