SOS Brittle Nails! How to Treat Healthy Nail? Tip of the Day

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SOS Brittle Nails! How to Treat Healthy Nail?

Tip of the Day: A blog entry on why your nail breaks and how you can recover.

“Why do my nails break so easily?” I get this question from customers all the time. Nail breaking is a common problem for many people. There are several reasons why your nails may be more prone to breakage than others. For example, if you have very dry skin, this could make your nails more brittle and prone to breakage because there is less moisture in your tissue to keep it strong. Furthermore, if you have a thyroid condition that may also make your nails weak or brittle. Anemia also will effect the strength of your nails. All these conditions make the nail dry, which in turn makes it easier to crack and splinter.

There are other reasons why you may experience weak or brittle nails such as washing dishes without gloves, using harsh chemicals when cleaning or gardening without gloves can also weaken the nail by drying out the tissue around it. If your job has you exposed to harsh chemicals or detergents without gloves these can also contribute to weak nails. To prevent this from happening you should use rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Other actions that tend to

Nowadays, there are many women who have been suffering from a brittle nail. Oftentimes, some of us don’t know what we’re doing wrong with our nails. Here is one reason why your nail breaks: you are putting on too much polish or you are using the wrong kind of polish.

Some nail polishes contain harsh chemicals that can break down your nails and make them thin and brittle. Moreover, using nail polish remover frequently can also weaken your nails. You don’t need to stop using nail polish but I suggest that you should use a nail strengthener as a base coat before applying your favorite color.

It’s quite common to have brittle nails. If you have weak nails, this can be a real problem. If you are an active person then you probably use your nails all the time. Because of this you need to have strong and healthy nails. However, if you have brittle nails then they will break or chip very easily. When this happens it can be very frustrating.

But there is good news!

There are many ways that you can treat your brittle nails to make them stronger and healthier. Brittle nails can be treated with extra care, better diet, and by avoiding things that cause brittle nails.

There are many reasons for brittle nails, including genetics, poor diet, health problems like thyroid disease, nail polish use and more. There are some warning signs that your nails may be brittle:

You may see white spots on your nail plate

Your nail plate may turn pink or white in color

You may notice vertical ridges on your nail plate

You may see horizontal ridges on your nail plate

Your fingernails may break easily

These are some of the warning signs that your fingernails might me getting damaged or become brittle.

Brittle, thin, peeling nails are a common problem. The good news is that you can improve your nail health and grow strong, healthy nails. Your nails are made of layers of a protein called keratin. This protein is also found in your skin and hair. When the matrix (root) of the nail is damaged, it can affect the growth of the nail and even lead to painful hangnails.

Here are some tips to help you understand why exactly your nails are so brittle and what you can do to improve their health!

Nail Care Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Filing your nails into a square shape. This causes stress on the sides of the nail which causes them to peel and crack further. Instead file in one direction using a very fine grit file (180 or 240).

2. Cutting your cuticles back too far or cutting them at all. The cuticle is there for protection from bacteria and other contaminants so cutting them back exposes you to infection and irritants. Instead gently push back with a cuticle stick after soaking in warm water for 3-5 minutes.

3. Using harsh soaps on your hands/nails repeatedly without moisturizing afterwards as this dries out the skin around the nail causing it to

Healthy nails should generally appear shiny and smooth. They should be pink in color with a small white crescent-shaped area of tissue at the base of the nail called the lunula.

If your nails are dry and brittle, taking biotin supplements (2.5 milligrams daily) may help strengthen them and reduce breakage.

Your diet also may be responsible for your brittle, splitting nails. A lack of biotin, calcium and protein can cause weak or peeling nails.

Exposing your hands to water is the most common cause of brittle nails because it dries out the skin and changes its chemistry. If you work in water a lot, wear gloves as much as possible to protect your skin and nails, especially when cleaning or doing dishes.

Any woman who has ever experienced a break in their nail, knows how frustrating it can be! Layers of nail polish, gel nails and acrylic nails are all factors that can result in breakage. So what can you do to prevent this from happening?

After talking with a dermatologist and doing some research on the internet, I found out some interesting facts that I would like to share with you. The main reason why your nails break is because they lose moisture, which results in dryness. To help prevent this from happening, always use nail moisturizer or cuticle oil. Apply it daily or at least twice a week. You should also try using a filer instead of a clipper because clipping your nails will only cause them to split more quickly.

So what happens if your nails are already broken? Well, you will have to give them time to grow out again. In the mean time though, you should apply nail polish as often as possible to prevent further breakage. Use light colors such as pink or white and apply two coats of clear polish over top for added protection.

If you love to have long nails, but due to the nature of your work and or lack of care for your nails, they tend to break or chip very easily and you have no other choice but to keep them short. There is a solution for this.

The following tips will help you grow healthy long white and pink nails!

First, let’s talk about healthy nail diet. What do we need to eat in order to keep our nails healthy?

We need to make sure we get adequate amount of protein in our diet. In case you are not getting enough protein from your food, then go ahead and take some protein supplement into your diet. If you are already taking some kind of vitamin or mineral supplements for other reasons, check the label and see if you are getting enough biotin and zinc in there. Biotin helps in strengthening the nails and zinc prevents splitting of the nails.

Seafood such as lobster, oysters and clams are rich in zinc and so is beef, pork loin, spinach, wheat germ, almonds and walnuts. Also include foods rich in Vitamin A in your diet such as carrots. They promote nail growth by encouraging good blood circulation around the nail bed.

Some people soak their hands/nails in olive

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