State of the Art Nail Lacquers

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Our nail lacquers are a state of the art formula that goes on smoothly and lasts for weeks. Every bottle is made from our long-lasting, fast-drying, chip-resistant, pro-hybrid gel: no light needed. A blog where we educate users on our nail polish collection. In a professional tone, with diagrams and ingredient lists etc…

Our nail lacquers are developed with the latest technology and the finest ingredients. We are a leader in providing the most durable, high quality nail polish and manicure products for your nails. We have a wide variety of bright, vibrant and shimmering colors.

A blog where we educate users on our nail polish collection. In a professional tone, with diagrams and ingredient lists etc…

State of the Art Nail Lacquers is a blog where we educate customers on our nail polish collection. Our nail polishes have three key ingredients: water, acrylates copolymer and neem oil. Water is an inexpensive way to help nail polish adhere to nails and prevent chipping; it is used in all types of nail polish. Acrylates copolymer is a common ingredient used in most high-end gel nail polishes, as it prevents cracking and chipping. Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree, which grows in India. It is commonly used to treat skin conditions ranging from psoriasis to acne, but also acts as an antibacterial agent for nails and promotes healthy growth. We chose these ingredients because they are known for their long-lasting, durable results with no harmful chemicals.

We also use a variety of pigments that are non-toxic and safe for use on nails. All dyes are cosmetic grade and approved by the FDA for use in cosmetics.

State of the Art Nail Lacquers can be found in many salons throughout the country or online at our website:

At State of the Art Nail Lacquers, we’re passionate about our gel polish collection. We want to empower you to create a home environment that is as beautiful as it is functional. And we want to inspire you with our collection of the latest nail polish colors and color trends.

Our Editors combine their wide-ranging expertise with a deep knowledge of design and architecture to bring you daily news and features on home furnishings, art, and design; travel destinations and cultural events; fashion trends; beauty products; new stores and products; books, movies, music, and more.

Our nail lacquers are designed to be used by professionals. We want to educate our users on the ingredients in each bottle and why they are beneficial to the nail. Each color is designed by an artist who we work with closely to design high quality shades.

We are very proud of our products and want our customers to be well-informed as they choose which colors will best suit them.

This polish is all about a high shine finish, you can use this gel nail polish with or without a base coat and topcoat. It is long lasting, chip resistant and will give your nails a gorgeous glossy finish. The colour is perfect for the summer months, it’s bright and vibrant for those hot days on the beach and will look fabulous as soon as you apply it.

It’s best to use at least two coats of this polish and then use a good quality topcoat to seal in the colour and shine.

The colours contain no harmful chemicals and they are all cruelty-free. They’re also made with UV protection so your nails are protected from the sun rays that can yellow them over time.

The prices aren’t too expensive either, they range from $9-$12 depending on where you buy them which is pretty good value considering how long they last.

Gel nail polish is for anyone who wants to have a lasting manicure that does not chip. It could be used by men or women and you can chose from a wide variety of colors.

Gel nail polish has been around for decades, but the process has become more efficient and effective in recent years. Gel nail polish goes on like regular nail polish, but it takes only seconds to dry and can last up to 3 weeks without chipping. A UV light is used to dry the gel nail polish at the end of your manicure. The gel nails are then filed and buffed to give them a shine.

Gel Nail Polish Brands: OPI, Essie, Gelish, Cuccio

The following steps will help guide you through the process of using gel nail polish:

1- Wash your hands with soap and water (products like lotion, oil or sun screen can interfere with how well the gel adheres)

2- Apply cuticle oil to your cuticles

3- Push back cuticles with a pusher

4- Remove any excess oils from nails with Polish Prep (a non-acidic product similar to alcohol)

5- Apply base coat of gel nail polish using thin even strokes from the base of your

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