The Best Manicure Tip Ever! Cure Your Weak Nails By Doing This

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I am so excited to share the best manicure tip ever with you! So I have been painting my nails for years and years. I have tried many different techniques to keep them strong and healthy but nothing worked until I found this one trick. This really works!

I first started painting my nails when I was in elementary school. To be honest, I was kind of a tomboy. But despite playing on a boys soccer team, riding dirt bikes and playing with G.I. Joes, I still loved having pretty nails. My mom used to paint them for me every other day before school. Even though she warned me that it would ruin my nails, I didn’t listen to her and was determined to have beautiful nails like hers, no matter what.

So when I got older and started buying my own nail polish, I painted them all the time and just couldn’t stop myself from picking at the chipped paint which always led to weak nails and eventually some bleeding around the nail bed. It looked gross, but it didn’t stop me.

Finally, my mom who is a hairstylist showed me this amazing tip that changed everything! All you do is paint your nails with a clear base coat first and then top it off with another clear coat as

Do you have weak nails that break and split easily? Or maybe your nails are so thin you can see the nail bed through them?

You can have beautiful, strong nails that look healthy and natural with this easy manicure tip!

All you need is a good polish to strengthen your nails.

A good polish needs four things:

1. No Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (dibutyl phthalate)

2. A high gloss finish

3. A chip resistant formula

4. A quick drying formula

The reason you need those four items is because they do something very specific to your nail plate: they make it stronger.

This could be the best tip ever! Here is the secret to curing your weak nails and allowing them to grow long and beautiful.

When you have weak nails, they tend to peel off or split. You can try many different things to help them, but this works great.

It’s really simple:

Take a Q-tip and dip it in some acetone (regular nail polish remover will work). Get the Q-tip damp but not soaked.

Rub the Q-tip around your cuticle area and then wipe it across the top of your nails. It will look like you are removing nail polish that is left on your nails, but it’s not!

What you are doing is removing any moisture from around your cuticle area, which will prevent peeling and splitting of your nails. Acetone dries out the moisture that causes peeling so that you can grow long, beautiful nails!

You only need to do this once a week to keep your nails strong. You may also want to use a cuticle oil on top of this every day to keep them moisturized.

I have tried everything to get my nails to grow and strength. I have gone to the salon, used hardener and oil, fake nails, etc. But I just read something that was a game changer for me!

A manicurist said that it’s because I use nail polish remover too much. She said that I have to “take a break” from removing polish for at least a week or two so that my nails can get stronger.

So I tried it and my nails are definitely stronger and growing!! They are not as strong as they should be but they are getting there. This tip is a life changer!!

If you want stronger nails try this!!!

I have been getting gel manicures for more than five years now. In the beginning I loved them. My nails always looked professional and shiny, while maintaining a natural looking nail bed (I would typically get really pale colors). But after a few months, I noticed my nails were turning yellow and becoming very brittle. The technician told me it was because I was biting and picking at my nails. So, I took a break from gel manicures for about two months to allow my nails to grow back stronger. The only thing was that the second I got a gel manicure again it seemed to be the same story: yellow, brittle nails within weeks of having them done. Not good!

The technician suggested that I try using nail strengtheners and conditioning treatments between manicures to keep my nails healthy. I did this for a few more months until one day when I came in to get my bi-weekly manicure and after removing my old gel polish, my nail technician noticed that there was something odd going on with my pinkie finger nail. It appeared as if the skin underneath was coming apart from my nail completely.”Hmmmm,” she said “I’ve never seen this before…” Of course, she had no idea what could have caused this strange phenomenon so she suggested that

I was born with weak nails. My mother had a few suggestions to try, but none of them seemed to work. I tried stronger nail polish, but that did not help. I tried strengthening my nails with clear nail polish, but that did not work either. I even went as far as to try cutting my nails very short to strengthen them, but this also did not work!

After trying so many different things and still having weak nails, I was getting discouraged. Then one day a friend of mine suggested that I put pink and blue nail polish on my nails for about two weeks. After the two weeks were up I was supposed to remove the polish from my nails and then apply a clear coat of nail polish to strengthen them further.

I really thought this would not work, but what did I have to lose? So after buying some pink and blue nail polish, I decided to give it a try! After painting my nails with the pink and blue colors for about two weeks, I removed the colored polish and applied a clear coat of nail polish. To my surprise it actually worked! My nails were now strong and beautiful!

You can’t cure weak nails.

It’s not possible to make a weak nail strong. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s true. Unfortunately, the damage that causes the nail to weaken is done deep down in the nail bed and there is no topical treatment (cream, oil, or anything else) that can get down there and help.

If you want your nails to be strong, take good care of them. Remember these tips:

1. Be Gentle. Be gentle with your hands and nails at all times. No “pounding” on keyboards or digging in garden soil without gloves. Wear gloves when washing dishes and cleaning with harsh chemicals. If you must use your nails as tools, keep them short and filed smooth so they are less likely to split and break;

2. Moisturize Every Day. Dry skin is a common cause of weak nails;

3. Eat Well Daily. Your nails are made up of keratin protein, so eating plenty of lean protein such as chicken, fish and low fat dairy will help strengthen your nails;

4. Keep Nails Trimmed And Filed Smoothly Across The Top So They Won’t Catch Or Split;

5. Protect Your Nails From Water

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