The Hottest Spring Nail Colors

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Nail art is a fun way to express your personal style and these manicures are the perfect example of it. From stripes to florals, you can wear all kinds of designs on your nails. Here are the hottest spring nail colors and looks to try this season.

Neon Yellow Nails

Neon yellow nails are bold and bright, but they’re also great for a sunny spring day. These nails go well with either a casual or professional style so they’re perfect for wearing at work or out on the weekends. A pale yellow is also a great color if you prefer something more subtle and pastel-like.

Pink Nails

Pale pink nails are another popular choice for spring because they’re feminine and feminine is always in during this season. The color goes well with short, square, or long nails so it’s versatile as well as trendy. You can keep your look simple by painting them all one color or add some glitter to them for a little extra sparkle.

Black Nails

Black nails are bold and edgy, but they’re also very chic and trendy. If you want something more eye-catching than plain nail polish, try adding rhinestones or studs to your nails in order to give them some extra flair.

If you’re the type of girl who loves to experiment with her nail shades, then spring is your season. From holographic hues to deep oxbloods, there are tons of trendy colors to play with right now. Here’s a guide to the hottest nail colors for spring 2014:

Nude Nails: The perfect nude shade can be difficult to find, but we’ve got a few recommendations for you. Essie’s “Merino Cool” is a great pinkish nude that looks good on just about everyone. OPI’s “You Don’t Know Jacques!” is a trendy beige shade that’s definitely worth trying out this spring.

Black Nails: We know what you’re thinking: Black nails? Really? But hear us out on this one. Black nails are so in right now and they look great when worn in edgy combinations. For example, try pairing black nails with gold tips for an ultra-cool look that will amaze your friends (and probably even make them jealous).

Bright Colors: Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to say goodbye to dark winter shades and hello to bright spring colors! This season, ditch your winter blues and try out some fun shades like Essie’s “Bikini So Teeny

Spring is the perfect time to try a new color. This season, we are seeing a lot of pastels and light neutrals with a few bright shades mixed in.

Our favorite nail polish colors this spring include:

“Luminous Lilac” by Chanel

A beautiful shade of light purple that looks great on all skin tones. It is opaque enough to cover any dark winter nails, yet light enough to give you that fresh spring look.

“Pale Cashmere” by Essie

This pale pink goes on smooth and has the perfect hint of sparkle. It is just the right amount of color for those who want something feminine without being too girly.

“Tart Deco” by Essie

If you are looking for a slightly darker option, this shade may be for you. The pinkish-orange hue looks great on its own or paired with a neutral nail base coat or french tips.

When it comes to nail polish, we’re firm believers that there’s no such thing as too many options. That’s why we couldn’t help but get excited about the spring nail trends we’re seeing all over Instagram. This season’s shades are a colorful mix of pastels, brights, and metallics with some unexpected twists (and yes, black is back).

If you need inspiration for your next mani, take a look at our favorite spring-ready hues ahead. Then head to the salon to fill your arsenal with these hot shades.

There are so many nail colors to choose from this spring, but we have narrowed it down to our top four.

First is black and pink. This color combo is very popular right now and is sure to catch everyone’s eye. You can do diagonal stripes or swirls, whatever you fancy.

Second is blue and green. These two colors look great together and the lighter shades are perfect for springtime.

Third is orange and white. If you like your nails to be a bit more subtle, but still trendy then this color combination is for you!

Fourth and finally is red and yellow. These colors are so bright that they will light up any room!

I need to start off by saying that I love this color! It is a beautiful, light pink shade with just a hint of shimmer. This color is perfect for work, as it is not too flashy or in your face. At the same time, it can also be worn with a cute dress on the weekends. I personally like to wear this color all year long, but it is perfect for spring and summer.

This color looks great with any skin tone. It’s just a nice neutral pink that isn’t too bright, but not too dark either. If you are looking for a polish to try out this season, this one should be at the top of your list!

The nails have been painted in different colors for centuries, but the trend of painting nails with nail polish is relatively recent. The first commercial nail polish was sold in the 1920’s by Cutex. Since then, this beauty item has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.

In today’s world many women use nail polish on a daily basis, and it is just as important to them as is make-up or hair dye. Nail polish can be used to create different styles for different occasions. For instance, at a wedding, it would not be appropriate to wear purple nail polish. However, you could wear purple nail polish at a club party or an evening out with friends. The same would apply if you were going to a funeral; you would probably not want to wear pink nail polish to that event!

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