What Is Your Nail Passion? There are over 60 different gel nails out there and they’re more popular than ever.

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What Is Your Nail Passion? There are over 60 different gel nails out there and they’re more popular than ever. The most popular ones are the two step system that requires a UV lamp. With this type of gel nail, you will receive an LED lamp with your purchase or you can purchase one separately.

To get started with your first set of gel nails, you will need to have a safe place to work where no interference from a draft will blow dust into your application area. You will also need a base coat, gel nail polish, top coat and lint free pads for wiping off the sticky residue from your nails. The pads come pre-moistened with liquid meant to remove the sticky layer or you can use rubbing alcohol.

Once you have all of these items in place, you are ready to begin. Before you start, make sure your nails are clean and dry! You don’t want any oils on them which may cause “lifting” later on. Next, apply one thin layer of base coat on each nail and then cure it under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Now apply two layers of colored polish, curing under the light in between each layer for 20 seconds each time. You should now apply two layers of

What Is Your Nail Passion?

There are over 60 different gel nails out there and they’re more popular than ever. Gels are the perfect solution for people who want to wear a beautiful nail enhancement, but don’t want to damage their natural nails. Unlike acrylics, gels don’t require filing or buffing the surface of your nails to remove the shine and create a good foundation. This means that they’re kinder to natural nails, as well as being much easier to remove when it’s time for a change. So can you have beautiful nails which will stay flawless for weeks on end without damaging your natural nail plate? Yes! However, with so many different products available, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here are some of the most popular brands:


Gelish Gel Polish

Gelish Hard Gel

Cuccio Colour Veneer

IBD Just Gel

Opi Axxium Gel Polish

Opi Gelcolor

Ez Flow TruGel

Risque Gel Polish

Star Nails Prodigy Gel Polish

What Is Your Nail Passion?

There are over 60 different gel nails out there and they’re more popular than ever. They can be done in any color, or design imaginable. You can even use gel nails to create a French manicure look with a nude base and a white tip. The best thing about gel nails is that they last for up to weeks at a time before needing touch ups, whereas acrylic nails only last for weeks. Gel nails are usually not done with the same technique as acrylic nails, but they do require an additional tool that helps to harden the gel so that it doesn’t chip or peel away from your natural nail.

Gel nails have gotten a bad reputation in the past because some people had issues with lifting, but this is usually due to improper application, or using a bad brand of product. It’s very important to compare different brands of gels and determine which one is right for you.

Gel nails are one of the biggest trends in nails right now, and with good reason. They work to strengthen your nails as well as improve their appearance. Gel nail polish, which is also known as “gel polish” or “UV gel”, is made from a special type of polymer. It hardens when you come into contact with an ultraviolet light source.

Gel nail polish was introduced in the 1990s and has grown in popularity over the years. Gel nail polish is not to be confused with acrylic nails, which can be harmful to your natural nails.

Gel nail polish has many benefits over regular nail polish:

It lasts longer – up to 2 weeks and can be safely reapplied for up to 4 weeks with no damage to the natural nail.

It’s more resistant to chips and scratches than other types of nail polish.

It dries quickly and you don’t have to worry about smudging it while it’s drying because it doesn’t dry until you expose it to a UV light source.

It comes in a wide variety of shades so there is something for everyone!

Gel nails are a great way to add polish, color and shine to your nails. They also make your nails more resistant to chipping and peeling. Gel nail polish is applied in thin layers, with a special UV light used to cure the nail between each layer. If you want gel nails, there’s no need to go to the salon though. You can apply the gel nail polish yourself at home by following these simple steps:

1. Start by washing your hands with soap and water, then pat your hands dry with a towel.

2. Next, use sandpaper to gently file your nails into the shape you want them to be. Make sure as you file that you don’t file too much off of the tip of your nail because it will weaken it and increase your chance of breaking or splitting later on.

3. Once you have filed all of your nails down, use a buffer on them to smooth out the surface of each nail. Buffing will also remove any oil left on your nails from washing and filing them, which will help the gel stick better when you apply it later on.

4. If you want some color on your nails before applying gel nail polish, now is the time to paint them with regular nail

Gel design nails are the new way to get a gorgeous manicure that lasts. But you don’t have to rush out to the nail salon for a set. All you need are the right tools and a little patience. Once you learn how to do gel nails at home, you’ll never go back to plain old manicures again.

Gel nails are similar to acrylics, but without all the toxic methyl methacrylate (MMA). They’re made from a type of methacrylate polymer, which is a lot like acrylic, but without the unpleasant fumes and harsh chemicals. Most brands cure in 30 seconds, which means they set quickly without having to sit under an ultraviolet (UV) light for minutes on end. Plus, they’re safe to use on natural nails and come in a variety of gorgeous shades.

But gel nails aren’t just pretty—they last longer than regular polish or acrylics, with fewer chips and smudges. To make them really last, follow these steps on how to do gel nails at home:

Gel Nails are the new revolution in nail technology. Gel nails can be used to overlay on top of your natural nails or they can be used as a tip application with acrylic. The gel nails are then cured under a UV light, so they harden instantly and you don’t have to wait for them to dry.

Gel nails have evolved into one of the most popular systems used in salons today. They have many advantages over regular nail polish, making them very popular amongst nail technicians and their clients.

Unlike acrylics, there is no drilling involved with gel nails, which makes them very friendly to the natural nail plate. Also gels are softer than acrylics, allowing the natural nail more flexibility.

Gel nails come in a variety of colours and finishes – from sheer and transparent to solid colours, from glossy to frosted, from glittery to mirror-like chrome finish. There’s also a variety of fashion designs that gel nails can achieve – from simple french manicure, through rainbow of colours and patterns, to complex marble designs and even floral patterns or pictures painted on the gel nails by using special brushes or dotting tools.

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