Why Shellac Is Better Than Acrylics

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Why Shellac Is Better Than Acrylics:

A blog about shellac nails and their differences from acrylics.

Shellac Nails: The Difference Between Acrylics

The Difference Between Shellac and Acrylic Nails

Shellac is a nail polish that is applied in layers like regular nail polish, but it is cured under ultraviolet light. It lasts longer than regular nail polish and doesn’t chip like traditional manicures. So, is there a difference between shellac and acrylic nails? Well, yes and no.

Why Shellac Is Better Than Acrylic Nails:

-Shellac dries instantly under the UV light so you do not have to wait for your nails to dry before you leave.

-There are no fumes involved with shellac because it does not use an acrylic liquid as its base.

-You can get Shellac nails done at a salon or at home for about the same price as acrylic nails (although you will need to purchase an expensive UV light).

Why Shellac Is Better Than Acrylics

Shellac nails, or gel manicure, is a revolutionary new product that has been sweeping salons across the country. It’s a two-step process that combines the ease of nail polish with the permanence of acrylics.

First, your nails are buffed and shaped, then a base coat is applied. The nails are then dipped in powder and sealed with a UV light. Finally, a top coat is applied and cured under the same UV light. The result is a hard, shiny finish that can last up to three weeks without chipping!

Shellac doesn’t damage your nail bed like acrylics can, making it easier to grow out your natural nails. No need for harsh chemicals to remove acrylic nails anymore! A simple soak with acetone will remove shellac polish.

For a long time, acrylics have been the top choice for artificial nails. But now shellac nails are becoming more and more popular. What exactly is the difference between the two? Are shellac nails better than acrylics? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about both of them and how they compare with each other.

Shellac is a brand name that refers to a new type of nail product. The actual product is made by Creative Nail Design, or CND, and it’s called “Creative Nail Design Shellac.” It was introduced in 2010, but since then there have been similar products introduced by other companies as well. These products are known as “hybrid gels.” They’re gels that are cured under an ultraviolet light, like traditional gels and acrylics. However, they’re also removed with acetone, like traditional nail polish.

Shellac has many advantages over acrylics:

1. No Odor: Shellac won’t give off a strong chemical odor like acrylics do.

2. No Damage: Shellac nails don’t damage your real nails like acrylics can, because you don’t need to use any drills or electric files on them to remove them later on.


Shellac and acrylic are both used to create beautiful nails. But what is the difference between the two? Although they are similar, there are a few distinct differences between shellac nails and acrylic nails.

The first main difference is that shellac is made of a type of gel, while acrylics are made of liquid monomer and polymer powder.

Secondly, shellac only takes 10-15 minutes to dry in an LED light or UV light but acrylic takes 20-30 minutes to dry. Because it takes less time to dry, this means that there will be less time for your hands to get tired of being still for so long.

Thirdly, because acrylics take more time to dry, you will have more time with your hands being held up in the air then with shellac nails.

Fourthly, with shellac you can do things like cook and wash dishes without ruining your nails because they are much more durable than acrylics. With acrylics you can’t do these things unless you want your nails to get ruined.

Fifthly, shellac is a lot more easier on your natural nails than acrylics. Many times when people remove their acrylics they find that their actual nail has been damaged and been weakened by them but with

So many women are very confused about the differences between Shellac and Acrylics. I have had clients tell me they have used Shellac, but what they actually had was acrylic nails. I feel it is important for you to know the difference so when you step into a salon, you feel comfortable in asking questions and knowing that you are getting the service you desire.

Shellac is a long-lasting polish applied by qualified nail technicians. It goes on just like regular nail polish, but hardens under UV light and has staying power that lasts up to 2 weeks without chipping. So, what makes Shellac better than acrylics? Well, it’s all in the application process.

Shellac is not an acrylic overlay that is applied on top of your natural nails with drills or other tools that can cause damage to your nails. Shellac is also not dipped in colored powders like most manicures as well. It is a great alternative if you love the look of acrylic nails, but do not want to damage your natural nails.

Shellac is a new type of nail polish that many people are using now. It lasts longer than acrylics and are easier to remove. Shellac can last up to two weeks or more. You don’t need to worry about it chipping off like regular nail polish does. The product’s creator, Creative Nail Design (CND) also claims that shellac is chemical free, so you don’t have to worry about that as well.

Shellac nails are often used at salons, but you can use it yourself at home as well if you have the proper equipment and time.

There are thousands of colors available for shellac nails polish, so there should be one for any occasion!

Shellac is a new product that combines the ease of nail polish with the permanence of gels. It’s a cross between regular nail polish and gel, which means it looks and feels like regular polish, but lasts for weeks.

Shellac is a long-lasting nail polish that dries under a UV lamp. In addition to lasting longer than typical manicures, Shellac is more durable than other polishes. The glossy finish stays smooth and chip-free for up to two weeks. Shellac requires filing the nails down before application, which can be damaging to fingernails. Also, because Shellac requires removal by soaking in acetone, it can also damage nails and cuticles during removal.

Shellac Manicure Cost?

A shellac manicure costs about $20-$30 if done at a salon or spa. A shellac kit costs about $100 if you want to do it at home. The kit contains all the tools needed for doing shellac manicure at home, including the UV lamp for curing the shellac nails.

How Long Does Shellac Last?

A shellac manicure usually lasts up to two weeks on average and sometimes can last even longer than that without chipping or peeling off from your nails.

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