Winter Nail Colour Ideas

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Winter Nail Colour Ideas: How to have perfect winter nail colours, a step-by-step plan for the perfect winter nail colour.

Winter nail colours are great as they’re normally darker shades. The best way to have a perfect winter nail colour is to follow this guide.

1. Wash your hands and remove any old nail polish.

2. File your nails into a nice shape – either square or round is fine.

3. Push back your cuticles using an orange stick or cuticle remover cream.

4. Apply cuticle oil to soften and hydrate the skin around your nails, then massage into the skin around your nails using circular movements. Don’t forget to do this daily!

5. Using cotton wool soaked in polish remover, wipe the surface of each of your nails to remove any remaining dirt or oil from the nail plate which may stop your chosen winter nail colour from adhering properly to your nails.

6. Apply a base coat, paying special attention to the sides of each nail as this will help prevent staining from darker winter nail colours such as blues and blacks.

7. Apply two thin coats of your chosen winter nail colour, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next one on top. Make

Having the perfect nail colour can be difficult, especially in the winter. With a step-by-step plan you can have perfect nails this winter and never again question what nail colours to wear!

1. Have a base coat

2. Have a top coat

3. Choose your nail colour

4. Apply your nail colour

5. Enjoy your winter nails!

Winter nails can be fun, and here are my top picks for the perfect winter nail colours!

1. Winter Nail Colour Ideas – Baby Pink

Baby pink is a great winter nail colour. It’s easy to apply, and it looks good against your pale skin tones. When you paint your nails this colour, people are going to think of snowflakes, and the frosty air outside.

Winter Nail Colour Ideas

Winter may be the time for dark, vampy lipstick colours but your nails should be having all the fun with winter nail colours! It’s one of the easiest ways to try out the latest trends, and if you’re not a fan of bright colours on your lips or eyes, it’s a great way to liven up otherwise neutral makeup. Here are our top tips for winter nail colours:

1. Choose an opaque base colour that provides a blank canvas for your winter nail art. Darker colours will help conceal imperfections in nails and prepare them for any nail art you want to apply as a top coat.

2. To make your manicure last even longer, apply a base coat before your colour. This will protect your nails from staining and provide even better coverage.

3. For the ultimate in statement nails, go with glitter! Glitter is great because it can be applied over dark shades or bold colours to add some sparkle to your look and give you a bit of bling in the cold weather.”

Winter is the time for dark nail colours. It is the time for wearing black, brown and grey shades on your nails. These hues are perfect with knitwear and black leather jackets. Winter is a time for deep shades that look great with your winter tan.

The most popular nail colours for winter are reds, browns, blacks, greys and burgundy. These colours can be used to make a statement or just complement an outfit. Some women like to go even further and use bright colours such as orange, yellow and green on their nails during the winter months too.

Winter Nails

Black and red are popular colours during the winter months because they look good with any outfit. Black is also a great colour to wear in the summer too. If you choose to wear black nails then you should keep them natural looking so they don’t stand out too much against your skin tone.

For a more dramatic look you could try using metallic gold on your nails as this will really make them stand out against everything else you are wearing. You could also try using white on your nails instead of black as this will give them more of a contrast when it comes to matching clothes. If you want something that stands out but isn’t too overpowering then try using pink

Winter is a time when the colours of your clothes often become more muted but you can still have fun with your nail colours.


If you are wearing a lot of black, your nail colour is an opportunity to add some brightness to your look.


Bright pink, red, orange and yellow all make fabulous winter nail colours.


If you want to stick with a neutral palette, white makes a great winter nail colour. It is also easy to apply over any other shade if you want to create stripes or patterns.


Silver and gold are also always fashionable in winter. If you choose these shades, remember that it is usually better to wear one on your hands and one on your feet rather than both of the same shade on both hands and feet.


Don’t forget that dark purple shades can also make fantastic winter nail colours.

If you’re like most women, winter is the season that you want to wear the best and latest nail colours. This is great, because many of the best nail colour brands sell gel and acrylic nail colours that are on-trend for each season. If you’re looking to update your nails, consider these top choices for winter:

• Silver and gold glitter – these are both very on trend this season.

• Dark reds, maroons and plums – perfect for the months when you need an extra touch of darkness.

• Deep purples – not quite black but deep enough to be sexy and vampy.

These are some ideas that will work for any style of nail art, from natural to bright colours or anything in between. For example, if you like a softer look, try a pale purple with a white tip on top. If you’re more adventurous, try a deep plum or burgundy with a touch of sparkle for some flair.

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