10 Quick Tips for Long Lasting Acrylic Nails

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Acrylic nails are certainly a great way to dress up your hands. However, many of us have experienced acrylic nails that chip, break, and look horrible sooner than we would like. Here are 10 quick tips for long lasting acrylic nails:

Make sure your nail technician does not file your cuticles back too far. By leaving a thin layer of cuticle, it will help protect the nail bed from bacteria and fungus that can cause infection. Clean your nails regularly with nail polish remover. This will help remove any natural oils that may prevent the acrylic from sticking to the real nail. Do not use a washcloth when washing dishes or without gloves when cleaning. The fibers in the cloth or chemicals in some cleaners can cause lifting or chipping of the acrylic nails. Apply hand cream liberally to keep the skin around your nails moisturized. If you use hand sanitizer, apply hand cream immediately afterwards to avoid drying out your hands. Use rubber gloves when using harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. Avoid opening soda cans or other beverage containers with your acrylic nails to avoid chipping or breaking them off. Do not use your acrylic nails as tools…ever! Do not chew on them; this is bad for you and will damage them over time! Make sure you visit

Sometimes when I look at other women’s nails I am envious. Women who have long, perfect nails that are beautiful and clear, with no chips or marks. And they look so good. How do they do it?

In my business, I shake hands all the time. And when I can, I hide my hands from people because of my fingernails. You see, if you want to keep your acrylic nails looking great for a long time, you need to learn some simple tips for doing them right.

First of all, if you want your acrylic nails to last a long time, NEVER use artificial nails with any type of polish (including gel polish). The reason is that the glue in the polish will cause the acrylic nail to lift up and peel off your nail bed (and it will not reattach). If you are going to use artificial nails with gel polish, then purchase a special type of glue designed specifically for this purpose (I recommend Super Glue).

Second, never use “hard” acrylics on your natural nails. Hard acrylics are very brittle and will break easily if you put any pressure on them. They also tend to be very thick and will not allow the natural nail to expand or contract when needed.

Third, always

1. Practice makes perfect. A pro can apply a full set of acrylic nails in 30-45 minutes. The first time you do anything it will take longer, but don’t worry, you’ll get better with practice

2. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before applying your acrylic nails.

3. Don’t file the tips of your nails too much or they could become weak and break off easily.

4. Don’t cut cuticles because it could lead to infection, just gently push them back with an orange stick wrapped in cotton wool soaked in surgical spirit, or use a cuticle remover cream to soften the cuticles

5. If you’re having a full set of acrylic nails applied for the first time, leave it to a professional nail technician because if not applied correctly, the artificial nails can damage your own nails

6. Use a good quality bonder – glue that bonds the acrylic nail to your natural nail – such as Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue or Elegant Touch Superglue

7. Always apply polish in thin coats and allow each coat to dry before applying another coat of polish otherwise they won’t dry properly and may dent or scratch easily

8. Use a good quality topcoat such as Seche

“How can I get my nails to last longer?” This is one of the most common questions I get asked as a nail technician. The answer is not always an easy one, but I will try and lay out some simple tips and tricks to help you attain a gorgeous set of long lasting nails.

1. Use Shellac! – Shellac has revolutionized the way we wear nail polish. It is a new product that is applied like nail polish, but cured under a UV light like gel products. This makes it super strong and long lasting, yet it still soaks off in minutes with just acetone. Durability aside, Shellac will also leave your natural nails healthy because base coat, color and top coat are applied all in one step which means no damage from multiple coats of polish like with traditional lacquers.

2. Don’t force your nails – if you have very soft or thin nails, don’t expect them to be able to hold up as well as thicker, stronger nails would. There are great nail strengtheners on the market to help improve the quality of your nails and make them less prone to breaking and chipping.

After years of going to the nail salon every two weeks, I decided to let my acrylic nails grow out. You see, I had grown tired of constantly filling them in after the growth. No matter how long you have been wearing acrylic nails, you will always have to refill your nails to keep them looking natural. I felt like I was wasting so much money on something that ultimately wasn’t benefiting me.

I stopped going to the nail salon for a few years and put all my energy into growing out my natural nails. But I quickly realized that healthy nails are hard to come by. It took about a year for my natural nails to grow back out to their original state and even then, they were still weak and fragile. My nail technician told me that if I were ever to get acrylics again, my natural nails would never be as strong as they once were.

So after years of letting my natural nails grow out and dealing with every day breakage and splitting, I finally decided it was time to get acrylics again. It’s been over a year now since I made this decision and honestly I wish I hadn’t waited so long! There are so many benefits of having acrylics on your nails: your hands look nice, your nails are stronger, you don

1. Do not soak acrylic nails in acetone, as this can loosen the bond between the acrylic nail and the natural nail.

2. Do not pick or bite at acrylic nails, as this can cause damage to the natural nail.

3. Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or using harsh chemicals.

4. Take care to avoid rough surfaces that may snag your nails, such as a file or emery board.

5. Use manicure scissors or clippers designed for cutting nails to trim your acrylic nails, as other household scissors can cause splitting and cracking.

6. Moisturize regularly with lotion to keep the cuticles soft and prevent breakage of the acrylic nails.

7. Avoid prolonged exposure to water and excessive heat from sources such as curling irons, hair dryers and hot tubs as prolonged exposure can cause lifting of the acrylic nail from the natural nail bed.

8. File your nails in one direction only and avoid excessive filing, which is abrasive and causes thinning of the acrylic nails and weakening of their bond with the natural nail bed.

9. When removing acrylic nails at home, apply an acetone-based polish remover on a cotton ball placed on top of the fingernail for 20

We all love having nails that look great and last long, but sometimes our nails can break or chip often. Today we will discuss a few tips to help keep your nails strong and beautiful for a long time!

1. Always use a base coat on your nails before applying gel polish or acrylics. It is good for your nail health and will prevent staining of the natural nail.

2. When you are filing your nails, file in one direction only. Filing in different directions could potentially weaken the nail plate by breaking fibers. By filing in one direction only you avoid the chance of damaging the nail plate!

3. To help prevent chipping on the sides of acrylic nails, make sure you gently file off any sharp edges using a gentle file and light pressure.

4. Remember to always moisturize your cuticles with cuticle oil at least once a day to help promote healthy blood circulation into the skin around your nail bed! This helps keep them healthy so they don’t dry out because that is where all new growth comes from!

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