10 Ways to Use Nail Polish

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1. Nail Polish as a Hair Accessory

2. Use Nail Polish to Color White Fabric

3. Use Nail Polish to Identify Cords and Chargers

4. Use Nail Polish to Fix Scratched CDs or DVDs

5. Use Nail Polish to Color White Buttons

6. Use Nail Polish as a Make-Shift Sticker or Label

7. Use Nail Polish to Stop Your Watch from Tarnishing

8. Use Nail Polish to Prevent Rust on Metal Items

9. Use Nail Polish as a No Sew Button Fixer

10. Use it as a DIY Keychain

By now you’re probably familiar with the fun, creative things you can do with nail polish. But did you know that there are also practical ways to use it? Here are 10 ways to use nail polish that will make everyday life a little easier.

1. Color-code your keys.

2. Prevent jewelry from rusting.

3. Mend a scratch on wood furniture.

4. Make a hair accessory.

5. Waterproof a bandage and prevent the adhesive from sticking to your skin when it’s time to take it off.

6. Remove scuff marks on leather shoes and purses (works best on patent leather).

7. Use as a seam sealer in clothing (prevent frayed edges from unraveling).

8. Touch up a chipped bedpost or table leg.

9. Color white fabric by applying nail polish to an old toothbrush, then sponging it onto the material (allow to dry before washing).

10. Seal an envelope flap by applying a thin coat along the edge, but don’t lick it shut!

1. Use it as a hair accessory. Take an old plastic fork and strip the outer layer of polish away. Then, make tiny dots (or lines) on the fork, then let dry. After it’s dry, you can use hair elastics to attach it to your hair. It’s a fashionable way to keep your hair up!

2. Turn a plain white bra red. Apply two coats of red nail polish over the bra straps, then let dry for a few days. Not only does this look cool, but it will keep your bra straps from slipping off your shoulders!

3. Color white fabric with nail polish! Find a bottle of white nail polish, and color in random areas on white fabric using the brush. In order for this to work, the fabric must be 100% cotton or linen and washed before you apply the polish, otherwise it will not work.

4. Make a bracelet holder! If you’re like me and own more bracelets than you know what to do with, this tip is perfect for you! Just find a wine rack (or something similar), paint it, and use ribbon or string to tie the bracelets to each opening in the wine rack. Voila! You have an easy way of storing all your

1. Paint a design on nails

2. Color white fabric.

3. Add color to a vase, by dipping the top half of the vase in nail polish.

4. Make an abstract nail polish print on paper by painting a piece of cardboard with different colors and then pressing it onto a sheet of paper or cardboard.

5. Color small plastic items, such as Lego bricks or bottle caps, with nail polish

6. Coat the ends of shoelaces to make them last longer and not fray.

7. Prevent screws from rusting by applying a coat of clear nail polish to them.

8. Make jewelry out of beads and wire, and then coat them in nail polish for extra shine and protection from tarnishing and chipping

9. Use it as a hair accessory

10. Make your own stickers

Post title: 10 Ways to Use Nail Polish

As a Hair Accessory

One of the things I love to do with nail polish is to use it in my hair. It’s been a while since I’ve done it, but one of the best ways you can use nail polish is as a hair accessory and it’s a lot of fun!

You can paint your nails to match your outfit and then pull one side of your hair back and clip a painted bobby pin into your hair. The cool thing about using nail polish for this is that you can use any color imaginable!

Another way I like to wear nail polish in my hair is by putting it on my headbands or head wraps. You can see an example below of me wearing an orange headband with black polka dots painted on. This is also super easy to do, simply wrap your fabric around something round (a plate or small bowl will do) and paint on polka dots with your nail polish!

When I was a little girl, my mother used to make me sit down at the kitchen table. She would then proceed to paint my nails with her favourite shade of nail polish. After they dried, I would run off to play and inevitably end up smudging them. My mother, who previously had a perfectly manicured set of nails, would send me back to the kitchen table where I would proceed to sit and wait for my nails to dry again.

Now that I am older, I understand why she did it. Nail polish can be a big help when trying to accessorize an outfit. Different shades can brighten up your clothes or they can help you look more professional. Not only can you use it on your nails, but you can also use it as an accessory itself:

1/ Nail Polish as Hair Accessories

You can make decorative hair accessories with your nail polish! All you need is a simple elastic band or bobby pin and some nail polish! You could use one colour or several different colours for even more of an effect! Another way to create a unique look for your hair is by using glitter! Glitter nail polish is extremely easy to find in stores, and all you have to do is brush some of the glitter onto the

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