7 Tips For Perfect Nails During Winter

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With the frigid temperatures and harsh winds of winter, it’s easy for your nails to take a beating. Between the snow and ice, shoveling, salt, and sand, your hands are exposed to so many damaging elements.

Cold weather sucks the moisture out of your skin, leaving hands cracked and dry. Plus, with all of the extra hand washing you’re doing in order to combat germs, it’s easy for your nails to get dried out.

When your nails are damaged by cold weather or dry air, they can become brittle or even crack and peel. While this may not be a serious problem, it most certainly is annoying!

Sometimes our nails need a little extra TLC during the winter months. In order to keep them looking healthy and beautiful all season long we’ve got 7 Tips For Perfect Nails During Winter:

During the frigid winter months, it can be hard to keep nails looking fresh and healthy. Here are our top 7 tips for keeping your nails salon-worthy during this season or anytime of the year:

1. Keep it tidy. Keep nails at a comfortable length and push cuticles back regularly.

2. Wear gloves when working with household chemicals or cleaning agents; they can damage the nail and surrounding skin.

3. Moisturize! Dry, brittle nails are more likely to crack, split or peel. Rub cuticle oil into cuticles every day. This will help keep them soft and supple, not dry and brittle.

4. Increase water intake during dry seasons; dehydration is one of the leading causes for brittle nails that are prone to cracking or splitting.

5. Eat plenty of protein and vegetables, as these provide the proteins needed for healthy nail growth and strength.

6. Do not use fingernails to pick open packages, remove staples or any other task that requires you to pry it open; this weakens the structural integrity of the nail causing it to become brittle, peel or break off easily over time.

7. Use a high quality base coat prior to applying polish; this protects against staining from darker colors

It is December and the air is cold. The sun is setting earlier, and the wind is blowing harder. You are probably wearing gloves more often than not, and with that comes a lack of care for your nails.

Winter can be rough on your nails. But with these 7 tips you will be able to keep your hands looking fresh and fantastic all winter long!

Use a good base coat

During the winter months we tend to wash our hands more often, leaving them dry and cracked. If you apply a good base coat before applying nail polish it can help protect your nails from drying out over time.

If you don’t have any base coat, there are other oils that can work just as well. You can make your own with some olive oil, coconut oil or vitamin E oil (or use any combination of the three). Just rub it onto your bare nails and let it sit for five minutes before washing off with warm water.

You want your nails to look good all year long and even though nail care may not be the first thing on your mind during the winter, winter nail care is important. Below are 7 tips to keep your nails looking great and healthy during the winter months:

1. Wash Your Hands

Avoid drying out your hands by washing them with warm water (not hot) and a gentle moisturizing soap. After you wash your hands, thoroughly dry them with a soft towel. Then, immediately apply a hand cream or lotion. Choose an oil-based hand cream for extra dry skin. And remember to rub the lotion into the cuticles as well as around and under the nails.

2. Moisturize Your Hands

Throughout the day, reapply hand cream or lotion as needed. Avoid applying hand creams or lotions when your hands are wet because this will cause the product to soak into your skin without moisturizing it. If you don’t have access to hand cream or lotion all day, keep a small bottle of baby oil in your purse to rehydrate your cuticles when they start to feel dry and tight.

3. Apply Cuticle Cream

Apply cuticle cream or oil daily to help soften cuticles so they can be pushed

Most people’s skin and nails dry up during winter. The cold temperatures, low humidity levels and harsh winds can wreak havoc on your hands. Wearing gloves, using hand cream and keeping your nails moisturized are a few tips for beautiful nails in winter.

1. Wash your hands with lukewarm water instead of hot water to keep from drying out your hands.

2. Use a mild soap that is fragrance-free and gentle on your skin when washing your hands to avoid drying out the skin even more.

3. Apply hand cream after washing your hands to lock in moisture and help prevent chapped hands during the winter months.

4. Wear gloves when going outside for extended periods of time in order to protect your hands from the elements, especially wind, which can dry out the skin more quickly than other weather conditions can.

5. Keep a bottle of hand lotion or cream with you at all times so that you can apply it whenever necessary, especially when the weather is extremely cold or windy outside.’

As the temperatures drop, it can seem like your skin and nails are doomed to dry out. But with the right tips and tricks, you can get through the winter months with beautiful, healthy nails. Follow these seven tips to keep your hands looking beautiful all winter long:

1. Wear gloves outside. This is a given, but it’s important to mention that wearing gloves outside can save your skin and nails from getting chapped in the cold air. If you don’t want to wear full-on gloves all day, try carrying a pair with you so you can put them on when you leave work or home and when you’re shoveling snow or scraping ice from your car.

2. Use a hand cream with SPF. When using hand cream in the winter, it’s important to make sure it has an SPF of at least 15. This will protect your hands from damaging UV rays as much as possible during the short days of winter. Be sure to apply it often throughout the day.

3. Wear rubber gloves while doing chores around the house. If your hands are exposed to water regularly, they can dry out easily—especially in the winter months when everything is already dry! Protect them by always wearing rubber gloves while washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms or

The winter months can wreak havoc on your hands. From dry skin to chipped nails, here’s how you can protect your nails against the cold.

1. Moisturize Your Hands, Cuticles and Nails

If you want to keep your hands and nails looking fresh during the winter months, it all starts with moisturizer. Start by applying a thick hand cream after washing your hands, covering all areas including the cuticles and nails. Make sure you are applying moisturizer a few times throughout the day to keep hands from drying out in the cold weather. For extra protection, apply a layer of petroleum jelly or coconut oil before going to sleep at night and cover with gloves.

2. Pumice Stone For Rough Heels

Use a pumice stone to gently remove dead skin as needed from heels and other rough spots on your feet. Use circular motions and avoid using too much pressure to avoid damaging the skin. Follow up with a thick moisturizing cream for smooth heels that are ready for sandal season!

3. Protect From Chipping With A Base Coat

Wearing gloves is one of the best ways to protect against chipping during wintertime but if you’re not wearing gloves, be sure to apply a base coat before painting your

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