3D Gel Nails in as Little as 10 Minutes!

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Get beautiful, shiny nails in as little as 10 minutes with this system that is used by professional nail technicians. It’s the same process used to create 3D gel nails, but without the high cost of going to a salon. Easy to use and last for weeks, the Dip Color Nail System makes it fast and easy to get salon quality nails at home.

The Dip Color Nail System includes four tubes of colored gel, containing 30 milliliters each. It also comes with a bottle of base coat and a bottle of topcoat, both containing 15 milliliters, plus a 1-ounce jar of nail prep solution. The kit also includes everything you need for application, including a file, buffer block, mini-file and applicator brush. You’ll also receive enough powder to complete up to 48 manicures.

The 3D Gel Nail Art Color Dip Powder System is a new and innovative product in the nail industry. It is an all-inclusive kit that gives you everything you need to create professional looking nails from the comfort of your own home.

With a variety of colors, you can choose from a wide range of options for your color dip nails. Unlike other systems, this system does not require a UV/LED lamp or any nail polish remover to apply. Your nails will be ready in as little as 10 minutes!

The 3D Gel Nail Art Color Dip Powder System includes 6 different color shades, two base coats, two top coats and 5 nail prep tools. In addition to the dip powder system, this kit also comes with step-by-step instructions to ensure that you are able to properly apply your dip powder nails.

The first step to creating your Gel Nails is to apply a base coat. Start on the edge of your nail and swipe the brush in one direction towards the middle. This way you will get the best coverage and the smoothest look possible. The next step is to dip your nails into a tub of powder which seals and hardens the base coat. Dip each finger into a different powder color, making sure to get full coverage. The final step is to apply a top coat which seals and protects your nails. Make sure to apply in a single direction, as with the base coat. Your 3D Gel Nails are now complete!

Get the perfect manicure in as little as 10 minutes with a revolutionary new way to color nails. The Dip Powder Nail System is one of the most convenient ways to get a quick and easy gel nail manicure at home or in the salon. With an ultra-fine powder that doesn’t require UV/LED light or harsh chemicals, it’s easy to get a high-quality look with a long-lasting finish.

The Dip Powder Nail System uses super fine powder that’s much finer than traditional acrylics. This makes it easier to dip your nails into color without wasting product or getting messy. The Dip Powder Nail System can be used for both natural nails and artificial nails, so you can easily use it for both manicures and pedicures.

1. Apply the base coat to your nail, dip it into the powder and then tap off any excess. Repeat this process on all of your nails.

2. After you’ve applied the first layer of powder to all of your nails, apply another thin coat of base gel and repeat this step making sure to dip each nail in a different color.

3. Finish off with a top coat for a smooth and glossy finish!

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