7 Takeaways From The Nail Art Expo

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“There’s always something new to see,” said one veteran nail tech who has been coming to the show for years.

The Expo is an opportunity to connect with people in your field, network, and find inspiration by talking to those who have come up with creative solutions.

This year’s theme was “All Colors of the Rainbow.” With over 200 exhibitors from all over the world showing off their colorful artwork, it’s safe to say that this year’s theme was executed perfectly. Here are seven more takeaways from the Nail Art Expo as told by nail professionals and enthusiasts at the event.

The Nail Art Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center was held over the weekend. The expo included an international competition, with winners from all over the world.

For those of us who can’t make it to an expo like this and are curious about nail art trends and techniques, I’ve compiled seven takeaways that will hopefully enlighten you on what’s happening in the nail world.

1. A little bit of color never hurt anyone… or can a lot of color be even better?

Nail art is getting more colorful! Not just your run-of-the-mill gradient nails, but usually more color than one can count displayed on each nail.

2. No need to worry if you’re a lefty!

There are actually certain techniques that righties can’t do; lefties are blessed with the gift of being ambidextrous, which is great for doing intricate designs like lace or feathering. So if you’re a leftie, don’t be shy to embrace your inner artist!

3. Go big or go home…or go small!

This year’s trend seems to be moving toward bigger, bolder nails – maybe it’s time to take a break from those square tips and opt for some almond or

The Nail Art Expo happened last weekend in Los Angeles and we were there. This year, the two-day event was held at the Pasadena Convention Center and featured an impressive roster of nail talent.

The show floor featured booths from brands like ibd, Dashing Diva, LeChat, Gelish, and more. There were also individual artists doing live nail art and demonstrations of everything from 3D sculpting to nail art for nail techs with disabilities.

Our team met up with show organizer Christy Gan to discuss the state of the industry, challenges facing new techs, and what this year’s show had to offer. Here are seven takeaways:

1) The Industry Is Booming.

Gan told us that this was by far the largest NAE yet—they saw a 20 percent increase in attendees over last year. “We have students coming in here from all over California,” said Gan. “We’ve had people come from as far away as China.”

2) The Nail Industry Is Still Growing Fast.

“I think people are still figuring out how big this industry is,” says Gan. “It’s quickly growing into a billion dollar industry.” The NAE is one of many events in recent years highlighting how quickly the professional

The Hollywood Reporter’s Showgirls: The Most Infamous Film of All Time? might be the ultimate nail art expo. It’s your chance to meet with the top artists, see their latest collections, learn about new products and trends, and even score an exclusive sneak peek at a few of the films that will be hitting theaters next year.

But if you’ve never been to one of these events before — or are totally new to the world of nails — there are a few things you should know before making the trip. Here are seven takeaways from this weekend’s expo, including what to expect and what not to do.

Don’t do any nail art before the show

This is an important rule of thumb for anyone who is planning on attending a nail art expo. You’ll have plenty of time after the event to work on your nails, but during this time it’s important that you focus on getting them done as quickly as possible. If you’re going to attend a show like this one, take the time to get all of your nails done beforehand so you don’t have any distractions during the event itself.

If you have any questions about anything related to nails, this is the place for you! There will be a lot of people at these

Nails are so big right now. There was a real buzz at the expo this afternoon, and we were thrilled to be there! Here are some of our top takeaways from the event:

1. Nails are here to stay.

2. Diverse markets and consumers.

3. Color will be huge for spring/summer 2016.

4. Nail art is not going anywhere either.

5. Gel is addictive (and expensive).

6. Nail salons love educating their clients about nail health and care, too!

7. The industry welcomes all opinions, even critiques, with open arms (as long as they’re constructive).

I attended the largest nail art expo in the world, Nailympics, earlier this month — and boy, was it a wild ride.

This year’s competition was hosted by the Las Vegas Convention Center, and featured over 100 teams from 11 different countries. While I am no stranger to nail competitions or nail conventions, this was definitely my first time attending an event of this magnitude. So many colors! So much glitter! There were hundreds of different artists and students showcasing their work on every surface possible, from acrylic sculptures to paper canvases.

Nail trends have changed so much since I first entered the industry nine years ago. It’s refreshing to see young artists learning about new techniques that are not only more ethical than what we used in the ’90s (like dipping nails in powder), but also more marketable for the business-oriented nail artist.

Here are some of my favorite takeaways from my visit:

1) Gel Tips Are Here To Stay

Although most people still have acrylic tips on their fingers, gel is quickly becoming more popular because it does less damage to your nails than traditional acrylics. It also requires less maintenance because there’s no need for soaking them off with acetone every two weeks just so you can change colors.

1. If you want to get noticed, get some neon going.

2. It’s all in the details.

3. 3-D is gonna be big in the future of nail art.

4. Get your nails in gear and go for a tropical vacation vibe.

5. Rhinestones are back, baby!

6. If you want to make a statement, go for leopard print…and more ombre!

7. The sky is the limit with nail art!

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