Everything You Need to Know About the New Spring Nail Trends

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The best part of spring is getting to experiment with the newest nail trends. This season’s nail art ideas are a mix of playful DIY designs and more subtle takes on classic nail colors and textures.

To get you prepared for the change of seasons ahead, we’ve rounded up the 5 most important spring nail trends you need to know about.

In just a few weeks, nails everywhere will be sporting these looks, so get ahead of the curve and try them out now!

If you’re as excited about spring as we are, you’ll be thrilled to know that the latest nail trends are not only right on point with the season’s fashion and beauty looks, but they’re also so much fun.

With all of the creative options out there now, there’s no need to stick to your standard solid-color pinks or reds. Take a chance and try the season’s coolest nail designs and color ideas that will make your hands look even more fabulous than they already do. Read on for a few of our favorites.

Whether you’re the type of girl who keeps her nails short, long, or somewhere in between, there is a spring nail trend out there for you. From embellished and colorful to negative space and natural, check out the most popular shades and designs that are taking over Pinterest right now.


The Embellished Manicure

After seeing this embellished mani on Pinterest, we couldn’t help but think that it’s the perfect way to incorporate spring’s hottest accessory — the string choker — right onto your nails.


The Negative Space Manicure

No matter what your preferred shade is, negative space manicures are one of the hottest mani trends of the season. Plus, they’re super customizable. Simply paint your nail color of choice on your ring finger, wait for it to dry completely, apply a striping tape down the center of your nail (so both sides are covered), then apply a second coat of polish on either side. Let dry for a few minutes before removing the tape and sealing with a clear top coat.


The Long Nail Trend

On Instagram: “Nude nails” by @nailsbymztina. Want longer nails? Use acrylic or gel

This spring, a soft, blush pink is the nail color of the moment. This pretty pastel shade will give your fingertips a lovely rosy glow. The best thing about this shade is that it looks great on all skin tones.

InStyle beauty editor Angela Matusik suggests Essie’s Ballet Slippers as the perfect shade of pink for springtime. This neutral hue has a very subtle tinge of pink in it. If you are looking for an even more muted pink, try Essie’s Cute as a Button or China Glaze’s Pink Plumeria. These shades don’t have any red or coral undertones in them – they are just soft, sweet pinks.

Spring is all about pretty pastels and sheer colors. Nails Inc.’s Porchester Square is a sheer, opaque cream with a slight tinge of pink to it. Make sure to put three coats on your nails for full coverage.

Try on all kinds of nail colors at Makeover (http://www.makeover.com/nails)

If there’s one place where you can really experiment with color and pattern, it’s on your nails. And luckily, spring is the perfect time to try something new.

This season, designers went all out by sending models down the runway with everything from graphic black-and-white designs to bold pops of color. Meanwhile, nail pros are also trying out a lot of new techniques as well as experimenting with different textures and shapes.

So whether you want to keep things classic with a bright coat of red or you’re ready to go full-on artistic with a fun pattern, there are plenty of ways to play around with your nail art this spring.

Here are the best nail trends and tips for spring, straight from the runways and our favorite nail pros.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate the season than with fresh, colorful nail art? You may think that the classic French manicure or some other basic nail design is what you need for an interview or a job in an office setting. But don’t let this stereotype get you down. There are plenty of ways to spice up your look without going overboard. Even if you’re not a fan of bright colors, there are still many options available for those who prefer a more muted appearance.

For spring, we recommend trying one of these trendy nail designs:

1. Negative Space Nails – These nails feature designs with open spaces between each color or pattern. They are great because they look really neat and clean, but they also allow you to show off your creativity by filling in those empty spots with whatever you want!

2. Water Marble Nails – These nails look like they have been dipped in water! They feature marbleized patterns that resemble stones or pebbles at first glance (hence their name).

3. Matte Nail Polish – This type of polish is perfect for anyone who wants something less glossy than traditional lacquer but still has an elegant finish on their nails. It comes in many different shades so it’s easy

The most popular nail shape right now is the baby boomer, and it’s going to be huge in 2019. The baby boomer is a blend between an oval and a square shape—the best of both worlds! It’s not as blunt as a square, but it has all the strength and design elements of one, while still being feminine and versatile.

This shape is especially popular with gel manicures because it gives you plenty of room on the nail plate for pretty designs (and helps prevent chipping). And if you’re new to gel polishes, try out an at-home kit (like Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit) to get the look.

Next up, we have the ghosted French manicure. This twist on the classic look puts a sheer coat of polish on top of your base color for a softer effect that still looks clean and put together.

So if you want to bring back French manicures, this is the way to do it—try out Essie Nail Polish in Blanc (a white), then add a sheer coat of Essie Nail Polish in Dew Drop or Sheer Luck (both pale pink shades).

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