2015’s 5 Best Gel Nail Kits For Professional Results!

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The only thing that can top a gorgeous new manicure is to know that you can keep it looking fabulous for up to two weeks without chipping, smudging or dulling. And now, thanks to gel nail kits, the latest advancement in nail technology from the world’s leading nail manufactures, you can have a long-lasting, professional looking manicure that stays chip-free for up to two weeks!

If you love getting regular manicures but hate the damage it does to your nails, consider using a gel nail kit instead. Gel polish has been shown to be gentler on nails than traditional polish and helps protect nails as they grow. And these 5 best gel nail kits will give you everything you need for a flawless gel manicure at home.

Are you ready to learn how to do gel nails at home? With a gel nail kit and a few products, you can get professional looking results right in your own kitchen. Gel nail kits are so simple to use. With just a few steps, you can create beautiful manicures that last for up to three weeks! In this guide, we’ll outline which gel nail kits are best, how they work, and which ones are worth the money.

If you love getting your nails done at the salon but hate spending $30 every two weeks on a manicure, we have great news: With just a little practice, you can achieve salon-quality results for less than $100! No more wasting time waiting for your nails to dry—just paint them on yourself and be out the door in fifteen minutes.

We’ve rounded up 2015’s best gel nail kits for both beginners and pros. We even included a few of our favorite products for fixing common manicure mistakes. Now you won’t have to worry about ruining your nails when it comes time to switch colors or remove your polish.

Whether you want amazing nails or want to save money every month on salon visits, these gel nail kits will help you achieve professional-looking results

If you’re anything like us, you love a good manicure. What’s not to love about having your nails done at home or in the salon? You feel like you’re being pampered and no one can deny that it makes you feel great! But the problem is, that manicure has to last through everyday life and it doesn’t always hold up. We turn to gel nail kits for a longer-lasting manicure solution.

Don’t waste any more time trying to achieve salon-quality results with traditional nail polish. With these five best gel nail kits, you’ll be amazed at how professional your nails look.

A gel manicure may sound complicated but it’s actually very easy to do at home once you have the right tools. The process is actually very similar to painting your nails with regular polish. The only thing that differs is the top coat. Instead of using regular clear polish, you use a UV light on your nails after applying the top coat, which hardens the polish into a durable finish.

The result? Your manicure will look amazing for weeks! No chips or dents! Your nails will also feel stronger and healthier, since the gel adds a protective layer over your natural nails.

If you’ve ever struggled with achieving professional-looking manicures at home, a gel nail kit may be the answer to all your problems.

Gel nails are a type of artificial nails that most closely resembles the natural nail. They are similar to acrylic nails, except they use a UV light to dry instead of air-drying.

Gel nails are more flexible than acrylic nails and won’t chip as easily. Gel nails promise to last up to 2 weeks, which is longer than standard nail polishes can claim.

If you’re interested in trying this type of nail enhancement for yourself, keep reading for our list of the best gel nail kits available online!

When a product works, it’s easy to fall in love with it. And that’s exactly what happened with the women who tried Gelish Dip Powder Nails Starter Kit. The product promises to provide you with high-quality results, just like the ones you would get from a professional nail salon.

And it does all this at the comfort of your home, for a fraction of the price!

The kit includes everything you need for a set of stunning dip powder nails: Base coat, top coat, activator, dipping color powder and nail cleanser. It’s enough for 20 sets of nails.

The nail polish is easy to apply and looks fantastic once dry. It’s not as durable as gel nails and it tends to crack a little easier but it’s still much better than regular nail polish when it comes to sturdiness and longevity.

It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals and the removal process is quick and painless so there is no risk of damaging your natural nails.

A gel manicure begins with a base coat, two color coats and a top coat. You cure each layer under an LED lamp to harden it. Gel nail polish is supposed to last much longer than regular nail polish before chipping, peeling or fading. Gel manicures can last up to 21 days without the need for touch-ups.

Gel manicures are easy to achieve at home with the right tools. A professional gel nail kit will give you everything you need to create your own salon quality manicure from the comfort of your home and save you money in the long run!

12. Ejiubas Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

With a long-lasting hold of up to three weeks, the Ejiubas kit is definitely one that you should consider if you’re looking for a professional-quality finish. The 48W UV lamp is powerful enough to cure all five fingers at once, and the kit comes with everything you need to get started.

This product can be bought from Amazon for $59.99.

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