Fast and quality powder-gel nail service

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Powder gel nails are the fastest and most high-quality nail service. Powder gel nails will become your best alternative to acrylic nails and other traditional manicure services.

The powder gel nail service has a number of advantages over others. The main of them is its duration. Powder gel nails are applied in just 20 minutes, which makes the procedure more convenient for you.

In our nail and spa salon we use only natural materials for the powder gel manicure: powder, varnish without formaldehyde and other potentially harmful additives, as well as UV lamps. Our employees always carefully perform their work so that you can enjoy your new fashionable manicure for a long time!

If you have long nails with a gel coating, you will be pleased when the nail begins to grow and the gel coating is not damaged. This means that the gel coating does not require correction for a long time. But there comes a day when the nail needs correction.

If your nails don’t grow fast enough, then after 3 weeks from the date of filing you need to correct them. It is necessary to do this so that the edge of the nail does not detach from the cuticle and does not begin to delaminate. The correction procedure is done in a beauty salon by a specialist.

In this article you will learn about powder-gel nails, how they differ from other types of manicure, and what materials are used for this type of manicure. You will also learn how to remove the material yourself at home if necessary.

The Powder Gel Nails process uses a colored powder to create the nail. The process is fast and easy and is less damaging to the natural nail. Through the use of UV light, your nails are durable and long-lasting. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles.

The Powder Gel Nails is applied directly over the fingernail, giving it strength and durability without damaging the natural nail underneath. The powder used in this process is made up of polymer resin which forms a hard protective layer over the nail. Because there is no liquid involved, there is no chipping once your manicure dries, making this a great option for active women who want their nails to look great but don’t have time for frequent trips to the manicure studio.

The powder gel is the best product in the market that allows you to get a strong, durable and natural nail. You can choose between two types of finish: glossy or matte. The application takes approximately 30 minutes to apply the product, which is then exposed to ultraviolet light for 2 minutes.

The powder gel nails last up to 3 weeks, with a high resistance as if it were acrylic. Also avoid injuries that can occur in your natural nails when using acrylic products. The powder gel nail can be removed in 15 minutes by applying acetone and gently removing the product.

We are a team of professional Nail Technicians, here to provide you with the latest trends in the nails industry. Our services include Gel Powder Nails (also known as Acrylics or Ombre Acrylics), Gel Polish Manicures and Pedicures, Nail Art Design and much more. Our priority is to ensure that each client receives a comfortable, relaxing experience while receiving beautiful nails!

We take pride in protecting your nail beds by using the highest quality products and sterilization techniques. We have chosen to use only products that are safe for you, your nails, and the environment. In our blog we share tricks of the trade and tips on how to maintain healthy nails.

I’m just a girl who loves to do nails and hopes to inspire you to do the same. I share tips, tricks, product reviews and some of my own nail art designs. I have a passion for gel-powder nails, which I love and hope to share with all of my clients.

gel powder nails, gel nails are a hybrid between acrylic and gel, which means that they have both the strength of acrylic nails with the natural looking and glossy finish of gel nails.

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