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Nail Art Gallery: a gallery of different nail art ideas from past posts.


Pale Pink Nails

August 27, 2017

By Sarah Tanno for Essie

This summer look is all about the little things—unexpected details that will make you smile. Meet a fresh twist on the classic French design, courtesy of makeup artist and creative visionary Sarah Tanno for Essie.

Welcome to the Nail Art Gallery! This is a gallery of different nail art ideas from past posts. The nails are listed in alphabetical order so it’s easier to browse through them. If you want to see any specific nail art technique (such as gradient nails or striped nails) then you can click on the pink links below. Please note that I have disabled right clicking on the images to protect against image theft.

There are two ways of browsing this gallery: by nail type (e.g. gradient) and by design (e.g. flowers).

By type:


Animal Print



Fake Nails



French Manicure French Tip Designs Gradient Lettering Lace Marble Ombre Reverse Stamping Simple Design Spiral/Twist Sponge Stamping Stripes Studs Water Marble Waterfall, Ripples, Raindrops Wavy Lines By design: Abstract Animals Christmas Flowers Glitter Halloween Hearts Miscellanous Musical Notes Nautical Neon Patterns Plants Polka Dots Seasons Skulls Spots Stars Stripes Suns Words Zebra Print This page contains affiliate links | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

Welcome to the Nail Art Gallery! Here you can browse through past posts and see what other people have created. You can search by color, theme or keyword. Also, if you are looking for a specific artist’s work, you can use the artist listing below to find their work.

If you are interested in submitting your nail art to the gallery, please visit our submission page here.

Welcome to Nail Art Gallery!

Nail Art Gallery is a collection of nail art ideas submitted by our readers, and uploaded by our members. It is a great way to get inspiration for your next nail art design! You can browse through the gallery using the navigation bar on top of the page, or enter a search term in the box below.

You can submit your own nail art photos to be added to the gallery by clicking on the “Submit Design” link in the navigation bar above. You will need to have an account with us before you can submit designs, but creating an account is free and only takes a few moments.

Once you’re registered, you can also rate other designs and leave comments.

Happy browsing!

A nail art gallery with a difference, this site features photos of nails in a range of different colors, shapes and lengths. It is organized by color so that you can find a color that suits you, explore nail polish colors and find the best nail polish for your next manicure.

Nail Color Ideas & Trends

If you’re looking for a particular color of nail polish, we have tons of colors to choose from. We have the latest colors from top brands like OPI and Essie, plus unique colors from smaller brands like Orly and Zoya. You can also browse by brand to see what colors are available or what’s new from your favorite brand. Nail Color Trends

Explore our nail color trends section to see what’s popular right now in the world of nails. There are many trends going on right now so it’s easier than ever to find something that suits your style. Our nail trends section will help you decide which colors are best for you!

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When you want attention to your nails, it helps to paint them with a pale pink nail polish.

This is because a pale pink draws attention to your nails. You may have noticed that some ladies who have an aversion to shiny things (such as blingy accessories or metallic nail polish) still love to get their nails done in this color.

This may be because the pale pink colors are known for drawing attention to the natural beauty of the nails, which means that it accentuates any flaws that may be present in your nails. If you have healthy, long nails, a pale pink nail polish will help draw attention to them and make them appear more attractive.

Another reason why some people like this color so much is because it tends to complement any outfits that they wear. For example, if you are wearing a dark colored dress with white shoes, a pale pink nail polish is going to complement both of these colors perfectly.

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