Reverse French Manicure- Learn How To Do It Yourself

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A Reverse French Manicure is a simple way to dress up your nails in black and white, giving you an elegant look. The manicure itself is quite easy to do and will only take about 20 minutes of your time. It’s also a great way to recycle some old nail polish that has dried up or become too thick to use. You can create a reverse French manicure with any kind of nail polish and with any color, but the key here is to have fun with it and try something new.

Reverse french manicure

What you need:

– Nail Polish – 1 Color (Base Coat – Black)

– Nail Polish – 2 Colors (Lacquer Colors – White & Silver)

– Nail Art Brush or Toothpick

How To Do It Yourself:

If you are one of those who love to get a French manicure done over and over again, then this is the time you try out something new. A reverse French manicure is what you need to try out. It gives your nails a completely different look and it will be a pretty cool change from the usual French manicure. If you are wondering what a reverse French manicure is, then we have all the information for you with step by step instructions to do it on your own.

Take a look at how to do a reverse French manicure below.

What You Need:

A base coat for your nails

A white nail polish and a clear top coat

Rhinestones or glitter dust of your choice

A black nail polish

Top coat again

Some cotton swabs

If you are a fan of the french manicure, then you will probably love the reverse french manicure. In this style, instead of a white tip, your finger nails will have white at the base. This is very easy to do and with the right supplies and a little bit of practice, you can do it yourself.

Here are the steps to accomplish a reverse french manicure:

– You need to start by painting your nails with polish in any color that you like. Let this dry completely.

– Next take some tape and cut it into strips. These should be about three millimeters wide and long enough to cover the tip of your nail.

– Apply these strips across the tips of your nails so that they are straight and even.

– Now paint on a coat of white polish over your whole nail, being careful not to get any on the skin around it.

– Let this coat dry completely.

– Finish up by peeling off the tape slowly and carefully as you don’t want to damage your wet polish underneath.

If you want an even more interesting look, try using two different colors for each nail. You can paint one color on the top half of each nail and another color on the bottom half before applying the tape.

A reverse french manicure is a new and interesting twist on the traditional french manicure. The reverse french manicure is created by painting the base of the nail with a light color, usually white or pink, and the tip of the nail with a colored polish, usually red or black. A reverse french manicure can be done at home on your own nails, but if you are not experienced at doing your own nails it might be a good idea to have this style done professionally for the first time.

Before you do your reverse french manicure make sure that your nails are completely clean and dry. If you have any oil or dirt on your nails it will prevent them from holding polish for as long as they should. Begin by applying a base coat of clear polish over all of your nails to protect them from being stained by the colored polish. Next apply a thin layer of white or pink polish all over each nail to give them a light color at their bases. Then apply two coats of colored polish over the tips of each nail, starting where the white or pink ends and finishing right at the end of each nail bed. Finish by applying one coat of clear topcoat over each nail to seal in the color and give them a smooth glossy finish.

Reverse French manicure is one of the hottest trends in the beauty world. As far as nail trends go, it’s also one of the most easy to achieve. This means you can try this trend without having to spend a lot of money at the salon or doing your nails at home more than once a week. The reverse French manicure is a chic and versatile look that can be worn with all types of clothing from jeans and T-shirts to formal gowns and cocktail dresses.

A reverse French manicure is achieved by painting the nail white and applying a bright color to the tips of your fingers, instead of painting your nails one solid color and applying white tips. The reverse French manicure can be done easily with just two nail polish colors: a bright color for your nail tips and white for the rest of your nails.

The best thing about this trendy new look is that you don’t need any fancy equipment or expensive products to achieve it; all you need is a good quality nail polish base coat, top coat, white polish and a contrasting color for your tips. You can even do this look at home with regular household items such as cotton balls, tape, and toothpicks!

Start by washing your hands thoroughly before beginning any type of manic

A reverse French manicure is a nail art design that reverses the traditional French manicure by painting the tip of the nail in a solid color and painting the rest of the nail with a contrasting color.

You can create a reverse French manicure by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Apply a base coat to your nails.

Step 2: Apply two coats of polish to your nails. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next one.

Step 3: Use painter’s tape to cover most of your nail at the tips, leaving only a small section exposed. Make sure you press down on the tape so that it adheres firmly and leaves no gaps between it and your nail at the edges.

Step 4: Apply two coats of polish to this small section of exposed nail at the tips. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next one. The first coat will act as a primer, so make sure you apply an additional coat so that all of your natural nail is covered.

Step 5: Remove all of the painter’s tape from your nails, making sure not to smudge any fresh polish that may still be wet on your nails.

French manicure is a classic, timeless style that has been around for decades. It’s a great look to wear on any occasion, but if you want to try something new, or if you have really short nails, try a reverse French manicure.

To do this, start with a nude or light pink polish. You’ll then paint a small triangle at the top of your nail (where the moon is usually painted on a traditional French manicure) in white polish. Finish off with a top coat and you’re done!

It’s simple but creates an interesting and modern twist on the classic French manicure. Check out my tutorial below for more details or click here to watch it on youtube and subscribe for more videos!

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