3 Ways to get the perfect Pastel Pink Nails

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If you love pastel pink nails, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many shades to choose. You can wear pink all year round and not just in the spring. Pastel pinks are flattering on all skin tones too! Here are three ways to get the perfect pastel pink nails.

Pastel Pink Nails:

1. Choose a shade of pale pink that is right for your skin tone. If you have a fair complexion and want something that makes your fingers look longer, opt for a lighter shade like Baby Doll or Rose Quartz. If you’re tanned then go with something darker such as Dusty Rose or Pale Mauve.

2. Always apply two coats of polish so that it lasts longer and doesn’t chip too quickly! Apply one thin layer first then wait about ten minutes before applying another one over top of it once more – this way any streaks or spots will be hidden underneath both layers for an even finish every time!

3. Use a top coat after you’ve finished painting your nails so they stay shiny and don’t chip easily.”

This pastel pink nail trend has been around for the last couple of seasons now, and I am so excited that it is still in style!

There are many different ways to achieve the perfect pastel pink manicure. You can use a sheer nail polish, or a pastel nail powder.

I personally love using sheer polishes for my pastel pink nails, because I feel like it makes them look more natural and chic. It also looks more effortless, even though the process can be quite time consuming.

It is important to apply multiple layers of the sheer polish to achieve the perfect pastel pink nails, otherwise they will look streaky and uneven.

Pastel pink nails are a huge trend right now and it’s no wonder why. This delicate shade is flattering on any skin tone and seems to be the go-to color for fashionistas, celebrities and beauty bloggers alike! Here are three ways to achieve a perfect pastel pink manicure at home.

1.Forget about white! White nail polish can be streaky and difficult to apply evenly. Instead, choose a sheer pink shade as your base. Essie ‘Ballet Slippers’ or OPI ‘My Favorite Ornament’ are great options. Apply two coats, as this sheer shade may require a little more coverage than an opaque white would.

2.When applying your pastel pink shade, make sure you leave a gap between your cuticles and the polish so that you don’t end up with any accidental clean-up later on! I find it’s easiest to use three strokes: one down the middle of the nail, and one on each side of that initial stroke.

3.As with all light colors, remember that you will need at least two (but probably three!) coats to avoid streaks or brush strokes in your manicure.

After attending NYFW this year, I noticed that the nail world has taken a turn for the minimalistic. Instead of being over the top and in your face, nails have become subtle and chic. They are accentuating the fashion as opposed to overshadowing it. The biggest trend that I saw from NYFW was pastel pink nails. One of my favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff, had her models wear the perfect pastel pink nails to match their ensembles.

A lot of us might remember getting pastel pink nails as children and thinking how pretty they were. Well, now they are back and better than ever! Here are three tips on how to achieve the perfect pastel pink:

1. Pick a cool toned pastel pink with blue undertones (this is important). If you pick a warm toned polish with yellow undertones, it will look chalky on your nails! My favorite one right now is Essie’s “Allure.” It is the perfect light blush color.

2. Apply thin coats of polish so that you can control the opacity of your shade. If you apply thick coats, it will look heavy on your nails and not very feminine. You want to be able to see your natural nail peeking through the

Pastels are the perfect nail colour choice for summer, they are feminine and fun. Depending on what colours you pair them with they can be super cute or edgy and cool.

Pastel pink is a colour that tends to look good on anything, from your clothes to your nails. Unlike other pastel shades such as mint green and lavender, you don’t have to worry about it washing out your complexion. It’s one of those universal colours that always looks good.

I love pastel pink nails because they’re so versatile and feminine. You can dress them up or down, wear them with glitter or just a simple matte finish. The possibilities are endless!

1) Start by filing your nails in a square shape and pushing back cuticles with cuticle oil before buffing them smooth using 180 grit sandpaper or nail files.

2) Buff each nail to create a rough texture on the surface which will help the polish adhere better later on in this tutorial step-by-step guide tutorial article post blog Instagram Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Snapchat YouTube TikTok Vine Vimeo Flickr MySpace Weibo WeChat Friendster Tagged Ning Renren Bebo Goodreads Xanga Tumblr

1. Find the Perfect Base Color

For this pastel pink manicure, I used a soft lilac as my base color. Selecting a base color that is close to your desired shade of pink will help create a true pastel shade once you add white.

If you don’t have the perfect shade, you can always create one by mixing polishes together. Just be sure that you mix and apply a base color before moving on to Step 2.

2. Apply White Polish

Once your base color has dried completely, apply a thin coat of white polish over the entire nail. I applied two coats to achieve an opaque finish. This step will really help to create a true pastel shade!

3. Add Pink Top Coat

Lastly, finish off with a sheer coat of your favorite hot pink nail polish (I used Essie’s Muchi Muchi). The key here is to use a sheer polish that lets some of the white and lilac base color show through so that we achieve our final pastel shade.*

Nail polish has been a popular way to keep nails looking attractive for years now, and with so many colours to choose from the opportunities are endless. One of the most fashionable nail polishes at the moment is pastel pink. This sweet light pink colour is a great way to liven up your nails without being too dramatic. Here we look at three different ways you can use pastel pink in your manicure.

Base coat: The easiest way to incorporate pastel pink into your nails is by using it as a base coat. This will allow you to add other colours over the top of it, or simply wear it on its own for a simple look. You could also use different coloured polishes on each nail for a fun effect.

Accent nail: A popular trend at the moment is to paint all nails except one in one colour and the other nail in a contrasting colour or pattern. You could paint all but one of your nails in white, and the other in pastel pink for an interesting effect. You could also try painting one nail with glitter polish that matches your pastel pink shade, or do an ombre effect where one end of your accent nail is white and the other end is pastel pink.

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