5 Common Mistakes When Applying Gel Nail Polish

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Although gel nails can be applied at home, it is recommended that you have them done by a professional nail technician. This is because the application and removal process is complex and can damage your nails if done incorrectly.

If you are applying your own gel nails, here are five common mistakes to avoid:

Mistake 1: Not Cleaning the Nails Properly

Before applying gel polish, your nails must be free of any oil, grease or residue. Otherwise, the polish will not adhere properly to your nails.

We recommend using a non-acetone nail polish remover as this will not dry out your nails as much as acetone based ones.

Mistake 2: Not Preparing Your Natural Nail Bed

In order for gel nail polish to stick to your nail bed for up to three weeks without chipping, it is important that you prepare it correctly.

We recommend buffing the surface of your natural nails with a fine buffer block before applying primer. The primer breaks down the surface of the nail slightly so that it creates a better bond with the gel polish.

Gel nail polish is a great way to get a beautiful manicure that will last for weeks. However, there are many common mistakes that people make when applying gel nail polish. Here are five of the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them to create long-lasting professional-looking gel nails.

1. Not Preparing the Nails Properly: The base and top coats must be applied to clean, dry nails without any type of hand or body lotion on them. Start by sanitizing your hands with an alcohol-based solution or an antibacterial soap, then use a non-acetone polish remover around the cuticle area to remove any oils or moisture. If you have any hangnails, cut them off as this can cause bubbles in the gel polish.

2. Applying Too Thin of a First Coat: Some people apply gel nail polish like normal nail polish, but this is wrong. You need to apply a very thin coat for the first two coats, almost like painting your nails with water instead of paint. Your third coat should be slightly thicker than the first two coats.

4. Not Wiping Off Excess Gel Polish From Cuticles: After applying gel nail polish, wipe off any excess from around the cuticle

If you’ve ever had a gel manicure, then you know just how much time and effort goes into the process. Gel polish is applied in layers, requiring a curing lamp between each one, and the nails must be filed perfectly smooth after removal. Given all of this work, it’s easy for mistakes to happen along the way.

Luckily for you, we know what these mistakes are! Here are five common mistakes people make when applying gel nail polish:

1. Not preparing your nails correctly

2. Forgetting base coat or top coat

3. Not using enough coats

4. Curing too long (or too little)

5. Not removing properly

One of the most popular ways to apply color and designs to nails is with gel nail polish. It has a thick consistency, which allows it to be brushed on easily and evenly, but still remains flexible and strong when hardened. Gel nail polish also has a glossy finish that makes your nails look more natural than other types of manicures, especially when applied by a professional at a salon.

The best part about gel nail polish is that once it is cured under an LED or UV light, it can last for up to two weeks without chipping or peeling. Even if you are doing your own nails at home, gel nail polish only requires a few steps and will give you long-lasting color every time.

However, even with the best intentions and materials, mistakes can happen when applying gel nail polish. Here are five common mistakes made when applying gel nail polish and how you can avoid them in the future:

Gel nail polish is one of the most popular manicure trends today, and you can get a gel manicure at just about any salon. The benefits of gel polish are simple: no chipping and no drying time. A gel polish application lasts around two weeks, and if done properly won’t damage your nails or nail bed. With that being said, there are some common mistakes when applying gel nail polish to be on the lookout for, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure your next mani stays chip-free for as long as possible.


You will love the new gel nail polish kits that are available on the market today. The gel nail polish is applied in much the same way as regular nail polish and then it is cured under a UV light. This cures the gel nail polish to give you a long-lasting manicure that will last for up to two weeks.

Here are some tips to help you avoid some of the more common mistakes that people make when applying their gel nail polish.

1- Apply the Top Coat Too Soon

One of the most common mistakes is when people apply their top coat too soon after they have painted their nails with the colour coats of gel nail polish. You need to allow at least 5 minutes between each coat, especially if you are using dark colours.

2- Not Cleaning After Each Step

Another mistake that people often make is not cleaning their nails after each step of applying and curing their gel nail polish. It is important to remove any sticky residue that may be left on your nails after they have been cured under the UV light, or it could affect your next steps when applying your gel nail polish.

3- Cure Problems

Some people have problems getting their gel nail polish to cure properly, but this can usually be fixed by adjusting the settings on your lamp.

Applying gel nail polish is easy, but it takes a lot of practice to be able to do it exactly right. It’s much more difficult than applying regular nail polish, but the results are well worth the extra time and effort.

Even though this type of manicure is not as popular as a regular manicure, gel nails are gaining in popularity because they are much more durable and long-lasting than other types of nail treatments. This is why people who work with their hands a lot or have jobs that require them to stay in one place for a long time often choose this option over other types of nail art. Gel nails can last for weeks without chipping or peeling, which makes them ideal for people who need to look good for longer periods of time.

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