5 Ways YOUR Pinky Finger Can Make Or Break A Manicure

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5 Ways YOUR Pinky Finger Can Make Or Break A Manicure

1. Length

The pinky nail is the smallest of all your digits, so it can look very cute with a short length. Just make sure not to go TOO short, or you may end up looking like you have a thumb deformity. I’d recommend keeping your pinkies at least 2mm longer than your thumbs.

2. Long Nails Don’t Last Long

As you know, the longer the nail, the faster the breakage. This is especially true for pinkies because they are often smashed into walls (see

When it comes to doing your nails, you can’t ignore the pinky. While it may not be the most glamorous of digits, the littlest finger deserves a little love, too. Here are 5 ways YOUR pinky finger can make or break a manicure:

The pinky finger is a tricky piece of real estate when it comes to the art of manicures.

First and foremost, it’s small. It’s also set apart from the rest of your fingers by its positioning and shape.

As a result, your pinky nail is often the first nail to chip or break, but also the one that can make or break an overall look.

So how do you make your pinky nails compliment the rest of your hand?

Here are 5 ways to make your pinky nail work for you:

If you look closely at your nails, you’ll notice one fingernail is slightly shorter than the others. But, why? This isn’t because your nail grew in wrong, it’s because you’re using it wrong!

We all know that a manicure is only as good as your pinky finger. And also, a blog about your nails can only be as good as its pinky finger. Here are five ways for us to make sure our manicures aren’t ruined by our pinky fingers.

1) Never use your pinky finger for anything important. The pinky finger is the least important and least powerful digit on the hand. In fact, when you want to show someone how weak they are, you can tell them to try picking something up with just their pinky finger. This is because it takes a lot of effort to pick something up with just one finger, and if it’s your weakest one then that makes everything harder. Also, if you’re not careful, then you could hurt yourself or break something (especially if it’s glass).

2) Always keep your pinky nail polished and looking great. It may seem like common sense but if there are any chipped spots or broken pieces then those will look terrible on camera when people

The pinky finger has a special role in the manicure world. It can make or break an entire look, and deserves a little extra attention when you are polishing your nails.

1) The pinky is a great place to put a bright color, as it’s not as noticeable as when you have bright nails on your index finger.

2) If your pinky nail breaks, don’t worry! Since it is your smallest nail, no one will notice if it’s a little short.

3) Polka dots look adorable on the pinky!

4) A French manicure looks especially elegant on the pinky, as it is your most petite nail.

5) Long nails are usually associated with tackiness, but one long pinky nail can look very classy and put together.

It is the pinky’s job to provide balance and proportion. The other fingers are long and rectangular, so the short, squatty little pinky provides a nice contrast.

When your nails don’t match your body type, it makes your hands look disproportional and your nails look too short or too long. A woman with a large frame should keep her nails short to avoid looking like T-Rex. A smaller framed woman should grow her nails longer to make her fingers look longer.

A well-rounded nail will be the first thing people notice about your manicure. If they are too round they can almost look like you have bubbles on each finger causing them to look shorter than they really are. If they are more square, your fingers will look leaner and longer.

1. The first tip is to always file your nails.

Even if you are not a beauty blogger, the next time you go to get a manicure or pedicure, bring your own file. This way you will be sure that the salon is using a new file on your nails. It is never wise to use an old file that has been used on someone else’s nails and feet. You do not know how clean it is and you do not know if they have washed their hands and feet with soap before using it on yours.

2. The second tip is to keep your pinky nail polish clean.

It is best to avoid using hand sanitizers or lotions that are too oily or greasy on your nails because they can make the polish look dull and smudged. Also, try to avoid applying too much nail polish at one time because this can make the polish look chunky and can even cause air bubbles under the polish, which will look very unattractive when dry.

3. The third tip is to always use a clear top coat over your pinky nail polish.

This will help seal in the color and prevent it from fading over time as well as preventing any chips from forming in the future. Also, by sealing

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