10 Best Christmas Gel Nails

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Christmas Gel Nails:10 Best Christmas Gel Nails

Christmas is still a long way to go but it’s never too early to start planning your nails. And we’re here to help you with that as always. We have also prepared a separate post for the Christmas nail art, where we have collected the most interesting ideas of the season. But today we will focus on gel nails, the most desirable type of manicure these days. The best thing about gel nails is that they are easy to do and there are thousands of designs you can try out. Make sure you have time to create them and enjoy them for a few weeks, because you don’t want to remove them as soon as you put them on!

Below are some of the most festive designs for gel nails we’ve seen this year – all of which are very easy to do, even if you’re a beginner! Scroll down to check them out!

1. Cool Christmas Gel Nail Art Design

Christmas is right in front of us, and we are sure you can’t wait to start decorating your home, picking the perfect Christmas tree and buying gifts. It’s time to put on a Christmas sweater and feel the magic that this season brings.

So why not show off your holiday spirit with the most beautiful gel nails? We have selected 10 best Christmas gel nails ideas to try this season. Choose the style you like best or combine them for a truly unique look.

Be sure to check out our list of nail colors for winter, as well as different types of manicures you can try this season. Enjoy!

Christmas is a time for joy and family and celebration. Of course, that is not going to stop you from getting your nails done! Finding the right Christmas gel nails can be a challenge, but do not fear. We have created a list of the top 10 choices when it comes to getting your Christmas nails done.

1. Snowflakes

Are you one of those people who gets excited about Christmas and wants to show it? Well, if you are a festive person and want your nail art to express that, we have the perfect post for you. We have collected 10 Christmas gel nails ideas for you to try this season.

Christmas Gel Nails

Here are 10 Best Christmas Gel Nails:

1. Christmas Tree Nail Art

These Christmas tree nails are super easy to do yourself and look so pretty! Start off with a green base coat (or two if necessary) then draw on some white lines and add red circles for the baubles. Finish off with some gold polish to make it really stand out.

2. Red Glitter Manicure

A glittery red manicure is a must for the festive season! Do it in a half-moon style or just add glitter tips to your regular manicure. Don’t forget the gold polka dots!

3. Blue Manicure with Snowflakes

A cute blue manicure is taken up a level with these snowflake designs! Add them in any color you like using nail stickers or try drawing them on yourself. A simple matte finish can really make them stand out!

1. Pink and White Snowflakes

2. Green Glitter Nails with Christmas Tree

3. Sparkling Red Gel Polish

4. Frosty Blue and White Nail Design with Snowflakes

5. Cute Gel Nails with Red and White Polka Dots and Bow

6. Colorful Candy Cane Inspired Gel Nails

7. Matte Red Gel Nail Polish with Gold Glitter Accent Nail

8. Long Nude Gel nails with Christmas Tree Design

9. Christmas Gel Nails with Red, Green, and White Glitter Tips

10. Beautiful Red and Gold Gel Manicure

Christmas Gel Nails: The Christmas season is here, and we are all looking for ways to make the most out of it. Whether you like to wear your nails long or short, there are tons of great Christmas gel nails ideas to try this holiday season. From classic reds and greens to blues and silvers, there are so many options to choose from this year.

Tis the season to create a set of beautiful Christmas gel nails and we have the perfect guide for you! We rounded up 10 of the best Christmas gel nails ideas that will surely get you in the holiday spirit. Get ready for a great manicure with these fun holiday inspired gel nail designs.

Red and Green Sparkle Nails

These bright red and green sparkle nails are perfect for the holidays. If you’re looking for a festive manicure to wear during this busy time of year, then these are for you! Pair them with some cute snowflake accents or even glitter polish on other fingers for an extra special look. Your friends will love how festive they look when done right!

Glitter Green Gel Nail Art

This glitter green gel nail art looks stunning with gold accents on top! It might seem hard but trust us  you can do it yourself at home with

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s high time to think about Christmas manicure design 2019. We have already told you about Christmas nails acrylic and Christmas nail art, and now it’s time to show you trendy Christmas gel nails that will help you choose a design for your winter holiday mani.

Winter holiday season is always associated with fairy tale and magic, so this is the best time to go crazy with nail art and experiment with all kinds of shades, designs, patterns and embellishments. Red and green are the most popular colors in Christmas manicure, but there are also many other shades that can be used. And of course no Christmas design is complete without some sparkle on it. So get inspired by these beautiful ideas and make your own festive mani for New Year’s Eve!

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