10 Nail Trends To Look Forward To In 2016

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10 Nail Trends To Look Forward To In 2016

Last year was the year of the nude nail, but this year is all about going bold and standing out with your manicure.

It’s time to upgrade your nails from natural to creative and edgy. We’ve made a list of 10 new nail trends that you can try out this year. From dip dye nails to butterfly wings, get ready for some serious inspiration.

1. Ombre Dip Nails

The ombre trend is still going strong, so it’s no surprise that dip dye nails are making a comeback. This look is great because you can use any two colors and still get the ombre effect. The best part? You don’t need any fancy tools or skills to recreate this look at home!

2. Artistic Floral Nails

We’ve seen floral nails before, but this time they are getting more artistic and three dimensional! Have fun and experiment with different types of flowers and colors. You don’t need to have a steady hand for this look – just embrace the imperfections and have fun!

We’ve got your new year’s manicure inspiration right here. The 10 nail trends to look forward to in 2016.

Nail art has been around for what seems like forever (it’s actually only been about 3-4 years, but compared to the history of beauty that’s a lifetime). And ever since it went mainstream we’ve seen some pretty ‘out there’ designs (Ziggy Stardust nails anyone?) But this year is all about taking a step back from the crazy patterns and going back to basics. Here are our top 10 nail trends to look out for this year.

1. Ombre Dip

Ombre dip is so 2016! Think back to our dip dye hair trend in 2010 and you can see where we’re coming from with this one. Just like ombre hair, ombre dip nails feature a gradual fade-out effect at the tips of your nails, and they’re super easy to do.

Just apply an opaque base colour, then mix your chosen nail polish colours with a bit of water in separate small bowls (don’t use too much water as you don’t want it running all over your nails). Then using a makeup sponge dab them onto your nails, starting off very light at the tip, gradually building

Our team of nail experts spent months researching the best nail trends for 2016, and we’re so excited to finally share them with you! Be prepared to be blown away by the hottest manicure looks that will be everywhere this year.

1. Ombre Dip Nails

This look was all over the runways at Fashion Week, and will definitely be a hit in 2016. It’s perfect for those who want a little more drama than a standard French manicure. Feel free to experiment with different colors—the possibilities are endless!

We love a good nail trend, but this one might be the best yet.

The ombre dip nails are what the name suggests: Ombre nails that have been dipped in acrylic to create a 3D effect.

The dip powder has been around for a while, but the ombre combination is new. The dip powder is applied to the nail as a negative space over an ombre base colour and then painted with clear gel.

The result is an incredible 3D effect that is so unique and chic.

As with any dip powder nails, these do take a bit of time, so you might want to make sure you have some time on your hands before booking an appointment at the salon.

Nails are going to be dip-dyed in 2016. Also known as ombre nails, this new technique is a great way to mix colours or add interest to a plain nail. This year the trend is all about the gradation of colour, so expect to see some beautiful blends of colour. The great thing about ombre nails is that it can be achieved with any shade combinations. The fashion this year is to choose three shades of the same colour and blend them for a subtle look. Alternatively, you could choose three contrasting colours for a bolder look.

Nail art has become big in recent years and 2016 is set to be no different. Nail art enthusiasts will not be disappointed this year as there are some fabulous trends to look forward to. For those that like to keep their nails simple, there are some great options for you too! If you haven’t tried nail art before, I would strongly urge you to give it a go because there are so many easy ways to get creative with your nails.

1: ombre dip nails

2: holographic nails

3: lace nails

4: skittlette nail art (i.e. a single accent nail)

5: negative space nail art

6: geometric nail art

7: rainbow nails (minus the glitter)

8: tuxedo nails

9: broken glass nail art

10: really long, really pointy stiletto nails

The ombre dip nails are a new way of having an ombre manicure. This manicure is created by painting the nail tips with a different color than the rest of your nails. This will give you the same effect as the ombre manicure, but with a bit of a twist. The dip-dyed look is a trend we’ve been seeing in almost every area of fashion and beauty, so it’s no surprise that it has found its way to our nails as well.

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Difficulty level: Easy

**What you need**

– 2 different nail polish colours (we recommend using one light and one dark colour to create a nice contrast)

– Nail file

– Base coat

**How to do it**

1. File your nails into shape and apply a base coat.

2. Once dry, paint your nails with one color (to create the base for this look). Let dry for about 5 minutes.

3. Paint another coat of the same color and let dry for another 5 minutes (or until dry).

4. Then apply the second color on the tip of your nails, creating the ombre effect. To get

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