15 Secrets of Long Lasting Nail Polish

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15 Secrets of Long Lasting Nail Polish

A blog about how to make your nail polish last as long as possible by using transparent nail polish, matte topcoat, and quick dry drops.

1. Use a base coat. Base coat is the most important thing when it comes to long lasting nail polish. Base coat makes your nail polish last longer but also protects your nails from getting stained. If you don’t use base coat and use only 2 coats of color, chances are that your nails will get stained yellow or orange (especially if you use dark colors).

2. Use two coats of color instead of one. If you apply one coat of nail polish and let it dry, it will chip much faster than if you apply two coats of color and let it dry. You don’t have to apply a lot of nail polish on each finger so the second coat will probably dry just as fast as the first one.

3. Apply thin layers instead of thick ones. If you apply too much nail polish on one layer it will take forever to dry and will probably get dents in it while drying which is not desirable at all. The best way to get good looking nails is to apply thin layers that are completely dry after 5 minutes or less (which is ideal

1. Use a good base coat 2. Make sure to let your base coat dry completely before applying your polish 3. Apply a thin layer of nail polish 4. Make sure to use the three stroke method 5. Let your nails dry completely 6. Recoat 7. Repeat step 6 8. Use a good top coat 9. Cover the tip of your nail 10. Finish by sealing in at the edges 11. Keep your hands away from water 12. Sleep with gloves on 13. Apply quick-dry drops 14. Use matte topcoat 15.”

15 Secrets of Long Lasting Nail Polish. I have a confession to make. I’m a nail polish fanatic. I love doing my nails with all kinds of different colors and designs and it’s a hobby for me to try new techniques and products on my nails. But when you’re busy being a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, blogger and lots of other things, it’s hard to keep your nails looking nice.

I’ve been perfecting my DIY Gel Nails at Home for over a year now and this has been the most expensive nail polish I’ve ever used because it only lasts about 4-5 days on me if I don’t use the secrets below. So this post is for anyone like me who wants to save some money and make their nail polish last longer!


How to make your nail polish last longer? Nail polish is a magical thing. It can transform your entire look in an instant, and the right shade can tell the world that you mean business. Colored nail polish has been around since 3000 B.C. but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that our modern version of nail polish was created by mixing nitrocellulose, camphor and dyes with solvents such as alcohol and acetone. Today, we have thousands of shades and brands to choose from with different finishes (glossy, matte, satin, frost) and formulas (traditional, gel, magnetic).

Nail polish is great because it’s a quick and easy way to transform your look. But there’s one major problem: it chips easily! Which is why I’m going to teach you how to make your nail polish last longer with these 15 secrets of long lasting nail polish. You’ll learn how to apply nail polish properly (it’s not just slapping on a coat), what type of topcoat will extend your manicure by a week or more, and even which foods help strengthen nails so they don’t break or chip as easily!

Good afternoon everyone! I am here today to share with you my top 15 secrets that will make your nail polish last longer. I am a nail polish addict and I have tried many different brands of nail polishes. Some nail polishes last longer than others and some don’t last at all. I am here today to share my top 15 secrets to long lasting nail polish.

1. Always start off with a good base coat. My favorite base coats are OPI Nail Envy and Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Base Coat & Top Coat. Both of these base coats do a great job protecting the nail and helps the nail polish not chip so fast.

2. Always use 2 coats of polish (if the nail color is sheer). You want to see the true color on your nails, so if you have to use 2-3 coats, then go for it! It’ll be worth it in the end when your nails look amazing!

3. Don’t paint your cuticles! Paint over the tips of your nails first, then go back and paint the rest of your nails. This will make sure that you do not get any polish on your skin or cuticles. Use a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover if needed to clean up around your

I am a gel polish user. I love the look of gel. I love the fact that it lasts for weeks and weeks without chipping. But what I don’t love is that it’s so hard to remove. And there are only a few options out there that have this effect.

I recently received an email from Sally Hansen telling me about their new Color Therapy line which promises to wear like a gel but removed like a regular polish. I had to try it out for myself!

The line actually has two sets of polishes: one with an actual topcoat and one without. The ones without use the color as the base and topcoat, which is how they can say removed like a regular polish. To get the best effect, you should still use a base coat and topcoat if you want the no-chip effect (which is what I was going for). You can also use any other base coat or topcoat with the gel polishes if you’d prefer not to use theirs, but you’ll still be able to peel it off.

So far, I’ve been wearing this nail polish for about four days and haven’t seen any chipping yet! It did lose its shine after day two, but that’s normal for most polishes.

1. Use a transparent base coat. Every time you do your nails, you should be using a transparent base coat, even if you are applying a colored nail polish. The base coat protects your nails from the colored nail polish, which can stain your nails. It also makes the color stay on longer and prevents it from peeling off easily.

2. Do not shake your nail polishes before use. When you shake them, air bubbles get trapped inside of them and end up on your nails. That’s why we always see those small, white circles on our freshly painted nails. To avoid this from happening, simply roll the bottles between the palms of your hands until they are well mixed instead of shaking them, which will mix air into the formula and cause them to become thick and goopy faster than normal.

3. Store your nail polishes in the fridge if possible or at least in a cool place away from direct sunlight (I keep mine in my storage closet). Nail polishes last longer when they are cold and exposed to less sunlight, because heat and sunlight make them evaporate faster than normal (This is why nail salons keep their nail polishes in refrigerators). If you don’t have room for storing them in the fridge, keeping them in

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