20 Hand Gestures That Will Help You Go Viral Online

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This is a list of hand gestures that are known to cause people to react in an amusing way. We’ve all seen the photos of people making silly faces, but what about hand gestures? The most popular hand gestures on the Internet seem to be those that cause confusion and uncertainty, such as the “pointing index finger” gesture.

The most popular hand gestures on the Internet seem to be those that cause confusion and uncertainty, such as the “pointing index finger” gesture. In this article we’ll look at how you can use these simple hand movements in your own videos or blog posts to go viral online.

The Best Hand Gestures for Viral Videos

There are many different types of hand gestures that will help you go viral online, but most of them have one thing in common: they are forms of body language that convey emotion. This type of nonverbal communication is often used to show anger or excitement, and it’s easy to learn if you know what you’re doing.

Body Language Basics: You Need to Know These 4 Things About Body Language Before Going Viral!

If you are going to create a video that will go viral online, it’s important to know how body language works. Your hands can convey a number of different emotions depending on

“Gestures are a form of nonverbal communication in which visible bodily actions are used to communicate important messages, either in place of speech or together and in parallel with spoken words. Gestures include movement of the hands, face, or other parts of the body.”

I am not a professional hand gesture specialist but I have studied it a bit and have some friends that do it professionally. I’m going to share my list of 20 hand gestures that will help you go viral online. Some people might ask me “But what if I don’t want to go viral?” That’s a fair question. And I would say “you’re stupid” if you don’t want to go viral. Everyone wants to go viral. These days, the only reason people read anything is because it went viral on social media. If you don’t believe me, just look at all these headlines that are designed to make something go viral: “You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!” “How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week!” “This Man Was Eaten Alive By A Shark And His Last Words Will Make You Cry!” Yes, this is the way things work now. So if you want people to read your stuff, you need to know how to get it shared online.

If you are not a naturally amusing person, don’t worry. There are some hand gestures that will make people react to your video in a positive way, even if the subject matter is mundane.

These hand gestures are so powerful that even if you were to shoot a video of yourself screaming at the camera for ten minutes, you would still find some traction on the Internet if you used them.

To make things easier for you, I’m going to provide a list of recommended hand gestures below. Simply use one of these hand gestures during your next video and watch as your popularity skyrockets!

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that when I see a hand gesture in my social media feed, it’s exactly what I need to decide which way to vote!

And yet, despite their enormous potential, as of today there are only two known hand gestures that will make your post go viral: the V sign, and the middle finger.

Fortunately, I’ve done some research and found a few more.

I guarantee that if you use any one of these twenty hand gestures in your next selfie, it will get at least a thousand likes!

1. The “What, Me Worry?” Alfred E. Neuman “What, me worry?” is one of the most famous and most imitated hand gestures. It was first used by Alfred E. Neuman, who appeared on the cover of Mad magazine in 1954. On the cover, he appears to be worried, but if you look at his right hand you’ll see that he’s holding a small sign that says “What, me worry?”

2. The Middle Finger This hand gesture is also known as flipping someone off and giving someone the bird. It is a universal symbol for saying no or stop.

3. The Shocker This hand gesture is a popular way to show your friends that you’re not completely boring. To make this symbol place your index finger and thumb together and extend three fingers at an angle away from your palm.

4. The Devil Horns This hand gesture has been around since the ’60s and it’s still in use today because it’s a universal symbol for rocking out! To make this symbol put up your index finger and pinkie while bending down the other three fingers with your palm facing outward.

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