2015 Winter Nail Art Trends

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Winter is the time of year when we feel like stepping out of our comfort zones and trying new things.

This winter, it’s all about the french manicure. The french manicure has been around for years but it keeps making a comeback every winter. It looks great on all nail lengths and is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new!

There are different ways you can do it. You can paint the tips white and leave the rest of the nail with its natural color or you can paint the tips red. Another way you could do this is to paint the tip with a gold or silver paint and then use that same color on your ring finger. Or you could use a nude color as your base coat and then apply black glitter on top!

So if you have never tried these before I would recommend giving them a shot this season because they will be a huge hit!

If you are a fashion girl, you must be familiar with the French manicure. It is fashionable to have a French manicure in the winter. The nail art is always classic and elegant, however in this season, many nail art designers add their flavor to the French manicure. As a result, there are many new designs of French manicure which are popular in the winter of 2015.

The most common design is still to have the half moon part of your nails painted white while keeping the rest of the nails polished with nude or natural colored nail polish. However, it is not uncommon to see other colors such as red and pink being used on the bottom part of your nails instead. There are also people who paint their nails totally white for a more delicate look. If you like something more novel, you can try to put some glitter on your nails for a bit of sparkle but it is still very important to choose colors that will match each other so that they do not clash.

Since I don’t wear any form of nail art, I thought why not try a french manicure. So I searched the web for some cute and simple ones. And here’s what I came up with.

The perfect french manicure. It’s simple, it’s clean and it looks just perfect. And it feels so natural and elegant too. If you’re looking for a fresh and clean manicure to rock this winter, this is the one for you.

The pink french manicure. It’s such a pretty colour and really feminine too. I love the way the tips are painted in white to give it that classic french look.

The ombré french manicure is so much fun! You can have so much fun with this one as you can pick any colours you like and mix them together to get your own unique design.

The glitter french manicure is my absolute favourite! Just by adding a little bit of glitter to your tips will completely transform your nails into something much more glamorous and fun.

French manicures and pedicures are classics that are always in style. With the right colors, you can update this traditional look for any season or occasion. As you get ready to polish your nails for the holidays, try one of these great French manicure designs.

French Manicure with Color

A French manicure looks clean and classic when you use white polish at the base of your nail and a clear or light-colored sheer polish on top. For a modern twist, paint your nails with a sheer color instead of clear polish. You can choose a color that works well with your wardrobe, such as red for Christmas or black for New Year’s Eve.

If you want to add some extra sparkle, use colored glitter on top of your sheer polish. Glitter is especially fun for the holidays because it picks up light and reflects it back for an eye-catching effect.

Nail art is a fantastic way to express your individual style and creativity. It can be a simple as one color or as elaborate as an intricate design. You can do it yourself, having fun with friends, or you can visit a salon to have it professionally done.

The French manicure is a very popular nail style. The tips of the nails are painted white and the rest of the nail has a clear coat or a very light pink color. Some women like the look of having their natural nails polished in this manner, but others like to have acrylic nails attached for this look.

If you want to have French manicured nails, but do not want to pay for professional service at a salon, here are some tips for doing it yourself at home.

The French manicure is a classic look that never seems to go out of style. This winter, try a twist on this classic look by adding white nail polish to the base of your nails. It’s subtle enough to complement any outfit and will make you stand out in any crowd!


One of the most classic nail looks, the French manicure is always in style and a favorite amongst celebrities on the red carpet. If you’re thinking of doing a French mani at home, here’s some inspiration.

This chic and sophisticated look was made popular in the ’70s and has since become an everyday favorite. The clean look features white tips with a sheer base coat and is perfect for brides-to-be or those looking to make their nails really pop.

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