3 Easy Steps to Achieve a Long Lasting Gel Manicure

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Gel manicures are all the rage these days, with good reason. They last for weeks on end and don’t chip easily. But it’s important to care for them properly so that they do remain in pristine condition for as long as possible. And with a few easy steps you can have gel manicures that will last for weeks on end.

1. The first step is to clean your nails thoroughly before the manicure, especially if you have just taken off some polish. It’s important to remove any traces of oils or lotions from the nail surface so that the gel can adhere properly. Make sure that you disinfect your nails as well since this will kill any bacteria that may be present.

2. The next step is to apply a base coat to your nails before applying the gel itself. This is an important step since it helps to protect your nails and makes them stronger during the manicure process. You should leave the base coat on for about two minutes before applying the gel itself so that it can dry properly and not cause any problems later on down the line.

3. After applying the base coat, apply two coats of gel polish in quick succession so that they dry evenly and don’t overlap too much onto each other. You should also use a top

Gel manicures are the latest trend in nail care. A gel manicure is a long lasting manicure that can last up to 2 weeks without chips, smudges, or lines. But what exactly is the process behind gel manicures and why do they last so much longer than regular nail polish?

Gel manicures start with a base coat that is applied to your nails. The base coat needs to be cured using a UV lamp so it hardens and bonds with the nails. Your nails will then be painted with two thin coats of color using a special gel nail polish that must also be cured under the UV lamp. Once you are done painting your nails, you will apply an additional top coat that must also be cured. After this 3 step process has been completed, you can finish the manicure with cuticle oil and hand lotion. The entire process for a gel manicure takes about 45 minutes but there are many benefits of having one.

There are two main differences between regular nail polish and gel nail polish: chemicals and application. Regular nail polish is made up of lacquer, pigment, and thinners while gel nail polish contains monomer liquid, polymer powder, and pigments which creates higher shine, durability, and flexibility. With regular nail

Gel manicures are more durable than traditional nail polish, and they can last up to two weeks without chipping. The process of getting a gel manicure is almost identical to the process of getting a regular manicure, but it uses different products.

Prepare your nails.

When you get a gel manicure, your nail technician will first use nail polish remover to remove any existing gel or regular nail polish from your nails. He or she will then file your nails to shape them, push back your cuticles, and buff away any ridges in the nail. Your nails will be cleaned with a lint-free cloth to remove dust and oil before the actual gel application begins.

Apply primer and base coat.

Before applying the actual color of your gel manicure, your technician will apply a thin layer of primer to cleanse your nails and help the gel stick better. A layer of base coat is then applied over this primer. The base coat is typically cured by placing each hand under an ultraviolet light for about 90 seconds or until it hardens.

Apply color coats and top coat.

After the base coat is applied, each layer of colored gel is applied over it in succession. Each layer is then cured under the UV light between

When I first heard of gel manicures I thought they sounded too good to be true – your nails look great for three weeks, what’s the catch? But it turns out that the only catch is that you need to make sure you’re going to a salon that’s doing it correctly. If you don’t, you can end up with some serious damage to your nails.

The key to keeping your nails healthy and beautiful when using gel manicures is all about the prep work and removal process. So many salons are skipping these steps or not doing them properly which can leave your nails damaged and discolored.

So how do you get perfect gel manicured nails? Well it’s a 3 step process:

1. Prep work – this is the most important step! Your nail tech needs to make sure she removes any leftover polish (even clear) from your previous mani, file and buff your nail beds, clean your cuticles and remove any excess skin around your nail beds. It’s also important that she wipes off any oil on your nails before starting as this will prevent the polish from adhering properly.

2. Manicure application – once all the prep work has been done, she can then apply the base coat, color,

So you are thinking about getting a gel manicure but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve just gotten one and it didn’t last as long as you had hoped? Below are some tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way to help you get the most out of your investment.

**Step 1: Prep**

1. Be sure your nails are dry before applying polish. It is always best to apply polish to completely clean, dry nails.

1. File your nails into the shape you desire and push back your cuticles. Cuticles protect your body from bacteria, so it is important not to cut them off but rather gently push them back with a cuticle pusher or stick (you can use the end of an orange wood stick that comes with many manicures).

1. Buff the surface of each nail. You may want to use a buffing block or file for this, but be sure not to over buff as this will thin out your nail plate. Buffing helps remove any natural oils on your nail plate that can prevent your polish from adhering properly and will give you a smooth surface for application.

1. Wash hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly. This step is

Gel manicures are the best thing to happen to nails since nail polish. No, really. It’s a super shiny, long lasting alternative to traditional manicures that will make your nails look flawless for weeks on end. The only downside is that gel manicures can be pricey at salons, and if you don’t do them right they won’t last. So we asked Holly Falcone, manicurist to stars like Emmy Rossum and Nikki Reed, to give us the scoop on how to get a salon quality gel mani at home.

Falcone advises first applying a base coat (we like the Gel Lab Pro Base Coat by Nailtiques) and then using an LED lamp (you can get these at any beauty supply shop) or curing each layer under direct sunlight for 90 seconds. Finish with a top coat (we like the Essie Gel Setter Top Coat), and you’re done! “It’s so easy,” Falcone says. “You just have to be consistent.”

What you’ll need:

Essie Gel Couture in Sure Shot

Gel Lab Pro Base Coat by Nailtiques

Essie Gel Setter Top Coat

LED Lamp

Step 1. Prep your nails.

Fill a basin with warm, soapy water and soak your nails for 5 mins to soften the cuticles (the skin around the nail). Use an orange stick or wooden cuticle stick to gently push back the cuticles—never cut them! If you want, apply a thin layer of cuticle oil.

Step 2. File and buff your nails.

Use a nail file to shape your nails into the desired shape, then use a buffer to smooth the surface of your nails. If you want, apply a thin layer of base coat. (Some gel polishes do not require base coats.)

Step 3. Apply three thin layers of gel polish.

The first layer should be very thin, but don’t worry if it looks streaky or uneven—that’s normal! Cure each layer for about 30 seconds under an LED lamp or for about 2 minutes under an UV lamp with one hand at a time. Seal the last layer with a gel top coat and cure once more for 30 seconds under an LED lamp or for about 2 minutes under an UV lamp.

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