3 Easy Tricks To Get Rid of Chipped Nail Polish

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a manicure done and the polish starts to chip off within a day or two. It’s so annoying! Today I’m sharing with you three easy tricks to get rid of chipped nail polish, without having to remove all the nail polish.

If you are like me and hate when your manicure starts to chip off, but don’t want to spend the time removing all the old polish and reapplying new, these 3 tricks will help!

These are also great tips if you have an event coming up, but don’t have time for a fresh mani.

You just got your nails done. You use a top coat, and you painted them with a brand of gel nail polish that you know works. You wait for the nail polish to dry, and you’re left with nails looking like a professional did them. A few days go by, and you’re washing dishes or typing on a computer, when you look down and notice that your nail polish has chipped!

If this is something that has happened to you before, then you’re in luck! In this article, I am going to share with you three simple tricks to get rid of chipped nail polish. The best part is, these tricks will not ruin your whole manicure! So, if there is still some polish left on your nails and it doesn’t look too bad, then these tips are perfect for you!

So read on to find out how to get rid of chipped nail polish without having to remove all of your nail polish.

If you are anything like me, you hate chipped nail polish! It drives me nuts! I would rather take off my whole manicure than have chipped nail polish.

But, there is an easier way to get rid of the chipped nail polish without having to remove all your gorgeous polish.

As with any of my posts, here are some disclaimers:

*Disclaimer 1: I am not a professional nail person. All my tips are from experience and from using the internet.

*Disclaimer 2: Your nails may react differently than mine. Please test these tips on a small area before applying them to your whole nails.

You will need a couple of items to complete these tips:

A non-acetone based nail polish remover (I use Sally Hansons)

Rubbing Alcohol (or other alcohol based product)

Cotton Balls or Pads (I prefer cotton balls)

We all love gel nail polish, but there’s nothing worse than when your polish starts to chip after only a few days! You don’t want to have to remove the whole manicure and start fresh, especially when you’re trying to grow out your nails.

If you’ve ever had a gel manicure, you know that they’re a great way to get long lasting color on your nails. If you haven’t tried one yet, be sure to check out my post about how long do gel manicures last and how to maintain them.

But it’s not fun when the polish starts to chip within just a couple of days. Here are 3 easy ways that I use to get rid of chipped nail polish without having to remove all the polish from my nails.

How to get rid of chipped nail polish? Always a good question, especially when you’re in a hurry or want to be as gentle as possible with your nails. The three easiest tricks to make your life easier.

1. Dab at it

Don’t try to do this with a regular nail polish remover though, that may damage the polish underneath. You can use acetone (nail polish remover) for removing nail polish from your skin but the acetone should be as pure as possible and not contain any oils.

Use a cotton ball and dab at the chipped nail polish until it’s mostly gone. It may give your nails a bit more shine but they won’t look like fresh manicure anymore if you used this trick after several days of wear.

2. Use glitter over it

This is one of my favorite hacks and I use it quite often if I have some glittery nail polishes on hand. Glitter covers imperfections really well because of its texture so you can easily use it to cover up chipped nail polish, chips on the edge of your nails or even stains on your nails (if you can’t seem to remove them).

Just apply one coat of glitter over your chipped manicure and, for example

1. Take a small bottle of polish remover, and pour a small amount onto a cotton ball.

2. Use this to get rid of the chipped area

3. Apply top coat, and voila!

Well, here’s the thing. What you’re asking about is called “chipped polish,” and it happens for a few different reasons:

Your nails are too dry. When nails are too dry, they tend to grow faster and are more prone to breakage and chipping. The solution? Make sure you’re using a moisturizer on your hands (and cuticles) at least twice daily, and drink plenty of water.

Your nails are too thin. This can be due to anything from genetics to chemical exposure to health problems like anemia, so it would be best to see a doctor if this is the case with you.

The polish wasn’t dried all the way before you did something else with your hands. If you’re in a hurry, wash your hands and then wait a few minutes before applying polish — just long enough for them to dry completely.

You didn’t use a base or topcoat. You’ve probably heard people say that using base or topcoat will make your manicure last longer—and they’re right! Basecoat helps anchor the color, while topcoat gives it some extra staying power by creating a protective layer that prevents chipping and peeling.

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