3 Ways to Decorate Nail Tips

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If you’d like to learn a few different ways to decorate your acrylic nail tips, follow these steps.

Things You’ll Need

Clear or white nail tips

Acrylic powder and liquid

Nail art brush and dotting tool (optional)

Small metal file (optional)


1. Use a small metal file and buff the acrylic tips of your nails to create a texture on the surface that will allow nail polish to adhere better. Alternatively, you can use clear or white nail tips that already have a textured surface. If you’re not using nail tips, simply buff the acrylic surface of your nails with the metal file until you get the desired texture.

2. Apply a base coat followed by two coats of colored nail polish to the surface of your acrylic nails and allow them to dry completely before proceeding.

3. Dip an angled nail art brush in white acrylic powder and paint thin diagonal lines across each fingernail, starting from one side and working toward the other side of each fingernail. Alternatively, you can use a dotting tool dipped in white acrylic powder to dot vertical lines across each fingernail at even intervals, starting from one side and working toward the other side of each fingernail. If

When you get a French manicure, your nail tips are traditionally painted white. But there are other ways to decorate nail tips as well. From glitter and stripes to tiny flowers and rhinestones, the tips of your nails can be as creative as the rest of your nails!

Method 1: Painting Nail Tips

1. Choose a color. You can match the polish on your nail bed or go with something else. If you’re changing your polish often, stick with a neutral color like white or silver so you don’t have to change the tip design every time you do your nails.

2. Paint the nail tips. Use a small, fine-tipped brush to apply polish at the base of the nail. Don’t worry about getting it exact; one coat should be enough for most polishes and you can clean up any messy edges later with polish remover on a cotton swab.

3. Clean up any mistakes. Dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and use it to clean any smudges around the edge of your polish job, especially on the underside where it meets the cuticle and skin.

4. Let dry completely before applying a topcoat (optional). This will help prevent it from chipping too quickly

1. Paint tips with acrylic paint. Use a small, thin paintbrush to apply acrylic paint to the tips of your nails. Make sure the paint is dry before sealing the tips with clear nail polish or using another method to decorate your nails.

2. Apply glitter to the tips. Press on glitter nail designs or apply loose glitter to the tips of your nails with a cotton swab. Follow up with a coat of sealant to keep your design from flaking off as you continue to use your hands throughout the day.

3. Use nail polish to create colored tips. Paint a thin line where you want the polish to stop and blend it into the color that covers your entire nail using a slightly damp cotton swab. Seal your design with clear nail polish and allow it to completely dry before going about your day as usual.

1. Decorate your nails with a tiny paint brush and some acrylic paint from the craft store.

2. Apply nail stickers or gemstones to the tips of your nails.

3. Use scotch tape to create a diagonal line across your nail tip, paint, remove the tape and then apply a top coat.

Create a French manicure on your acrylic nail tips. Simply paint the tip white, and add a thin line of color between the white and your natural nail.

File down the corners of your acrylic nail tips to create an almond shape. This elongates shorter nails and can give the illusion of longer fingers.

Glitter is a quick way to spice up your acrylic nail tips. Simply apply a thin layer of glue over the tip, then dip the tip into loose glitter and press it into place.

1. Buff the nail surface with a nail buffer to remove shine and enhance the grip of the powder. This will also help prevent the acrylic from lifting prematurely.

2. Use a bonder, dehydrator or primer to remove any oils from your nails’ surface to help with adhesion of the acrylic powder.

3. Dip your brush into the liquid acrylic and make contact with the nail tip where you’re going to apply it. Touch it lightly on one side of the nail tip and then the other side in an even motion. Add more acrylic liquid as needed for an even coat that extends past the edge of your nail tip onto your natural nail, but not so much that it pools at the base of your nail bed.

4. Dip your brush into clear acrylic powder and tap off any excess powder before touching it to your nail tip’s edge, working from one side of your tip to the other while keeping some overlap on each side. While you want to avoid getting acrylic all over your skin, do not worry if you do get some on your skin; you can use a small brush dipped in acetone-based polish remover to clean up stray bits of acrylic before curing under a UV light lamp or fanning until dry.

5. Repeat Steps 3

Acrylic nail tips come in a large variety of sizes and shapes. You can also get them with different finishes, such as matte or glossy. Some acrylic nail tips have designs on them, while others are plain.

When you choose acrylic nail tips, you need to consider your own personal style. You may want to try several different styles before settling on one that works for you. Acrylic nail tips are usually very easy to apply. You don’t need to be a professional to use them, and they’re simple enough for anyone to use as long as they have the right equipment, which includes the acrylic nail tips, some glue and some scissors.

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