5 Things To Know Before Getting a Pedicure

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Pedicures are a great way to treat yourself and make your toes look fabulous. But they can also come with unwanted side effects such as infections and skin damage. Here are 5 things to know before getting a pedicure:

1. It’s important to ask what type of foot spa your salon uses. Avoid salons that use whirlpool foot spas; bacteria can grow in the pipes and cause infections. Look for salons that use pipeless foot spas, which are easier to clean, or disposable liner systems. Ask whether the salon sanitizes non-disposable tools after each use; they should be soaked in an EPA-approved disinfectant and stored in a dry place. If you see any nail clippers or scrubbing brushes covered in dust, find another salon!

2. Don’t shave your legs right before getting a pedicure; doing so opens up tiny cuts through which infections can enter your body. If you do get a pedicure immediately after shaving, consider skipping the massage portion, which may cause cuts to open up further.

3. Toenail polish may contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). These chemicals have been linked to cancer and birth defects

Getting a pedicure is a great way to treat yourself, but it’s important to follow a few rules to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience and staying safe.

Before you head to your local nail salon, check out these five things to know before getting your next pedicure.

1. The sanitary conditions of the salon can vary. Many salons now use disposable liners in their foot baths, but if yours doesn’t, be aware that the water can contain bacteria from previous clients. Be sure that the spa is using fresh water for each person and that instruments are cleaned properly between clients.

2. Watch for redness or swelling after your pedicure. If you notice any indications of infection, contact your doctor right away.

3. Don’t shave your legs before getting a pedicure. Shaving can leave tiny nicks in the skin that increase your risk of developing an infection. If you do get a cut while shaving, apply antibiotic ointment and cover the area with a bandage before getting into the foot bath at the spa. Also avoid using lotion on your feet prior to a pedicure since it can also leave your skin more vulnerable to infection-causing bacteria.

4. It’s

Before you book that pedicure, here are five things to know:

1. Pedicures are not just for women

2. Be honest with your technician

3. Don’t shave before your appointment

4. Clean up after yourself

5. Know what’s in the salon water

Color trends are a big deal in the beauty world, and from what I’ve gathered lately, the natural nail is making a comeback. Women all over the world are embracing their natural nails in 2019. This means no gel, acrylics or super-long extensions.

As someone who likes to embrace my natural nails as often as possible to give them a break, I was excited to see this trend catching on with so many women. Natural nails look great when they’re healthy and strong. You don’t have to stick to boring colors or be afraid of your nails chipping or breaking when you go natural.

If you’re new to the natural nail trend, here are five things you should know before getting a pedicure:

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting a pedicure. You can pick your color, add glitter, change the shape of your nails and much more. But before you make any big decisions, there are a few things you should know that will help you get the most out of your pedicure.

1. Natural Nail Color

If you want your pedicure to last as long as possible, stick with natural nail colors like reds and pinks. Darker colors like blues, purples and blacks start to chip more quickly because they hide the chips better. If you’re interested in nail art or a unique color, get that done on your toes instead of your fingers because the polish will last longer on toes than fingers. If you’re getting a French manicure or tips, those also won’t last as long because they show chips more easily than solid colors.

It’s summertime and you know what that means: nail polish season! But before you book your next pedicure, there are some important things to keep in mind. Here are five great tips to ensure your nail color stays pretty and protected.

There are many options available to clients these days when it comes to pedicures. One of the biggest decisions you must make is whether or not to get a polish change. There are many things to consider before agreeing to a polish change.

1. Natural Nail Color:

2. Dryness and Brittle Nails:

3. Is your Pedicurist Licensed?:

4. What Type of Polish Remover is Used?:

5. How Long Will the Polish Last?

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