Did You Know? The Benefits of Shellac Nails

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Did You Know? The Benefits of Shellac Nails

The world of nail polish is endless. There are hundreds of different types and brands. I have been using shellac for about four years now and it is by far my favorite type. And, there are many reasons why!

I am currently a nail technician at Salon Blanco in a trendy, hip town in the San Francisco Bay Area called Walnut Creek, so I have a lot of experience with different types of nails. Shellac nails are by far the best because they dry instantly and last longer than any other type of polish.

Shellac manicures improve the overall condition of your nails over time, unlike regular polish which can actually damage your nails. I always recommend that my clients get shellac manicures if they are looking for a long lasting treatment that will enhance the look and feel of their nails!

Many people do not know this but your nails can actually be extremely sensitive to different types of chemicals, especially those found in nail polish and nail removers. If you have ever had a reaction to nail products, shellac manicures may be the solution you need! Shellac contains no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP (phthalates). These are all chemical ingredients found in many types

Shellac Nails Polish is a nail polish that is applied on top of your very own nails. Unlike regular nail polish, shellac nails are cured in an ultraviolet light so they dry in just minutes. The result? A manicure that lasts a whole month without chipping or peeling.

So what are the benefits of shellac nails polish? Keep reading to learn how this revolutionary beauty product can change your life!

The first advantage is that shellac manicures are extremely durable. Regular nail polish chips and peels after just a few days, but shellac manicures stay looking perfect for up to 30 days. In fact, you can even take part in activities like swimming or doing dishes without worrying about ruining your manicure — shellac nails are completely waterproof!

The second benefit is that shellac nails do not damage your natural nails underneath. The shellac coating protects them from breaking and chipping, which means you’ll have long, beautiful fingernails all the time!

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Before you try shellac nails, be sure to read this article. Shellac nail polish is a more natural and less damaging alternative to traditional nail polish. Our clients swear by it!

Shellac nails are much harder and longer lasting than traditional manicures. It will last up to two weeks without chipping. This is a great option for those with busy lives who need their manicure to last!

Some people think that shellac nails will damage their nails, but the opposite is true. Because of its unique formula, shellac nail polish actually protects your nails from damage and makes them stronger over time.

By adding strength and durability to your nails, shellac also protects them from breakage. You can say goodbye to broken nails for good!

If you want great looking nails all the time, don’t wait any longer! Visit us today for your shellac manicure or pedicure! You won’t regret it!

Shellac is a nail polish that is applied to the nails like regular nail polish. It is then cured using a UV lamp. It’s kind of like getting a gel manicure and pedicure, only it’s much more durable. Here are some of the benefits of shellac nails:

They last longer: One of the most obvious benefits is that they last longer than other types of manicures and pedicures. A regular manicure will usually last between three and seven days, while a shellac manicure can last up to three weeks (and sometimes more). If you’ve ever had your nails done, you know how frustrating it can be when your manicure starts chipping within just a few days. With shellac nails, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, shiny finish for much longer.

They don’t chip: Because this type of nail polish doesn’t chip as easily as regular nail polish, you won’t have to worry about chips or cracks in your nail polish as soon as your regular manicure would. You also won’t need to worry about putting on another coat before you go out for dinner with friends or coworkers.

If you want to get better results from this type of manicure and pedicure, it’s important that you do it

Shellac nails are a type of manicure that is applied as a gel. This gel hardens quickly, and can last on the nail for up to two weeks. Shellac nails are very similar to acrylics in that they can be applied to fingernails and toenails. The polish is applied in the same manner as regular nail polish and then cured under an ultraviolet light.

Shellac nails are becoming more and more popular because they provide a natural look while at the same time lasting longer than your average manicure. Shellac nails also help to strengthen your nails and protect them from breaking or peeling. The polish will not chip as long as you take proper care of your manicure.

In addition to being very durable, shellac nails look very natural once they have been applied. You can choose from many different colors, but if you aren’t sure what color looks best on you, a technician at the salon can help you select one that will suit you well.

If you have brittle fingernails or toenails, shellac nails may be for you. By applying the gel to your nails, it will help them become stronger so that they grow longer without breaking off or peeling away from the base of your nail bed. Once the

Shellac nails have been used for thousands of years. They are a great way to get the look and feel of a manicure without all the mess that goes along with it. Plus, they can last up to two weeks, which is much longer than regular nail polish.

If you want to learn more about shellac nails, then read on below. We will discuss everything you need to know so that you can decide if this type of nail treatment is right for you!

Shellac Nails are the best. Did you know that we can strengthen your nails while doing a Shellac Manicure?

We use shellac as a base coat and sealer on top of every manicure to improve nail strength, prevent chipping and allow for longer wear without compromising your natural nails.

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