Do You Buy Those Little Tubes of Nail Polish? It Probably Costs More Than Buying the Real Deal

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I love to paint my nails. I am not a professional manicurist, and I don’t have the steadiest hand, but I do enjoy the process of painting my nails. I usually go to the drug store to get my nail polish and always choose the color based on the bottle’s color. When I run out of nail polish and visit the store again, I will look at all of the bottles of nail polish and pick out a new color each time. Recently, my sister came home from college and told me about these tiny little tubes of nail polish that she bought in bulk. They come in a pack of twelve with twelve different colors and are only $10! So I decided to buy them because they are much cheaper than buying individual bottles.

But here’s the thing… The tubes of nail polish that I purchased were actually way more expensive! When you think about it, there is hardly any product in those little tubes! Once you apply a couple coats of nail polish your nails are done! You can’t apply another coat after awhile like you could with a normal sized bottle. And this is exactly why these tiny tubes cost so much per ounce!

The same goes for buying small bottles of official brand products such as body wash or lotion. When you

If you find yourself frequently reaching for one of those little bottles of nail polish at the drugstore, you are wasting money. It is much cheaper to buy bulk nail polish and the brand name items that you want.

The benefits of buying bulk nails will quickly become apparent with a little bit of research. The first thing that you should take a look at is how much you can save when buying bulk nails. If you were to buy the individual tubes of nail polish, it might cost you $10 or more for a set of five different colors. And if you find yourself going through several tubes of nail polish each month, your costs will quickly add up.

But when you buy bulk nails in this situation, it can be much easier to save money. Instead of spending $10 on five tubes of color, why not spend just $3 on one bottle? In some situations, it might even be possible to buy the same amount for less than $1 per tube when buying in bulk. Think about how much money this could save you in just six months by making a single purchase!

I am a nail technician, and I know how expensive those little bottles of nail polish can be. What if I told you that buying the bulk bottles of nail polish are the same price, but hold much more product in them?

It’s true! A lot of people don’t realize that professional salons use bulk bottles and refill their polish bottles with new polish every day. They feel like they are getting a better deal by purchasing the official brand, when really they are paying more for less product.

I totally get why it seems like it would be a better deal to buy the official brand. The bottle is adorable, it has their brand name on it, and the bottle is only $5. It looks like a bargain, but you are only getting 5ml of polish!

The average woman’s fingernail is 2cm long, and the average woman has 7 nails on each hand (both hands included), which makes 14 nails on each person. Let’s say all 14 nails are 1mm thick (which is a safe estimate; most nails will be thicker than that). If we multiply 1mm x 2cm x 14 nails we get 28 cubic centimeters of space to paint. Now let’s say that 3 coats of 1ml polish will fill one nail (

When you go to the drugstore, do you always buy those little tubes of nail polish?

Well, let’s talk about why that’s not a good idea. For one thing, you’re paying way more money for a tiny amount of product. For another thing, if you buy the large bottles of nail polish, which is sold at beauty and nail supply stores, it’s much less expensive and you get a lot more for your money.

The first reason why it’s better to buy the larger bottles of nail polish is because it costs less. At your local drugstore, those little tubes of nail polish are going to cost anywhere from $2 to $4 (and sometimes $5!) each. But if you go to your local beauty supply store and purchase the large bottle of nail polish (which contains 16 ounces of product), it only costs about $8 total. You can’t even buy two small tubes of nail polish for that price at the drugstore!

This trick will save you from buying those little tubes of nail polish. It might be time to give those manicures and pedicures at home a try!

We all love painting our nails, but some of us just don’t have the time or money to go get manicures in this economy. We’ve heard people say that doing your own nails at home isn’t as great as getting them done professionally, but we’re here to prove that wrong!

This one trick will change the way you paint your nails forever. And it’s so simple! First, take a look at these pics of nail polish tubes that never seem to have enough product in them. They usually run about $7 to $10 each.

But when you buy mini bottles of nail polish, they are only $1 each and they come in bulk packages with a variety of colors. Gone are the days when you had to pay hundreds of dollars for a good quality bottle of nail polish!

Now, take these mini nail polishes and empty the contents into one large bowl. With this tip, you’ll never run out of nail polish again!

When I was in high school, I was obsessed. I would spend all my allowance money on the little tubes of nail polish that come in those three packs. I mean, how much could they really be? A dollar or two?

So, I bought a ton of them and thought, “Great! I’m set for a long time!”

Only…I wasn’t. About a month later, all the nail polishes had dried up!

And then there was that one nail polish color that you swore you’d use a million times but never did and now it’s just sitting there taking up valuable room. But you can’t throw it out because it cost $12!

And besides, it’s cute and you feel like if you had those shoes it would totally go with them and so you have to keep it…right?

The solution is simple: buy the big bottles. Even though they might seem expensive at first, they actually save you money in the long run because they last forever!

Getting a manicure at the salon can be expensive. How much are you really saving if you do your own nails?

Nails are one of those products that are great to buy in bulk, but you may be spending too much on manicures. I could get a trip to the nail salon for about $30.00 for a full set of nails and polish, so how does that compare with buying a bottle of nail polish at the store?

The average price for a bottle of quality polish is about $4.00 to $5.00 dollars, depending on where you shop. That same bottle of nail polish will do about twelve manicures or six pedicures. So, if we do the math, it would take about three months to get our moneys worth out of just one bottle.

If we went to the salon every three weeks, it would cost us around $120.00 a year just for our nails! If we bought that same polish at the store then it would only cost us $20-$25 dollars each year. That is almost five-times less than if we went to the salon every three weeks!

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