Give Yourself an At-Home Pedicure

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There are a few things you’ll need to give yourself an at-home pedicure: a pumice stone or foot file, a foot soak, cuticle oil, a nail file and polish.

Pumice stones and foot files come in different shapes and sizes. You can find them in most grocery stores or pharmacies. I have both a pumice stone and a foot file. I use the pumice stone when I’m in the shower on wet skin; it’s easier to use. The foot file works better on dry skin so I generally use it after my bath or shower.

It’s important to remember not to scrub your feet too hard with the pumice stone or foot file. Your feet are pretty tough but they aren’t rocks! Don’t press too hard!

Once you’re done scrubbing your feet, your feet will feel pretty smooth. Next, you’ll need a foot soak. This can be as simple as a basin of warm water and some Epsom salt or you can buy scented soaks at stores like Bath & Body Works or Lush which have added moisturizers. I have both types of soaks and I like them both for different reasons.

After soaking your feet for about 10 minutes (or

Okay, you’ve got the tools and know-how to give yourself a killer manicure. But what about your feet? With all the sandal-wearing and barefoot action that goes on in the summer, you can’t forget about your tootsies! Here’s how to give yourself an at-home pedicure.

The first step is getting rid of any old polish and starting with a clean slate. If you have polish on already, use regular nail polish remover to get it off, but if you’re just starting out and want to go barefoot for a bit, use a foot scrub or pumice stone to get rid of any dead skin cells.

Once your feet are clean, apply a cuticle cream or oil to soften up your cuticles (the skin around the base of your nail). Push them back with an orange stick or cuticle pusher, then trim them if necessary using cuticle nippers.

Next comes the foot soak. You can use an at-home kit, but if you don’t have one handy all you really need is some warm water and Epsom salts. Add a cup of Epsom salts to a tub or foot basin of warm water (enough to cover your feet) and soak for

As you all know, I love to pamper myself. Nothing is better than a new manicure or pedicure. I am going to show you how to give yourself an at-home pedicure so you can save some money and give yourself a professional look! First you will need:

1. Nail polish remover

2. Scrub

3. Buffing block

4. Clippers

5. Cuticle Remover/Cuticle Pusher

6. Towel

7. Lotion

8. Nail Polish (Optional)

The first step to an at-home pedicure is to get the right materials. You will need:

* a bathtub or large bowl filled with warm water

* nail polish remover

* hand towel or paper towels

* cuticle clipper

* pumice stone

* foot file

* orange stick

* cotton swabs

* wooden stick

* nail buffer

* new nail polish color (I like Essie No Place Like Chrome, $8) and a clear top coat (try OPI Top Coat, $10)

You don’t need a salon to give yourself a pedicure. Really, you don’t. You’ll save money and time by doing it yourself. And you can customize the whole thing–colors, products, etc.–to your liking.

I have no idea why I decided I wanted to get a pedicure yesterday. It’s not like I wear sandals a lot, or even that I was going to be wearing sandals any time soon. Maybe it was the mild weather we’d been having lately (though it’s now quite cold again), or maybe it’s the fact that spring is just around the corner, or maybe it was just boredom and an urge to treat myself. Whichever of these it was, I decided that I wanted to get a pedicure and went about making some plans for how to do so.

I love the look of a manicured hand and pedicure, but I don’t always have time to get to the salon. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can do it yourself with a few simple steps.

Apply two coats of your favorite colored nail polish. Allow to dry.

If you want to keep your toes natural, moisturize with a nourishing foot cream and put on a pair of cotton socks to let it soak in overnight.

Once your nails have been cut and filed, it’s time to paint. We recommend a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat. After applying the base coat and letting it dry, apply two even layers of color. If you are using a cream or sheer polish, two coats might be enough; most polishes require two coats for full opacity. Let each layer dry completely before applying the next. If you’re in a rush, use a quick-dry topcoat between layers. For a long-lasting manicure that is chip resistant, use an extended wear topcoat.

Once your final layer of polish has dried, apply one layer of topcoat to the entire nail and let the nail polish dry completely before touching anything!

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