How to Apply Nail Polish to a Gel Nail

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Gel nails are the latest in nail technology. Gel nails are a cross between acrylic and Shellac in the sense that they use a gel base that is cured under a UV light. It’s important to know how to apply nail polish to this type of manicure so you can keep your nails looking their best.

1. Remove any existing nail polish from your gel nails using an acetone-based nail polish remover and cotton pads.

2. Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them thoroughly.

3. Trim or file your gel nails into the desired shape using a nail clipper or file.

4. Clip or push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher or clipper.

5. Buff each of your nails lightly using a fine-grit buffer, focusing on one nail at a time until they’re smooth and shiny but not overly so (polish won’t stick well if your nails are too shiny).

6. Apply a thin layer of clear basecoat to each of your gel nails, being careful not to get any basecoat on the skin around your nails (polish won’t stick well to skin). Wait for the basecoat to dry completely, about 2 minutes under normal lighting conditions (or about

When putting nail polish on a gel nail, you’re going to have to use a special base coat. The gel will be very shiny and clear, so you need to add something in between to make the color adhere to your nail. It’s also important to cure the polish. Just like you do when applying basic gel manicures, you should cure it with a UV or LED lamp. This will make the polish last longer and make it look better. If you don’t cure it, the polish will be soft and prone to smudging, which can also cause it to chip away faster.

You can apply regular nail polish over a gel nail as long as it’s cured properly, but if you want the color to really last, you should use a special color gel instead of just regular nail polish.

1.Prepare your nails by buffing them gently with a file and then pushing back your cuticles with an orange stick or cuticle pusher. This should allow for smoother application of the polish and help prevent any buildup from occurring at your cuticle line.

2.Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before applying your base coat. This will remove any dirt or debris that might be lingering on your nails

-Apply a clear base coat to your nails. This is the foundation that will help your nail polish adhere to your gel nails.

-Put a small drop of nail polish on a piece of tin foil or old plate. Dip the tip of a cotton swab into the polish, but don’t saturate it completely. You just want enough to transfer onto your nails.

-Gently dab the polish onto your nails in small, circular motions until you see the desired coverage. Make sure to work quickly, as nail polish dries fast on non-porous surfaces.

-Wait for the first coat of polish to dry completely before applying a second coat, if necessary. Again, wait for each layer to dry completely before applying the next one.

-Apply two layers of clear topcoat over your nails once the color is dry. Using more than two coats will cause lifting and peeling, which Nail Care HQ says can cause damage to your gel nails and make them look less smooth and shiny than they should.[1]

1.The gel nail must be completely dry before you can apply the polish.

2.You should use a non-acetone nail polish remover to remove the gel polish before you start this process.

3.Use a small amount of acetone to cleanse the nails before you begin the application of the new coat of polish.

4.Apply a thin topcoat of base coat to the nails and allow it to dry fully.

5.Apply one or two coats of nail polish and allow them to dry thoroughly between each coat (this is usually about 60 seconds).

6.Apply one or two coats of topcoat over the nail polish and allow them to dry in between each coat (this is usually about 60 seconds).

7.Allow all coats to dry for about a minute after you finish applying them to your nails completely before doing anything that could smudge them, such as washing your hands or putting on gloves, socks, etc..

Famous nail technician, Holly Falcone, shares her step-by-step process.

Gel nails are a fairly new trend in the world of manicures. They allow for your nails to be virtually damage proof and color proof for up to two weeks! Apply gel polish with a base coat, top coat, and gel polish color of your choice. This tutorial will show you how!


1.Prepare the nail by washing hands thoroughly and removing any oil from the nail plate (this helps the gel polish adhere better).

2.Apply a thin layer of base coat cure it under an LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for 1 minute (choose according to the type of base coat).

3.Base coats come in different formulas – some are tack free while others have a tacky surface. Once cured, if yours is tacky, cleanse nails with alcohol or cleanser to make the surface dry again.

4.Apply a thin layer of gel polish color and cure under an LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for 2 minutes (choose according to the type of polish).

5.Apply another thin layer of color and cure again under an LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for 2 minutes (cho

Step 1: File nails

Step 2: Apply base coat

Step 3: Apply two coats of polish

Step 4: Apply top coat

Step 5: Wipe off excess polish with acetone and a cotton ball.

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