How To Manicure Your Fingernails – Step By Step Tutorial

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How To Manicure Your Fingernails – Step By Step Tutorial: This is a blog that arms you with all the information or rather tools to give yourself a manicure including equipment needed.

Step 1: You need to start by washing your hand and removing the old nail polish you might be having. This will help in getting rid of any dirt on your nails and will make your nails look cleaner and fresher.

Step 2: Apply some moisturizer on your hands, this will help in keeping the skin around your nails soft.

Step 3: After applying the moisturizer, use a scrub to exfoliate your nails, this will make them smoother and softer.

Step 4: Use a cuticle pushier to push back your cuticles. If you follow this step when doing manicure at home, it will make your nails look longer than they are naturally.

Step 5: Use nail clippers to trim your fingernails. Do not over trim since this can lead to bleeding or pain which is not good for you. You just need to remove any excess cuticle present on the outer edges of the nails.

Step 6: Use an orange stick to clean under the nails and remove any dirt that might be trapped there. You

How To Manicure Your Fingernails – Step By Step Tutorial: This is a blog that arms you with all the information or rather tools to give yourself a manicure including equipment needed.

The first step involves washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water and then wiping them dry. You should then remove any dirt that is under your nails using a wooden stick. The next step is to trim the nails into the desired shape. Use a nail cutter to do this but ensure that you do not cut your skin in the process.

Then apply lotion on your hands and massage it well into the skin using circular motions. Do not forget your wrists as well since this area tends to be very dry for most people. After massaging for about 3 minutes, wipe away the excess lotion using a paper towel and ensure that you do not leave traces of lotion behind on the surface of your hands.

Apply nail polish remover on each fingernail after which you should use a cotton ball to wipe away traces of old polish from the nails. Doing this will enable you to have clean, smooth nails on which you can easily apply new nail polish.

How To Manicure Your Fingernails – Step By Step Tutorial

Nail care is necessary because it helps to keep your nails healthy, prevent infections and also make them look great. It is a good idea to get a manicure if you are going for an important event or if you are simply feeling down because it is one of those things that makes you feel good.

At the same time, getting a manicure often can be very expensive and time consuming. So why not give yourself one? And no need to worry about how you will do this. Because I have prepared this tutorial for you so that you can learn how to do your own manicure at home.

What You Will Need For A Good Manicure

Cotton balls: These will be used during the process of removing old nail polish on your fingernails. You can substitute cotton balls with cotton pads.

Nail polish remover: This removes old nail polish from your fingernails. I prefer acetone- based remover because it is stronger and quicker although there are non-acetone removers that are gentle on your nails if you want to use them (usually recommended for dry nails).

Orange stick or cuticle pusher: Used to push back cuticles

In this tutorial I will show you how to give yourself a manicure using the tools and equipment I use.

First let me start by telling you that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the tools, you can use what you have at home.

I have bought myself a manicure set, which contains all the equipment needed. If you are going to buy a manicure set, I would recommend one that has everything in it. You should never share your tools with anyone else as this will allow fungus and bacteria to be passed from one person to another which is not healthy.

Step 1 – Remove Old Polish

You need: Nail polish remover, cotton wool balls or pads, nails file (emery board), orange stick or cuticle pusher (usually comes with nail clippers).

Firstly remove any old nail polish with nail polish remover and cotton wool balls or pads.

Step 2 – Soak Hands in Warm Water for 5 Minutes

You need: A bowl of warm soapy water, towel.

Soak your hands in warm soapy water for about 5 minutes. This helps soften your cuticles and makes them easier to push back. Once your hands have been soaking for 5 minutes dry your

Before you start

1. Ensure that you have the right tools, products and techniques to give yourself a manicure.

2. Gather together all the equipment and products that you will need to give yourself a manicure. These include:

a) A nail file

b) Nail clippers

c) Nail buffer

d) Cuticle pusher

e) Cotton balls or swabs

f) Hand lotion/hand cream/hand scrub and body oil

g) Dish of warm water (you can add a few drops of essential oil, if you wish)

h) Nail polish remover/acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover for removing nail polish and dirt from your nails

i) Base coat nail polish and top coat nail polish

j) Color nail polish

k) Nail polishes in different colors (optional)

l) Toothpicks for pushing the cuticles back

m) Orange sticks for removing dead skin around your nails

3. If possible, do your fingernails when there is no hurry. When you are rushed, it

The most important aspect of good fingernail care is regularity. Your nails need to be clipped and filed every two weeks, although some people do it more often. You should also keep your nails clean, as dirt and bacteria can get trapped under your nails.

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for both the hands and the nails. A manicure consists of filing and shaping the free edge of the nails, pushing and clipping (with a cuticle pusher or nippers) any nonliving tissue (cuticle) or hangnails, treatments with various liquids, massage of the hand, and the application of fingernail polish. When you visit a salon to have your nails done, this is known as a “manicure”. The word manicure comes from Latin: Manus (hand) curare (to care). The primary purpose of a manicure is to maintain the integrity of nails by protecting them against breakage and keeping them well-groomed. Other goals include extending the length of one’s natural nail using artificial tips or acrylics applied on top of one’s natural nail; adding strength to thin or weak natural nails; reshaping a wide or poorly shaped nail into something more attractive; making one’s hand look younger by

Do you have any tips on how to make your fingernails look better and healthier?

I have some tips that I would like to share with you.

1. Trim your nails at least once a week.

2. Never cut your cuticles; they are there to protect your fingers. Instead push the skin back gently with a towel or an orange stick.

3. File in one direction only, from outer edge of nail toward the center.

4. Always file from both sides of each nail toward the center to prevent splitting.

5. A good rule of thumb is that the shorter the nails are, the wider they should be for maximum strength, so follow this shape: oval, square or squoval (a square with rounded edges).

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