How To Perfect Your French Manicure At Home

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First, you start with clean, dry nails. Then take a high-quality nail buffer and buff the surface of your nails to remove the oils and shine.

Apply a thin layer of the clear base coat to each nail on all ten fingers. Let this dry completely before proceeding (this should take less than two minutes). The base coat helps even out any imperfections in your natural nail bed and improves the adherence of color polishes.

Next, apply that first layer of white polish to your cuticle area, creating a French tip effect. You can use either a French manicure pen or a simple nail polish brush. Apply this white line as thick as you would like – depending on how bold you want your French manicure to look.

Let this first layer of white dry for a couple of minutes and then add another layer of white on top. This will make the white tips appear opaque and rich.

Once the white tips have dried you are ready to apply your top coat (which is usually clear in color). The top coat adds shine and protection to your manicured nails and will also lock in the French tips, preventing them from chipping or peeling away before they are supposed to.

The most important step for a perfect French manicure is to prep the nails. First, remove any remnants of your last polish. Then, using a cotton ball or a piece of cotton fabric, swipe each nail with polish remover to pick up any lingering oils or residue – this will ensure that your new coat of polish will stick.

Next, you’ll want to shape and file your nails. Use an emery board to gently smooth your nails into your desired shape and length. Make sure you’re filing in one direction only – if you file back and forth, you’ll weaken the nail. When you’re finished shaping them, buff the top of each nail with the emery board to get rid of any ridges that may be present.

Now it’s time for base coat. This helps your polish adhere better to your nails and keeps it from chipping as easily. Apply two coats (with two minutes drying time in between). Allow the polish to dry completely before moving onto the next step: applying the tips.

Pick out a polish that matches your skin tone – this is what creates that natural look that makes French manicures so popular. You can use a clear polish if you don’t have a bottle that matches your skin tone, or just use one with

French manicure is a classic and timeless technique for groomed looking nails. It’s clean, simple and elegant, making it perfect for any occasion. Find out how to get the perfect french manicure at home.

The French manicure has been around since the 1930s, although it did not gain popularity until much later in the 1970s. Since then it has become a staple in the beauty regimes of many women around the world. The French manicure is known for its timeless and sophisticated look, making it ideal for any occasion. However, it is not always possible to go to a salon or nail bar, especially if you want your nails to look good all the time. Fortunately there are some great DIY kits available that make achieving this look a breeze.

Prepare Your Nails

To get started begin by pushing back your cuticles (if you need help with this check out our step-by-step guide) then use a nail file to shape your nails into your desired shape (square or round). Finish off by applying a base coat of clear polish – this will help to protect your natural nail from staining and will also help your french manicure last longer.

I am the first to admit that I am not a nail tech. But after years of trying to perfect my French manicure at home, I’ve found the best ways to get this look when you can’t make it to the salon.

If you’re like me and don’t have a ton of time (or patience) to take care of your nails, here are some tips and tricks on how you can get gorgeous ombre nails without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.

Let me start by saying that there are a lot of products out there that claim they will give you salon-worthy nails at home, but few actually work. You don’t need a whole set of tools or even any fancy polish. All you really need is a steady hand and some Q-tips!

Prep The Nail

If you want your nail polish application to look flawless, then take an extra minute or two to prep your nails beforehand. This can actually make all the difference when it comes to color application because if your nails are uneven, then no matter what shade you use, it won’t look smooth or professional.

To prep your nails for polish, buff them with an emery board until they’re smooth and clean up any excess dust with a nail

I’ve always loved the look of a fresh French manicure, but I’m not so great at painting my nails. At best, my DIY manicures last about a day before they chip. And even though I have access to all the professional-grade gel manis I could ever dream of (as beauty editor at Glamour), I still love the idea of saving time and money by perfecting my own gel mani at home.

So I called in a pro, celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann, to show me how it’s done. Here’s what she taught me:

“If you’re going to do a French manicure at home, using a gel system is your best bet,” says Lippmann. “Gel lacquer doesn’t chip like standard polish does, and it looks glossy and freshly painted for two weeks.” If you opt for a gel French mani, Lippmann recommends using her very own Gel Lab Pro Color ($20; with the brand’s new Gel Lab Pro Top Coat ($20; “This combination will make your French manicure last for two weeks,” she promises. “You’ll need to soak off your polish after two weeks, but because

There is always something wonderful about a French manicure. The combination of a pearl white tip with a pink or clear base will never go out of style, but many have tried and failed to achieve the look at home. Don’t worry! We have found the perfect solution for you!


-Trim nails to desired length and shape.

-Push back cuticles (do not cut).

-Buff nail surface.

-Wash hands thoroughly to remove nail dust and oils.

Use a base coat for optimal results. Let dry completely before proceeding to next step.

1) Apply a thin coat of Gel Polish in Angel Kisses. Cure nails under an LED lamp for one minute or under UV lamp for two minutes (if using Gelish, cure nails under LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for two minutes).

2) Apply a second coat of Gel Polish in Angel Kisses. Cure nails under an LED lamp for one minute or under UV lamp for two minutes (if using Gelish, cure nails under LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for two minutes). Tip: For sheer coverage, only apply one coat of polish before proceeding to step 3; if you desire more opacity, then we recommend applying two coats as directed above

The French manicure is a classic look that never goes out of style. Perfect for every occasion, the French manicure is also incredibly easy to do at home, if you have the right products.

For this example, I am using the Brisa Lite Professional Gel System from Light Elegance, which includes all of the products necessary to achieve a flawless French manicure. You can find these products online here:

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