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We have heard a lot of good things about nail color and the lasting effects of natural nail color. We have also heard some bad press. It seems like you can’t pick up a magazine or go online without reading something negative about nail products and their effects on health.

So what is the truth? Is nail color really dangerous? Or are there specific chemicals that should be avoided?

In this article, we will look at the issues surrounding nail color so that you can make an informed decision. We will also offer some tips for getting your nails looking great without worrying about harming yourself or others!

What is Nail Color?

Nail color is made from two ingredients: pigment (color) and resin (hardener). Pigment is used to create different colors in nail products. Resin hardens when exposed to air; this allows your nails to dry quickly after applying them with polish!

Some common pigments used for making nail polish include titanium dioxide (TiO2), zinc oxide (ZnO), iron oxide (FeO), chromium oxide green (Cr2O3), ferric ammonium ferrocyanide (FeNH4(SO4)2·12H2O) and others.”

Creating a beautiful nail color is like creating a work of art. It takes more than just style and function, it takes a formula that fits your unique personality and needs. Whether you are looking for the latest trends or if you are all about function, there is a nail color out there for you.

Natural Nail Color – Not Just For The French

Today’s natural nail colors are different from the French manicure. They are all about matching your natural nails to your skin tone and complimenting your look. You can go for the understated look with a hint of glitter or go bold with a contrasting color to spice up your life. This type of nail color should also be selected with functionality in mind as it is often used as a base coat for gel nails, shellac, acrylics and other types of nail applications.

A Taste Of Nature

Natural nail colors provide an opportunity to incorporate unique combinations of natural ingredients into your nail care routine. At Perfectly Natural we use plant-based pigments to give our polishes their beautiful hues and shades. We also use natural ingredients including vitamin E, wheat protein, tea tree oil and organic fruit extracts to give our polishes smooth texture and lasting shine.

Nail color, like all aspects of fashion, reflects the times. You just have to look at history to see that, so it’s no surprise that in a time when “going green” is the new mantra, nail color becomes part of the movement too. Nail color is a form of self-expression, and expressing yourself naturally is a great way to go.

But what if you want to express yourself naturally and still get lasting protection for your nails? Can you have both? The answer is YES! We’re not talking about just any old nail color; we’re talking about a first-of-its-kind natural nail color that gives your nails lasting protection from splitting, peeling and breaking.

This breakthrough nail color is called Nature’s Pedicure™ by Gena Laboratories™. It protects your nails with its patented formula of Jojoba Oil, Wheat Protein and Vitamin E, which penetrates into each layer of your nail to strengthen it from within. It actually changes the molecular structure of each layer of your nails to make them stronger – all while giving them gorgeous natural shine.

Nature’s Pedicure™ also has special UV absorbers that protect it from fading or yellowing


Nail color is basically paint. It is a formula created to coat the nail and provide lasting color. Unlike your skin, nails do not breathe or receive any moisture from the air. In fact, nails are dead cells that have arisen from their beds in the matrix of your fingers and toes. For this reason, nail color will stay on for long periods of time if you follow some simple rules and learn how to apply it correctly.

Some common mistakes made when applying nail color include:

Using a dark color on the first application – Dark colors are thicker and can chip easier than lighter colors. If you want to use a dark color, start with a light shade at least one time before using the darker shade. This will allow your nails to be covered with a protective clear base that can absorb the darker pigment without causing chipping.

Using more than one coat of nail polish – If you have light colored nails, use a very light coat of polish on your nails. Do not try to add layers of nail polish because this will only cause it to look uneven and flaky after drying completely. Using a single coat of nail color with a light shade will give your nails more definition and make them last longer

Natural nail color is a fashion statement. It’s a way to express your individuality. In other words, it’s one of the most important accessories you can own. That’s why it’s important to find the right color for your nails.

Natural nail color comes in many different shades and hues. The most popular colors are white, black, beige and brown. These colors are great because they complement any outfit and make your nails look natural. But they’re also great because they’re very easy to apply and will stay on your nails for days without chipping or fading.

Natural nail color has been around for thousands of years. It was first used by ancient Egyptians and was used to create beautiful designs on walls and other surfaces. In fact, natural nail color is so popular today that there are hundreds of different brands available in stores.

Natural nail color is not only fashionable but also functional as well. It helps to protect your nails from breakage, chipping and peeling as well as from bacteria and fungus growth on them. Natural nail color also helps to keep your nails strong, healthy and looking good for longer periods of time by keeping them from getting brittle or breaking easily after repeated use or hard use over time.

When choosing a natural nail color,

When it comes to nail color, there are many choices. Some choose to wear a neutral color, some choose wild and crazy colors, and others enjoy the fantasy of changing their nail colors frequently. Whatever your choice may be when it comes to nail color, there are many options for you to choose from nowadays. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is how long will my nail color last? If you want something that will last long, you need a base coat and top coat that can withstand washing dishes, showering and other activities that involve your hands getting wet.

The next thing you want to think about is the quality of your nail color. There are many brands on the market today that have great quality products along with great prices! You can get a great manicure with great brand name products for around $20 now! The best part about having natural nail color is that not only does it look better on your nails but it also helps your nails grow stronger. Natural nail color does not contain any harmful chemicals like most artificial nail colors do which is why it is better for your nails.

Natural nail color makes a perfect gift for any occasion because there are so many different colors and styles to choose from. Also, if you opt for a more expensive brand

Nail color is a beauty accessory that is worn by millions of women worldwide. Their nails are considered to be the most beautiful part of their body. The nail color they wear can express who they are and what they like. Nail color has been around for many years and it has had its moments in the spotlight.

Nail color has been around for a long time, but it was not until recently that it became so popular and widely available. In the past, there were only three colors available: red, blue and black. These were the only colors in fashion at that time and many people did not like them. Because of this, nail polish was not very popular.

Nowadays, there are many different nail colors available on the market and women can choose from a wide variety of shades to suit their taste and style. Many women love to wear nail color because of its fun and fashionable look, but they do not like the fact that it fades away after a while. They want their nails to stay looking great for longer periods of time so they can wear them all year round.

If you love nail color but don’t like the fact that it fades away after a while then you should try out natural nail polish instead. This type of nail polish is made

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