Pick Your Perfect Pedicure

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If you don’t like your toes, we feel you. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them. In fact, there’s an easy remedy for the dissatisfaction: nail polish.

Pick Your Perfect Pedicure

Nail polish can help even out ugly toe nails and make them look better than ever with just a few swipes of color. And with these steps to picking out the right shade of nail polish for your skin tone, it’ll be easier than ever to choose a pedicure color that will make your toes look their best.

How to Choose Nail Polish for Your Skin Tone

The easiest way to pick a nail polish color is to match it to your skin tone. Most women fall into one of three categories: cool, warm or neutral. Finding out which category you’re in can be as simple as looking at the underside of your forearm in natural light—no makeup or self-tanner.

If the veins on the underside of your arm appear blue or purple, then you have cool-toned skin. Women with cool-toned skin tend to burn easily in the sun and look better in silver jewelry and pastel colors like blue, pink and lavender. Women with cool-toned skin should choose shades of nail

What is the ultimate way to make a statement with your toes? Vibrant color, of course. And these days, there are endless options to choose from: high-voltage neon, daring dark hues, unexpected pastel shades and more. But that makes picking just one polish incredibly challenging. So we asked top nail experts for their expert tips on how to find the perfect shade for you.

Choose Your Pedicure Color According To the Season

When it comes to picking the perfect summer pedicure shade, a bright and vibrant color is always a good choice (think poppy red or hot pink), says celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp. “A color that reflects summer is fun and flirty for sandal season”

Think About Where You’re Going

Before choosing your shade, think about what you’ll be doing with your feet for the next few weeks, says celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders. If you’re planning on going on vacation or spending a lot of time outside in the sun, she recommends choosing a fun and bright color so your pedicure pops when wearing sandals. If you plan on being mostly indoors at work or running errands — opt for a rich neutral hue that will go with everything

You’ve had your pedicure, and now you’re ready to take on the world. The question is, how do you choose a color that complements your skin tone? How do you figure out what will work best for your feet? A lot of this comes down to personal preference and style, but there are some guidelines that may help you choose the perfect shade.

When in doubt, pick a color that’s similar to the shade of your lip color. If you wear nude or neutral makeup shades, go for a pedicure in beige or taupe. If you tend toward reds and pinks, try warm coral or magenta shades. If you love orange lipstick, opt for an orange-red hue on your toes. If purple hues are your favorite lipstick shades, try purple nail polish next time you get a pedicure.

For fair skin tones, pastels work well. Try pink hues like ballet slipper pink or light peach shades. For medium skin tones, go for purples, corals, and pinks in deeper shades. For dark skin tones, opt for bright pops of color like fuchsia and bright purple or blue hues like turquoise or royal blue polish.

If you want to

Toe nail color can be an expression of your personality, or a way to express yourself, but it’s also a great way to have fun with your summer pedicure. In addition to the array of colors available, there are many ombre options and new French manicure styles that you can create with your favorite polish.

Whatever you choose, we’ve got all the information you need to achieve a perfect pedicure at home. Follow these steps for a salon-worthy look, no matter what color you pick.

Step 1: Remove Old Nail Polish

Remove any old nail polish before getting started on your pedicure. You can use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover or an acetone-free nail polish remover formula for this step. Then, trim your nails and shape them using a nail file or clipper. If you want to shape them into an oval or square shape, don’t round the edges of your nails completely as this can cause breakage; instead, keep them squared off at the tips. After filing, push back your cuticles using an orange wood stick and cuticle oil or cream.

Your toenails are another opportunity for self-expression. While many nail polishes will work on both your fingernails and toes, it’s important to note that you want your toes to be as durable as possible. A pedicure lasts longer than a manicure so you want the nail polish color to last.

As such, you’ll want to look at the shade you’ve chosen with your clothing in mind. For example, if you typically wear dark colors during the fall and winter, you might opt for a bold red or burgundy shade. If you tend to prefer lighter colors during the spring and summer months, opt for a bright pink or coral shade.

No matter what color of nail polish you choose for your toes, make sure its opaque. This will help ensure durability and give you long-lasting pedicure results.

Nail polish is a wonderful invention. Not only does it help to protect your nails from everyday abuse and keep them looking healthy, but it also gives you the freedom to express yourself through color.

“The look of a pedicure can be as subtle or bold as you want,” says celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp. “There’s so much room for creativity and fun with nail art, too.” While many women prefer to stick with neutral shades, there’s no rule that says you can’t get creative with your feet too. So this summer, try out any of these 10 polish shades that are sure to have your toes looking their best!

Deciding on a nail color can be tricky. You want something that’s trendy and fun, but also classic enough to match all of your clothes. The easiest way to find a hue that suits you is to look at your skin tone.

Fair skin looks fresh with sheer, light pinks or neutral shades.

Medium skin looks healthiest with rose-based pinks that are a little brighter.

Darker skin tones work best with rich corals, berry reds and other vibrant colors.

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