Shellac Nail Polish Color Chart

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Shellac Nail Polish Color Chart: An on-line color chart for their nail polish.

Shellac Nail Polish Color Chart: An on-line color chart for their nail polish.

Shellac Nail Polish Color Chart: An on-line color chart for their nail polish.

This is the official CND Shellac color chart available on-line. Each of these colors is real, actual Shellac gel nail polish that they sell at their salons.**

Shellac Nail Polish Color Chart: An on-line color chart for their nail polish. Shellac nails have been around for some time now and have become a very popular manicure and pedicure option for women. Shellac Nail Polish is the brand name for a new, patent pending nail product created by Creative Nail Design (CND).

This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14+ days of high gloss shine, and is removed in minutes. A true innovation in chip-free extended-wear color! Shellac Nail Polish is a blend of gel and nail lacquer that cures under UV/LED light to give you up to two weeks of high-gloss, mirror finish.

Shellac nails are much more durable than traditional nail polish. The color lasts between two to four weeks depending on how fast your nails grow. This length of time will vary from person to person due to lifestyle, diet, work and other factors that affect the rate at which a persons nails grow.

Shellac is not an acrylic or gel nail enhancement; it is a true hybrid product that combines the best of both worlds in an easy to apply coat that eliminates the need for soaking in acetone or filing down your natural nails.

Shellac Nail Polish Color Chart: An on-line color chart for their nail polish.

Shellac is a quality nail polish that you can apply at home. This popular nail polish brand is sold in kits and is easy to use. You simply apply a base coat of shellac, then two coats of colored polish and finally a top coat. These three coats are cured under an ultraviolet lamp after each application. The kit includes the lamp to cure the polish, an alcohol cleanser to remove excess oil from the nails before applying shellac and wipes for removing the sticky residue left on your nails after curing.

CND, who developed Shellac nail polish, offers an interactive color chart to help you choose from the wide array of colors available. It’s a great way to see what the colors look like in a real-life setting. It’s also great for those of us visual learners who need to see it to know what it is!

To use this chart, simply click on the link below and then select any of the color swatches along the right side of the screen. The color will apply to all ten nails so you can see how it looks when applied. It also has a tool that allows you to “try on” the colors by holding your hand over your computer screen.

While there are lots of brands offering shellac nail polish, CND Shellac is the original brand and still considered by many to be the best.

A Shellac Nail Polish Color Chart

Shellac manicures are the latest trend in nail salon visits. If you’re looking for a gel polish that is chip-resistant and won’t smudge, then this service is for you.

By now, most of us have heard of gel manicures. This new type of nail enhancement has taken the beauty industry by storm. The process involves curing a layer of UV activated polish under a UV lamp, which means there is no drying time. Gel manicures last much longer than regular polishes, but they also require more work to remove them.

If you want to get your nails done professionally, you should know what colors are available so you can choose the right one for your skin tone and style. We’ve put together an overview of shellac nail polish colors to help make it easier!

Shellac nail polish is a mixture of gel and nail polish. It provides the nails with a long lasting shine and protection. It dries within seconds, it is thin but very resistant and it does not chip. Shellac nail polish comes in several colors that vary depending on the manufacturer of the product. The wide range of colors includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Shellac nail polish is applied like a normal nail polish: it is first applied on a clean and dry nail with one layer while the next layer can be applied after the previous one has dried completely. The final layer is either a glossy or matte transparent layer that protects the colour underneath from fading. However, shellac nail polish has to be removed with acetone.

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