Spring is Here 5 Things to Do to Prep your Nails for Spring

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Spring is here, and you know what that means. It’s time to let go of those dark nail shades and make way for brighter, bolder colors. To help you get ready for spring, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to do to prep your nails for spring.

1. Exfoliate hands and cuticles: Start by removing all traces of older nail polish using a remover (this is important because you don’t want your new nail color to have a hard time sticking to your nails). Next, use an exfoliating scrub to remove all dead skin from your hands and cuticles (exfoliate at least once a week to keep hands looking younger).

2. Nail file: File your nails into the shape you desire and also file away any old polish that may still be stuck on your nails. Use a high-quality nail file so as not to damage your nails.

3. Moisturize: Apply a generous amount of hand lotion or cuticle cream to keep skin moisturized – this will help keep the skin around your nails soft and prevent it from cracking or peeling away; apply daily if possible.

4. Nail strengthener:

Spring is here! That means it’s time to prep your nails and put away those winter colors. We are here with the best colors and trends for you to try this spring.

Spring Nail Colors:

Pastels can be a big trend in the spring. Pastel colors like light pink, baby blue and yellow are great colors to wear on your nails during the spring season.

Nude colors are also a great option for your nails during this time of year. The nude color trend is one that never seems to go out of style when it comes to beauty, especially for your nails.

Floral prints are also a great way to decorate your nails for the spring season. Choose a fun floral design for each nail or do an accent nail with a small flower on it. Or if you are feeling really creative, try doing each nail different with a different type of flower on them!

How to Prep Your Nails for Spring:

1 After the cold winter months, your hands may be dry and brittle. Now is the time to give yourself some TLC by getting a manicure and pedicure to get them back into shape! If you aren’t able to make it into your favorite nail salon, try doing some

Spring is here and it’s time to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. Here are five things you can do to prep your nails for spring.

1. Get a manicure: The cold weather can leave your hands looking dull and dry, so get a manicure to prep your nails for the warmer weather. A manicure will shape your nails, cuticle oil, lotion, and massage your hands and apply polish to your liking.

2. Try new nail art: There are tons of adorable nail art designs out there that you can try to express yourself this spring. You can even get inspired by Pantone’s color of the year Rose Quartz to create an edgy look that everyone will love. Adding glitter is also a fun way to add some sparkle to the warmer spring days ahead.

3. Do not forget about feet: Just like our hands, our feet suffer from the cold weather as well, so give them some TLC too! During your pedicure get a sugar scrub on your feet and massage them with shea butter cream afterwards to really hydrate them. Apply some bright polish because sandals are calling!

4. Change up your color: While winter calls for darker colors such as red/burgundy or navy

Spring is here and it’s time to get ready. It’s time to put away the sweaters and boots, crack open a window and start prepping your nails for spring. Here are 5 things you can do at home to get your nails ready for spring.

1. Start with a Base Coat

The base coat is the perfect way to prep your nails for spring because it serves as an anchor for the polish. Apply the base coat first then apply two coats of your favorite nail polish color. The base coat will help lock in your nail color so that it doesn’t chip or peel easily.

2. Clean Up Your Cuticles

You should always be mindful of your cuticles. But, now that winter is over, it’s time to clean up those cuticles that have been hidden underneath gloves and thick socks all winter long. Give yourself a manicure at home or visit a local nail salon in New York City if you need extra help with your cuticles.

3. Moisturize Your Hands and Feet

Cold weather can take a toll on the skin on our hands and feet, which is why we should moisturize more often during winter months. Now that spring is here, make sure you go back

Spring is finally here! After a long winter of dry, brittle nails and chapped skin, it’s time to get ready for the new season. Whether you love to show off your colorful nails in the springtime or you prefer a more understated look, there’s something for everyone. Here are five ways to get your hands ready for spring.

1. Exfoliate Your Hands

The first step of any good manicure routine is to exfoliate your hands to get rid of dead skin cells and leave your hands smooth and soft.

2. Moisturize Your Skin

After exfoliating, moisturize your hands with a rich hand cream or body lotion. For best results, use an oil-based moisturizer that can penetrate deep into the skin.

3. Get A Mani/Pedi (Or Do It Yourself)

If you want to go all out this spring, consider getting a mani/pedi at a salon near you. Otherwise, grab some nail polish and do it yourself! Check out our blog post on how to paint your nails at home like a pro for tips on doing your own manicure at home. If you’re looking for some inspiration on what colors to try this spring, we’ve

So you’re ready to shed those winter layers and let your nails out to play. But with all that time inside during the winter months, your nails may not be in the best shape to make their spring debut. Spring is the perfect time to start fresh and get your nails prepped for a season full of fun nail colors. Follow these 5 tips to get your nails ready for spring:

1. Get A Manicure

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s always best to start fresh with a professional manicure. Give yourself a break from the do-it-yourself routine and enjoy some you time at the salon! You can even try out a few new nail art trends, such as negative space or 3D embellishments. Depending on how dry your hands were during winter, you may want to consider getting a manicure with gel polish so you can skip the chipping and cracking.

2. Moisturize

You don’t want dry, cracked skin detracting from your perfectly polished manicure. Regular moisturizing will help keep your cuticles hydrated, leaving you with soft and beautiful hands.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the surface of

Practicing good nail care is important all year round, but the winter months can be especially rough. The cold, dry air can leave your nails feeling brittle and prone to breakage, and all that time spent indoors, cleaning and organizing, can make your hands feel parched. The good news is that spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing your hands and nails for all of the fun outdoor activities ahead, from gardening to hiking to beach outings. Here are five things you should do now to get ready:

1 Put away the winter hand cream. Heavy moisturizers like petroleum jelly don’t fare well when it comes in contact with soil or sand. Instead look for a lightweight lotion with SPF 30+ that you can reapply throughout the day as needed.

2 Treat yourself to a manicure. If you tend to neglect your cuticles during the colder months, make an appointment at your favorite salon for a professional manicure. The experts will know exactly how much (or how little) to trim away to leave your nails looking healthy and attractive without causing any damage.

3 Invest in a pair of gardening gloves. You probably already have a pair for working outdoors in the summer time, but if you plan

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