The Biggest Nail Trends for Spring

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Forget the Little Black Dress: The Biggest Nail Trends for Spring

We’ve had a glimpse of spring this week, and it’s got us thinking about all things fresh and new for the season. Including nails! We love the idea of trying out new trends each new season, so we asked the pros to tell us all about the biggest nail trends for spring.

**Colorful Tips

There will be lots of color this spring, but not just any color. “The trend is toward bright colors on tips,” said celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp. “Rainbow-colored tips are set to be huge.” It’s a great way to wear bold color without feeling like you’re playing dress-up.

**Matte Polish

“Matte polish is making a big comeback,” said Julie Kandalec, an Essie pro nail artist. You’ve seen it before in black or dark shades, but this time around, it comes in brighter hues, too. Kandalec recommends applying either Essie Matte About You or Essie Matte About Town ($10 each) as a topcoat over your favorite shade to get that flat finish.

Nail art might seem like a frivolous way to spend time, but to the many women who are obsessed with it, it represents so much more. “For some people it can be a release and stress reliever, or it can become a creative outlet,” says celebrity nail artist Miss Pop. “It’s also hard work — painting your nails takes a lot of practice, and there are many techniques.”

We’re not all lucky enough to have a celebrity nail artist on speed dial, but we play with polish in our own ways. Take the color choices: While spring trends tend to favor the brighter end of the spectrum (think: rich coral, buttery yellow), others swear by classic neutrals or even edgy metallics. What shades you choose to don says a lot about your personal style — as does how often you change them up.

One thing’s for sure: no matter which colors you gravitate toward this season, there will be a nail trend that suits your aesthetic. From negative space designs to iridescent pastels, these are the biggest nail trends for spring 2018.

Spring is a time for renewal, so what better way to usher in the new season than with a fresh coat of paint on your nails?

Here are the biggest nail trends for spring:

1. Mint Green

2. Denim Blue

3. Punchy Orange

4. Rainbow Glitter

5. Lemon Yellow

6. Transparent Neon Tips

Last season, the biggest nail trend was all about negative space: think half-moons, cut-outs, and graphic lines. But for spring, the focus is all about the nail bed. The most popular nail art designs of the moment are full of color and bold lines.

At New York Fashion Week, models sported nails that looked like they were dipped in a paint can at Prabal Gurung, while models at Marc Jacobs’ show wore rainbow-striped nails in every color under the sun.

Thinking about switching up your nail look for spring? We’ve listed the five biggest trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this season, along with our favorite polishes to help you get the look.

Color blocking is one of our favorite trends of the season, so it makes sense that the same idea would translate to our nails. To try this trend, pick three bright shades that contrast each other well and paint thick vertical stripes on each nail.

Spring is a season that brings a rebirth of life and nature. This means flowers blooming, warm sunshine and a vibrant palette of colors. We’re looking forward to giving our nails the same treatment with some of the most vivid nail trends to hit the runways this season.

If you like your nails short and sweet, this look is perfect for you. The biggest trend we saw on the runway was minimalistic shades like nude, white and beige paired with bold accents on each fingertip.

Sometimes the classics are hard to beat. We love a classic French manicure, but sometimes that plain polish can get boring. Switch up your go-to French mani by painting the tip in black for an edgy twist on a classic look.

If you’re feeling bold, this is definitely the look for you. This season, we saw designers from Ashish to Anya Hindmarch use nail art as a way to make their clothes pop even more than they already did!

From bright yellows to hot pinks and electric blues, these shades are sure to turn heads wherever you go!


Navy blue, oxblood, forest green: These are the colors we’ve been reaching for in our manicures all winter long. But this spring it’s time to lighten things up a bit. Pastel hues are huge right now and come in every shade of the rainbow. The key to making these shades feel more modern is to keep everything else clean and simple — no crazy nail art designs or glittery accents here.


Sure, neon shades will always be popular during the summer months, but we’re also seeing them pop up on nails everywhere this spring as well. The key to make these bright shades work is to keep your outfit simple so that your nails can really stand out. We especially love the look of neon nails against a crisp white top.


Matte nails are nothing new — nail artists have been getting creative with this trend for years now — but it’s finally become mainstream and is showing up everywhere from runways to street style blogs. Matte nail polish has a way of looking chic and expensive while also feeling edgy and cool, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing everyone embrace it this

1. Neon Nails

To be clear, we’re not talking about the orangey-red color that was once referred to as “neon.” We’re talking about highlighter yellow, lime green, and bright blue — colors that you can’t see in nature. These shades were seen at shows like Prabal Gurung, where a bright cobalt blue complemented the designer’s vibrant collection of clothes. The key to pulling it off? A little bit goes a long way.

2. Colorful French Manicures

Remember when French manicures were all over your mom’s and grandma’s hands? Their moment has come again — but with a colorful twist. The traditional white tips are now colored, and they range from blue and purple to even black. We spotted this trend at shows like Christian Siriano, where models wore black tips on neon green nails (talk about a clash!).

3. Pastel Nails

If you’re looking for something less extreme than neon nails, try pastels. This trend was seen at shows like Tibi, where models wore light blue polish on their fingertips and toes. If you want to try this look out for yourself, opt for powder blues or lavenders instead of bolder shades like pink or yellow —

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