Trends in Nail Polish Colors

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With the spring season well under way, the fresh new nail polish colors are starting to show up in stores. Pastel is the trending color for this season and we are seeing everything from pale shades of blue to light shade of green, yellow and lavender.

Nail Polish Colors for Spring

The warm weather brings out our desire for light, airy colors and pastels are a great choice for our nails this season. The lighter shades are softer on your nails than stronger, brighter colors that can be harsh on your cuticles.

Pastel nail polish colors can be worn with anything in your wardrobe and they look great with both the pale pinks, blues and yellows that are trendy this time of year. You can even wear them alone or with any combination of coordinating shades.

Nail Polish Trends | Nail Polish Color Ideas | Nail Polish Care Tips

Fashionable nails have become a big part of the beauty industry. Here, you’ll find all the latest nail trends and nail care tips.

L’Oreal Paris offers a range of nail polish in different shades to complement your look. From blue polish to green polish and purple polish to pink polish, these shades come in a variety of finishes, including matte nails, satin nails and shiny nails. Whether you’re looking for bright nail polish or dark nail polish, we have the right shade to suit any style. Our range of top coat nail polishes can help you create the perfect look each time.

To make sure your manicure looks great longer, try our long-lasting nail enamel formulas. If you’re looking for bold color that covers your entire nail with just a single stroke of the brush, our color riche collection is just what you need; it comes in an array of intense shades for bold color-rich nails.

For those times when you’d like to remove your nail enamel quickly and easily, try our Pro Flexible Nail Enamel Remover. This remover is made with an acetone-free formula that helps your nails stay healthy-looking and strong even after removing your favorite shade of blue or pink polish. To

There are many different types of nail polish colors to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide what kind of color you would like. Here are a few examples of some popular nail polish colors for people who love the color blue.

Blue and Green Nail Polish Colors

Blue and green are very popular colors for nail polish because they can be worn both in the summer and in the winter. In the summer, blue and green polishes look great with shorts and skirts. In the winter, however, they look best when paired with black or dark brown boots.

Pastel Nail Polish Colors

Pastel nail polish colors are also quite popular because they are easy to apply and look great on a variety of skin tones. Pastels such as pink and lavender look great with pastel clothing like sundresses or blouses. Pastels also work well with jewel-tones such as emerald green or royal purple. Light pink is another fun color that looks great on any skin tone. It can be paired with almost any outfit but really pops when paired with bright colors like orange, yellow or red.

Dark Blue Nail Polish Colors

Dark blue polish looks great on most skin tones but looks especially flattering on those with fair skin or light hair. If you have

Nail Polish Trends

Pastel Color Nails

by Nail Polish Trends

Do you love spring? We sure do! And now that this time of year is finally here, it’s time to give your nails a fresh look. A pastel color nail is just the ticket for spring.

Spring is all about new beginnings, and a great way to celebrate the season is by adding a pop of color to your nails. To help you decide on your next nail color, we’ve put together the latest pastel nail trends.

Spring is all about new beginnings, and a great way to celebrate the season is by adding a pop of color to your nails. To help you decide on your next nail color, we’ve put together the latest pastel nail trends.

Shades of Blue

Blue hues are everywhere this year, and they are perfect for spring. From indigo blue to baby blue, there’s something for everyone when it comes to blue hues. If you want to try out more than one shade of blue on your nails, why not use one shade in an accent nail for a trendy twist? Add some sparkle to your look by using rhinestones and jewels on top of the polish for an added touch. With so many choices

Pastel Nail Polish Colors:

The top ten pastel nail polish colors for spring.

Pastel nail polish is a must for spring and Easter, but which are the best shades? We have compiled a list of pales that will suit everyone, from baby pink to lavender and mint.

1. Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’ is a pale blue shade that reminds us of the sky on a warm day. It is sweet and youthful, but with its hints of green, it’s also sophisticated.|

2. Mint green is a great color to wear year round, so we’re glad to see it’s trending this spring too. Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’ has the perfect creamy consistency.|

3. A baby pink shade like OPI’s ‘Barbarella Blush’ is ideal for those who want to be feminine without being too girly. This particular shade has silver undertones that make it more interesting than regular pink shades.|

4. Sally Hansen’s ‘Blush Hour’ is another baby pink shade, but this one is lighter and more subtle than OPI’s version above. This color will look especially great against darker skin tones.|

5. NARS’ ‘Desper

Nail Polish Trends: Pastel Nail Polishes

There’s something about spring that makes us want to revert to childhood. We start paying attention to Easter candy and chocolate bunnies, we get excited about egg hunts and coloring eggs, and we think about what kind of flowers we want to plant in our gardens. We also think about the color palette of spring—the pastels.

Pastel nail polishes are a direct reflection of this child-like state of mind. They’re sweet, feminine and almost innocent looking. And they’re a great way to welcome the return of warm weather!

If you’re ready to step away from the dark winter shades and try something new, one of these pastel hues is perfect for you.

Essie’s Lilacism (left) is a pale lilac shade that’s very feminine but not too frilly. It’s also a softer alternative to Essie’s deeper purple shade, Smokin’ Hot.

OPI’s Sweet Heart (center) is a sheer pink shade with a shimmery finish (from OPI’s Spring 2012 Sweetheart Collection). The sheer finish looks great on its own or over other colors, like the model in the photo above shows with her pink tips on top of white

Matte and pastel shades of pink will be the most popular color choices while metallic shades of silver and gold will be used as accent nails. The most popular shape will be long oval nails, not too pointy but still elegant. Nude shades finished with a high gloss top coat will also be worn on longer length nails.

Another look that is gaining popularity is using nude shades as an undercoat for soft pastels, creating a very subtle finish. This creates a very delicate, feminine look that is still bang on trend for this season.

Nail art lovers don’t have to worry as bold and bright patterns are still making an appearance this spring/summer, but if you’re not so keen why not try a more subtle approach like glitter tips? This can be done by applying glitter polish to the tip of your nail or by using loose glitter that you can apply over any color after applying your top coat. Keeping it simple with a single contrasting color on the tip is also going to be big this season.

If you love your French manicure but want to add some extra sparkle then why not try adding some glitter polish to the tips? By using a sheer base coat and adding a small amount of glitter, it gives you all the benefits of a

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