10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gel Nail Polish

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With gel nail polish becoming a more popular choice for women everywhere, there are still some things you may not know about this new trend. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about gel nail polish.

1. Gel nail polish uses an LED light to cure the polish rather than having it dry on its own. The average curing time is around 30 seconds, which results in a faster drying time.

2. Gel nail polish was first introduced in the 1990s and has since taken off as one of the best ways to make your nails look great without spending hours at the salon.

3. Gel nail polish can last up to two weeks without chipping or cracking, and is made with a base coat and topcoat that allow it to remain intact for longer than traditional polishes.

4. The average cost of a gel manicure is $35, but they can be as expensive as $60 depending on where you go and what type of design you want done on your nails.

5. Gel manicures have been known to damage nails because they don’t allow your nails time to breathe; however, there are some brands that have formulas with vitamins A, C and E which help protect against damage

Gel nail polish is not a new invention, having been around for many years. But in the past 12 months it has come to the public’s attention as more and more people are turning to gel manicures as a way of getting longer lasting nail polish that doesn’t chip.

Gel nails are applied in a very similar way to normal nail polish and they look just as good. The difference is in the length of time they last without chipping and the fact that you need to use UV or LED lighting to set the polish. Gel nails are also strong and flexible, which means they don’t break or crack easily like normal nails can.

If you’re thinking about trying gel nail polish for yourself, here are ten things you might not have known about gel manicures.

1. Gel nails do not damage your natural nails

You may have heard rumours that gel nails damage your natural nails but this is just not true if you have them applied by an experienced professional. If you have had gels before and experienced some damage then it is likely that the technician did not apply them correctly or used cheap products rather than high quality ones.

Most gel nail polishes are sold as ‘3 in 1’ kits, meaning that they include the polish, base coat and top coat. This means that when you are buying a gel nail polish kit, you will not need to purchase anything else to get the perfect gel nails.

A good quality gel polish kit should last for around 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling.

When using gel nail polish kits, you don’t need to use a UV/LED lamp to dry the nails however it is recommended. Using a UV/LED lamp will ensure that your manicure is long lasting, chip free and smudge free.

Gel nail polishes do not require any harsh chemicals such as acetone to remove them. The best way to remove them is by soaking them off in a bowl of acetone for 10 minutes and gently scraping off with an orangewood stick.

It’s the nail polish that won’t chip, stay on for weeks, and give you the perfect manicure but did you know there’s actually a lot more to gel nail polish than meets the eye?

If you’ve always wondered how to get gel nails at home or what ingredients are in gel nail polish, then read on. We have everything you need to know about gel nails right here.

1. Gel Nail Polish Has A Light-Sensitive Ingredient In It

In the same way that some sunscreens are made light-sensitive so that UV rays can activate them, so is some of the technology in gel nail polish. This allows your manicurist to ‘cure’ your nails under a UV lamp so they dry instantly without smudging – but it also means you can get a very nasty burn if exposed to the UV rays for too long. Ouch!

2. You Can Get Gel Nails At Home If You Have The Right Kit

If you want to avoid expensive trips to the salon for your next set of gel nails then why not get a kit for at-home use? There are plenty of kits available online that are easy to use,

Gel manicures are popular for their long-lasting finish. But gel nail polish can be a pain to remove. Here are some tips and tricks for removing gel nail polish at home, without damaging your nails.

1.Soak Off the Polish

2.File Down the Polish

3.Buff Off the Polish

4.Wrap Your Nails

5.Use Nail Polish Remover

6.Try Gel Remover Wraps

7.Don’t Peel Off Your Gel Manicure

Gel Nail Polish, or Gel Colour as it is often known, is a fantastic product that applies like polish and wears like gel. A gel colour manicure can be expected to last up to 14 days without any chipping or peeling. With so many colours to choose from you’re sure to find a shade that suits you.

1. What is a gel nail polish?

Gel nail polish is a great invention that provides the same finish as traditional acrylic nails but without the need for any sculpting or filing, and without causing any damage to your own nails.

2. How does gel nail polish work?

The gel nail polish is applied in layers and hardened under an LED lamp after each coat for about 30 seconds, or under a UV light for two minutes. It will then last for up to two weeks without chipping or peeling.

3. How do I remove gel nail polish?

You will need acetone (nail varnish remover) and some cotton wool balls or pads. Soak the cotton in the acetone and wrap it around your nails, leaving it there until the gel has softened enough to come off (this can take a few minutes). Remove the cotton pad and use an orange stick or

Gel nail varnish is a type of nail polish that gives you the same look as regular nail polish but with a semi-permanent finish. Once applied it has to be cured under a UV or LED lamp, which seals the color and adds extra strength to your nails. You can get gel nail varnish in many different colors and just like regular nail polish it can chip over time. It is removed using an acetone based remover and will only last around two weeks on average before you need to get it filled in.

Gel nail polish is considerably more expensive than ordinary nail polish. Many women don’t mind paying extra for gel nails because they offer a longer lasting manicure or pedicure without having to worry about chipping after just one day of wear. Some women may also choose to have their nails done professionally at a salon rather than do it themselves at home because they don’t want to risk ruining their expensive manicure by accident! If you’re interested in doing gel nails yourself then there are some things that you should know before starting out:

First off, gel nails are not the same thing as acrylic nails; they actually have very little in common with each other! Acrylics have been around since before World War II whereas gel

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