5 Simple Nail Care Tips from a Professional

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5 Simple Nail Care Tips from a Professional

1. Don’t cut your cuticles!

2. Use oil!

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

4. Wear gloves when washing dishes, cleaning/gardening, etc.

5. Wear rubber-coated gloves when doing heavy lifting or vacuuming–they protect the nail from splitting and breaking.

I have always had short nail beds and struggled to find the right nail care products that will work for my nails. I used to get acrylics on my nails and would feel very self conscious if the acrylic was chipping or lifting. So I started with a few simple steps to help keep my nails strong and healthy.

There are 5 simple steps that you can do at home to help keep your nails healthy and strong.

Trim your nails every 2 weeks. Keeping your nails trimmed every 2 weeks will help prevent them from breaking and splitting.

Soak your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes before applying any nail products to your nails. This will soften the cuticles so they are easier to push back with an orangewood stick.

Use a gentle hand scrub, like our mint and lemon scrub, once a week to help exfoliate dry skin around your nails.

Always apply a cuticle oil after soaking and pushing back your cuticles to help keep them moisturized.

Use a strengthening base coat before applying any gel top coat or gel polish on your nails. This will help protect your natural nail from staining, if you use darker colors such as black and reds, it will also help protect your natural nail from chipping if

1. Always file in one direction, not back and forth.

If you file back and forth you’re going to weaken your nails and may cause them to break. This is especially true if you have weak or thin nails already. It’s always best to file in one direction with a good quality nail file (one that won’t easily shatter).

2. Use cuticle oil daily.

Again, this comes down to the same thing: moisture is key for healthy nails. We forget that our nails are porous just like our skin is so they need moisture as well! If you don’t have time to use cuticle oil during the day on your lunch break (like I do), put it on before bed and let it soak in while you sleep!

3. Moisturize between manicures to avoid peeling nails.

The more you moisturize your hands and nails, the longer your manicure will last. It’s okay to take a week off from polish every now and then just to give your nails a breather and re-moisturize them with lotion or cuticle oil, which will help prevent peeling nails.

Black gel nails are one of the most popular nail trends right now! From Kylie Jenner to summer BBQs, black gel nails are everywhere. And with the right application, you can rock black gel polish on any occasion. But before you buy a bottle of black gel nail polish, check out this article first. Here are five tips for getting black gel nails that look professionally done.

1. Use a Base Coat

2. File Your Nails

3. Use a Top Coat

4. Apply in Thin Layers

5. Use a Gel Polish Remover

Nails grow even when you’re asleep or busy. You’ll notice, the older you get, the faster your fingernails grow. That is why it is so important to take care of them, so they don’t break.

Here are some simple tips:

1. Keep your nails short

2. Use cuticle oil

3. Wear gloves if you do housework and/or gardening

4. Take Biotin daily (Biotin helps strengthens nails)

5. Make sure your diet is rich in protein and iron

1. The professional manicure will help you. If you have no time to do it yourself, we recommend that you visit the salon and get a professional manicure. This will save all your nails and thus you can grow them out with ease.

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