10 Tips for Cleaning Your Nails

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10 Tips for Cleaning Your Nails: A blog about nail cleaning so that your nails are always healthy and beautiful feet.

1) Trim the nails regularly

Trimming regularly can not only prevent the growth of the personal nails, but also make the nails look more beautiful.

2) Don’t cut the cuticles

Cutting cuticles is one of a big mistake in manicure. Cuticle is very important in protecting nails from infection and external damage, so don’t trim it if you don’t have to. If you want to clean up, just push it gently with an orange stick or cotton swab so it doesn’t grow into your skin.

3) Remove dead skin around your nails

Dead skin around the nails can cause infection, so you need to remove it regularly with a nail file or scrub brush.

4) Do not bite your nails

The nail is made of keratin, which is harder than iron and has a lot of bacteria. In addition, biting your fingers will leave scars and make your hands look dirty.

5) Use less hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizers too often can dry out your fingers and damage the protective layer of the skin, making them susceptible to infection and cracked fingernails.

Not only the nails, but also the hands and feet are an important part of the body that should remain clean. This is because on the hands and feet there are a lot of bacteria that can cause disease if not cared for. When you do manicure and pedicure, make sure you use disposable items such as nail files, scissors, and others. Although this tool is quite expensive, it’s better to use it once than to use it over and over again without knowing who has touched it.

Do not forget to clean your nails before doing manicure and pedicure. Cleaning up dead skin cells around the nails can also prevent fungal infections that attack your fingernails. Soaked nails with warm water with a little soap or liquid hand / foot cleanser first. Let stand for about 10 minutes until the nails become soft. You can rub a little cream on your nails so that your fingers are not dry after cleaning.

The beauty of the nails is a must for every woman. The beauty of healthy nails is needed to support your appearance. Also beautiful feet and nails are also a must for men, if you want to look more handsome.

To keep the nails clean and beautiful, you need to regularly cut and clean them. Nails will be damaged by germs in the environment, so it is important to use soap that contains moisturizers when bathing or washing hands. In addition, here are tips for keeping your nails healthy and beautiful:

1. Clean the nails from under the nail tip of the nail

2. Soak the fingers in warm water containing antibacterial soap for about 10-15 minutes

3. Use a nail brush to clean under the nail tips

4. Dry thoroughly with a towel

5. Trim your nails regularly if they grow long

6. Cut your nails up straight into a square shape on top, not rounded and leave your cuticles (the skin around your fingers) because they help protect your fingers from germs

7. If you have dry cuticles, moisturize them with hand lotions or creams that are sold at pharmacies and supermarkets

8. When applying nail polish, you should use a base coat first then apply another layer

Nails are one of the most important parts of our body. In addition to being a means of beauty, nails can also be used as a medium for expressing something. For example, with beautiful nail art.

But do not let you forget to clean your nails regularly, you know! Because if not cleaned, there may be dirt and germs that accumulate in the nail folds and make your nails become infected.

If you want healthy and clean nails, here are tips on how to clean it:

Nail care is very important, not only the nail that should be treated but also the skin around nails. Because the skin around nails can be easily damaged and cause diseases so this problem must be paid attention. Some tips for treating the skin around your nails:

1. Always clean your nails with soap and warm water.

2. Dry your feet well to prevent fungal infections.

3. After soaking in water, apply a hand moisturizer or foot lotion to keep your hands or feet moist.

4. Frequently cut your nails and make them into a beautiful shape according to your liking for example Oval, Squoval, Round, Stiletto and others.

5. Cuticle is the skin layer that protects the nail root from bacteria and germs that come from foreign objects so it must be treated regularly to prevent infection of the nail bed.

6. If you want to push back your cuticle don’t use metal tools such as a knife or something because it will damage the nail bed, use a wooden stick to push back cuticles gently and don’t tear them out with force because they will grow back quickly if you do this.

1. Clean the nail and feet with soap and warm water.

2. Dry the nails with a towel or dryer

3. Use a cuticle oil to massage your nails before trimming them.

4. Trim the nails to the desired length and shape.

5. Rub the file on your nails in one direction only, never use a sawing motion back and forth as this will create jagged edges that are more prone to breaking.

6. Apply base coat (while waiting for it to dry, you can do other things like makeup)

7. Apply color polish (while waiting for it to dry, you can do other things like makeup)

8. Apply top coat (while waiting for it to dry, you can do other things like makeup)

9. Use nail polish remover if there is any error while applying polish

10. Wash your hands with soap and water to remove any residue

1. Be careful when cutting nails

Cut your fingernails at the same time, one finger at a time and also avoid cutting your nails too close to the skin. If you do this then the skin will be irritated and become infected but if you cut your nails too far away from the skin it is easily broken. You can start by trimming your nails with a nail clipper or scissors, then file it to smooth the edges.

2. Do not bite your nails

Avoid biting your nails if you want to keep them clean and healthy because biting nails can make your nails dirty and also cause infection. In addition, biting also damages nail tissue and causes broken teeth.

3. Moisturize your hands and feet

Keep hands and feet moist using moisturizers, especially after washing. This can prevent dryness of the skin of the hands and feet which makes it easier cracked.

4. Use mild soap

Use mild soap when washing hands or bathing to avoid irritation of the skin of the hand or foot that can lead to infection. Soap that contains lotion is more recommended because it is not only clean but also moisturizes the skin.

5. Dry your hands properly

Dry hands properly before applying hand cream after washing or bathing so

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